‘Karabakh Independence Doesn’t Violate Azerbaijan’s Territorial Integrity,” Says Acting Foreign Minister

Acting Karabakh Foreign Minister Vassily Atajanian

STEPANAKERT–“The independence of Nagorno-Karabakh and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan lie in different legal fields. The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic independence doesn’t violate Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity at all, first of all because Nagorno-Karabakh has never been a constituent of the Azerbaijani state and just as in the Soviet period this Armenian region, despite of its population’s will, was forced to be part of the Azerbaijani SSR,”explained  the acting Foreign Minister of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Vassily Atajanian in an interview with REGNUM agency.

“The international-legal bases of the NKR’s formation are in full accordance with international law and the acting legislation of the USSR, two independent states– the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and the Azerbaijani Republic – were formed in the territory of the former Azerbaijani SSR. Nagorno Karabakh declared firmly and resolutely its future and any other resolution than the one on its independence, adopted by its people at the 1991 referendum and endorsed by the Constitution in 2006, is unacceptable. We reject any settlement model, which can challenge the historical choice of our people. NKR President Bako Sahakian has repeatedly emphasized at meetings on different-levels that the independence of Artsakh and its people’s security cannot be a subject to bargaining,” Atajanian said.

“Unlike Azerbaijan, where a medieval sultanate and a clannish practice of passing the power from father to son are reigning, the NKR, since its formation, has assumed the course of building a democratic state ensuring all the rights and freedoms for its citizens. The NKR leadership intends to continue the policy of comprehensive development of the Republic and its democratic institutes and has repeatedly expressed its readiness for mutually beneficial cooperation with all the interested states. It is praising that with the lapse of time the international community, including the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen, more and more inclines to the recognition of the fact of the NKR independent existence. The Artsakh people have proven their right to a sovereign state, which has demonstrated its ability to assume responsibility and to fulfill international commitments, though unilaterally. The international recognition of the NKR will endorse the existing realities,” Vassily Atajanian said.

According to the acting Foreign Minister, “The Azerbaijani party must bring itself to the ability to refuse of the technologies and stereotypes distorting the essence of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict, as it is extremely unacceptable and dangerous to use the situation for propaganda ends. The talks on the ‘return’ of Nagorno Karabakh into the structure of Azerbaijan are absurd.”

“Official Baku has always skillfully used the negotiation process for its selfish ends, misleading the international organizations and distracting them from the essence of the issue. Unfortunately, Azerbaijan participates in the settlement process for conducting a wide-scale propaganda war against Armenia and Artsakh and not for searching a mutually acceptable mechanism for the conflict settlement. This war expands from year to year, gaining new sophisticated methods of falsifications, provocations, and revanchist threats.

“Azerbaijan replaces the conflict settlement process with attempts to transfer the issue to the auspice of the UN, Council of Europe, European Parliament, and other international organizations. Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani party’s requirement for the international organizations, states, and political figures to recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan grows into a political farce and its declaration of the citizens visiting the NKR «persona non grata» – into a comedy. The position of Azerbaijan is fully deprived of even hints of readiness for any compromise or concessions. This reconfirms the fact that official Baku doesn’t want to resolve the Karabakh issue, trying to shift the blame for the failure onto Armenia,” Atajanian stated.

According to the acting Foreign Minister, it is the full-fledged format of the negotiations, with the NKR’s direct and equal participation that can lead the negotiation process out of the current situation.

“We consider direct negotiations between the NKR and Azerbaijan the most optimal format for achieving a solution to the Karabakh conflict, especially that the Azerbaijani leadership had direct contacts with the NKR till 1997, which is testified by numerous documents signed by the NKR and Azerbaijani officials,”said Atajanian.


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  1. Elchin said:

    Tell these stories to your kids dear Atajan, your nation will be kept under economic blockade till there is nobody be living in your country. We are enjoying ongoing constant migration from your country, we are enjoying when your kids cant afford to buy shoe to go to school, we are enjoying to see almost half of your population do not wish holidays to come because they cant buy meat to put the table even once a year..keep dreaming about greater Armenia dear Atajan while your tiny litlle Armenia is turning to hell.

    • Bob said:

      To Elchin:
      Here is the difference between you and an Armenian. Armenians never enjoy seeing any kids with no shoes (even Turkish kids), we have never enjoyed seeing the poor wishing for new year’s meal. And we have never committed and enjoyed committing Genocide. How about you? Keep day dreaming and enjoying your sick thoughts, but your dreams will never ever come true!

    • Kirk said:

      Dear Elchin,Armenia 5 – Turkey/Azerbaijan 0

      1) the French Parliament adopted a bill banning denial of the Armenian Genocide (1-0)
      2) the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on Turkey to return Armenian churches and other properties to their rightful owners (2-0)
      3) an Israeli parliamentary committee held a public hearing on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide (3-0)
      4) a U.S. Federal Court may shortly issue a default judgment against the Republic of Turkey (4-0).
      5)French Senate will adopt Genocide denial Bill (5-0)
      Expected many yellow and red cards.

    • Basil said:

      As far as I know in 20 years Armenia hasn’t stood before bancrupty, like your nation did … what 6, 7 times in the past 70 years? Before talking about poor population, maybe let those so called Azeri refugees out of the containers for the holidays and stop the hunger in Kurdistan, I mean you are talking about not eating meat, but those people are eating their shoes because of your fascist methods.. well, however.

      Obviously you are kind of obsessed, because I can’t find anything about Greater Armenia in the article, why would you mention that in the first place? As far as I know have experienced, those Armenians in Turkey are far from being as low as the Turkish average, especially when it comes to finances and education, so what are you talking about exactly? :]

      From what it looks like you are becoming kind of desperate. Your state propaganda is poisening your minds, but with 100 million Turks in Turkey and Azerbaijan and Northern Iran you can’t get past those 2 million Armenians and slowly you are becoming more and more pissed. I understand your urge to connect your Turkish states, because hands down, nobody aside from your own kin can stand you: Bulgarians, Iranians, Greeks, Arabs, Arameans, Armenians, Israelis, Cypriots.. so you want to actually have some neighbours that don’t see the barbaric country that you are, but buying the Georgians didn’t do the trick, probably because the were bought during their whole history and so it isn’t what you were looking for.

      As understandable as your ramlbings are, just like giving ~1/2 of what you refer to as Greater Armenia to Turkey and another ~1/10 to Azerbaijan, disconnecting your tribes also was the Communists idea. Now we have to live with it, so stop the bitching, please? You sound moronic, by the way. Saying you are right because the other party is supposedly poor or at least poorer than your party is beyond retarded. Washington-Post-retarded.

      • Kombushaa said:

        You should try to get a life. All you do is to comment under Asbarez’s posts, have you ever realized that there is no Armenians commenting under Turkish website’s posts simply because we don’t give a damn about your stupidities. Also you seem to bet retarded or suffering form Dawn’s Syndroma because as I saw, you have posted a lot of comments since the beginning of this website and you still can’t face the facts (just like your insignificant country who has the same name of a bird).

  2. James Kizirian said:

    Too bad for Azerbaijan that they cannot resurrect Stalin from hell, to bring him back to life so that again by his devilish mind and whim give Karabakh as a gift to Azerbaijan by a stroke of pen.

  3. satrap said:

    Azerbaijan must be stupid if she thinks that the Armenian thugs will leave Karabakh without fight

    • Basil said:

      Wow, nice – calling an ethnicity “thugs”, shows the maturity of your level of argumentation.

    • Avery said:

      Azerbaijani leadership is definitely stupid. They thought they could just give a bunch of Musavat thugs AK-47s, send them up to Artsakh, and scare away mountain warriors. Azeri Musavat thugs thought it would be as easy as massacring unarmed Armenian women and children as they did in Sumgait, Kirovabad, Baku.

      By 1994 desperate and stupid Azeri leadership was sending untrained teenagers to the front to stem the surging Armenian tide. Azeris suffered 30,000 KIA. In May 1994 Heydar Aliyev had to beg his KGB buddies in Moscow to have them stop Artsakh’s tank columns from pushing deeper into occupied lowlands Karabagh.

  4. Ararat said:

    satrap, and who is going to do the fighting? Certainly not cowards like you who have nothing better to do than spread nonsense from their home computer in their parents’ basement.

    Armenians of Karabakh are not thugs, rather they are the heroes and the pride of our nation who humiliated and kicked out the Azerbaijani thugs and terrorists from their ancestral homeland. They were smart, dedicated and fierce fighters who realized if they don’t free Karabakh from the fake, fabricated and terrorist Azerbaijani state’s control; the racially-motivated ethnic-cleansing that took place next door in the ancient Armenian province of Nakhichevan was awaiting them sooner or later.

    Poor, pathetic, Azerbaijani criminals with all their might and empty prides were defeated by irregular guerilla units in the 1990s and today they will need another 20 years’ worth of petrodollars to find the nerves to even remotely attempt to fight a sophisticated army with sophisticated weapons. Unlike 20 years ago Karabakh, with hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from Armenians worldwide, has an infrastructure in place, with thousands of miles of interconnected and paved roads, schools and hospitals and more.

    Karabakh is flourishing today at the hands of its true owners, nurturers and protectors. Azerbaijani criminal thugs and terrorists keep out and away or face the consequence, you are trespassing and you are not welcomed.