I drive up the 395 like some new ageless nomad scouring the remnants of slick Silk Road IEDs, abstracting triangulations of fire, ambushing mile-high sniper squads and extraction teams

Crowds gather at Republic Square to celebrate Amrenia's Independence on Sept. 21, 1991

Checking in on the 26th

Twenty-six years ago on September 21, the current Republic of Armenia (RoA) came into existence.

Catherine Yesayan

Hidden Armenians Coming out of the Shadows

On a recent road-trip to eastern Turkey, where once the land belonged to Armenians, we visited Diyarbakir, one of the largest cities in the region with a population of close to one million.

Paul Chaderjian

Three Apples: The Relic

Once there was and there was not … that place 100 years ago that my ancestors survived, where teenage boys were dressed as girls, young women married off to foreigners and infants given up to Kurds