French Senate to Vote on Armenian Genocide Law this Month

France's lower house votes on bill criminalizing denial of Armenian Genocide

PARIS (Agence France Presse)–France’s upper house of parliament will vote this month on a bill to outlaw denial of the Armenian genocide, a government official told AFP, despite a furious diplomatic spat with Turkey.

The French lower house approved the law last month, threatening anyone who denies that the genocide with jail, drawing a threat of sanctions from Turkey.

Ankara froze political and military ties with France when the bill was passed by the National Assembly, and has threatened further measures if it continues through the Senate or is approved by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

France recognized the Genocide in 2001, but the new bill would punish anyone who denies this with a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador to Paris, but officials say he may return shortly in order to lobby against the bill and has threatened sanctions.


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  1. Mabuballah said:

    If Germany was/is guilty of the Holocaust, then Turkey is guilty of the act which served as its inspiration: the Greek, Assyrian, and Armenian Genocide.

  2. Manvel Kevokian said:

    Civilized and unbiased countries will never deny the crime of 1.1/2 million Armenians
    because of Turkey being their alliance. I am sure France’s upper house of parliament will vote (Yes) on the bill (denial of the Armenian genocide) as such a courageous action will avoid future crime to innocent people throughout the world.

  3. Sako said:

    There is no doubt that Turkey has commited ‘The Armenian Genocide’, the sooner Turkey admits, the better for him…

  4. Peter Megerdumian said:

    Armenia needs to thank France by buying French weapons which would reduce the Azeri motivation to attack because the Azeris think that they have better equiptment. French tanks like the Lecrec and the Matra Mica surface to air missle would be great weapons to purchase.

  5. Raffikian said:

    NO nation has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations, and Turkey is not an exception, what Turkey is doing is blackmail and France should not give in.

  6. nana said:

    Turks need more time to acknowledge that Armenians exist and Armenia exist. They need more time for understanding that humanity has no religious content – same suffering experience human beings born under watch of different gods.

  7. Alex Postallian said:

    Not to sound negative,I dont think the French Senate will pass the bill. They are getting undue pressure from their sheckel merchants(companys) who do business with gooble,gooble.In the U.S. one of the firms that put the squeeze on our (pardon the term)politicos was Boeing,now they are tap city,little good it did them.denying something so horrible,and passage.We used to call that PAYBACK.Now they can go to gooble,gooble,for the money,dont mooch after my hard earned taxes.

  8. John Markarian said:

    Armenians need to send their thanks to the lovely French parliamentarian Ms.Boyer who wrote the legislation. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart .Sadly Turks have hacked her e-mail and have threatened to rape her and to kill her. That is the savage way of the Turk. Turks love to rape pretty woman.
    Armenia should also repay the French by having French companies do projects in Armenia such as build a nuclear power plant or other infrastructure projects.That will benefit both parties.