Clinton Calls Genocide Recognition a ‘Dangerous Door’

Clinton at the 2010 QDDR town hall


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday said the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the US “opens a door that is a very dangerous one to go through.” This is the same Hillary Clinton who, four years ago, pledged that she would recognize the Genocide as President of the United States.

Responding to a question from a participant of a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, who asked why the US does not recognize the Genocide, Clinton characterized the Armenian Genocide as an historical issue and not a political one.

“I think it’s fair to say that this has always been viewed, and I think properly so, as a matter of historical debate and conclusions rather than political. And I think that is the right posture for the United States Government to be in, because whatever the terrible event might be or the high emotions that it represents, to try to use government power to resolve historical issues, I think, opens a door that is a very dangerous one to go through. So the issue is a very emotional one; I recognize that and I have great sympathy for those who are just so incredibly passionate about it,” Clinton told the audience.

“But I think the free market of ideas, the academic community, the open architecture of communication that is even greater now than it was in the past, are the proper fora for this kind of engagement, and that’s where I hope it is worked out. And eventually, people will have their own conclusions, which needs to be respected, but we need to encourage anyone on any side of any contentious historical debate to get out into the marketplace of ideas. Muster your evidence, put forth your arguments, and be willing to engage, and that’s what I think should happen on that too,” added Clinton who received a round of applause from the audience.

She also took time to respond to a question from the same person on Monday’s passage of the French Senate resolution criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide.

“…One of our great strengths is we do not criminalize speech. People can say nearly anything they choose, and they do, in our country. And so other countries, including close friends and allies like France, have different standards, different histories, but we are, I hope, never going to go down that path to criminalize speech,” explained the Secretary of State, who seems to have forgotten that there are succinct laws against hate speech in the US, under which people can be prosecuted.

Clinton's letter in 2008 (click to enlarge)

Exactly four years ago this week, then Sen. Clinton had this to say: “I believe the horrible events perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire against Armenians constitute a clear case of genocide. I have twice written to President Bush calling on him to refer to the Armenian Genocide in his annual commemorative statement and, as President, I will recognize the Armenian Genocide. Our common morality and our nation’s credibility as a voice for human rights challenge us to ensure that the Armenian Genocide be recognized and remembered by the Congress and the President of the United States.”

This is, by far, one of the more patronizing statements coming out of the Secretary of State, and the Obama Administration. Her statement today calls into question whether the US has ceased to be “a voice for human rights” or has the definition of that principle changed since Barack Obama took office three years ago. Or, how did the Armenian Genocide, about which she wrote to President Bush become “a dangerous door” in a matter of four years?

Her statements indicate that the US government is beholden to a foreign government—Turkey—in its policy making and is really not an advocate for human rights worldwide but a willing participant in a systematic and calculated campaign of lies that continues to stain Turkey as a citizen of the civilized world.

“The Obama-Biden Administration – with Secretary Clinton’s latest remarks – continues to dig itself deeper and deeper into a hole of complicity in Turkey’s genocide denial,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America.

“It’s a sad spectacle to see Secretary Clinton hiding behind cynical appeals to scholars – the overwhelming majority of whom have already spoken forcefully against Turkey’s denials of the Armenian Genocide – to divert attention from either President Obama’s, Vice President Biden’s or her own personal promises to properly recognize this crime and, more broadly, to divert attention from America’s failure to meet her moral obligation to stand up against a foreign government’s veto of our defense of human rights,” continued Hamparian.

“The Secretary’s unfounded and offensive references to ‘historical debate’ in regards to the Armenian Genocide only embolden the Turkish Government – which, just today, again took steps toward deporting Armenians,” concluded Hamparian.

The Obama Administration’s latest ploy to massage this ridiculous message is laughable at best and devoid of any credibility. Its defense of Turkish interests at any cost, goes counter to the international community’s conventional wisdom and makes US policymakers seem backward in their approach to human rights issues.

This latest statement by Clinton should not elicit anger, but rather it should further call into question this administration’s ability to effectively lead.

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  1. danoog says:

    What do you expect? Hillary is a political animal. She does what she needs to do and says what she needs to say to stay on top. What other explanation other than political expediency can there be for a woman who stays in a marriage with a serial philanderer.

  2. Lusik says:

    She is tired. Not only physically. And we can respect that. Please read her newest self-evaluation of her state.
    “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told State Department employees Thursday that she will not stay on in the job if President Obama wins re-election, saying that after two decades, she is ready to step off “the high wire of American politics.”
    “I think I have made it clear that I will certainly stay on until the President nominates someone and that transition can occur,” Clinton said at a “town hall” forum with State Department employees Thursday morning. “But I think after 20 years—and it will be 20 years—of being on the high wire of American politics and all of the challenges that come with that, it would be probably a good idea to just find out how tired I am.”
    “I don’t want to think about what might come next, because I don’t want me or any of us to divert our attention,” Clinton continued, adding that she plans to “work as hard as I can to the last minute I have the honor of being Secretary … to support all of you.”
    A State Department official confirmed Clinton’s comment, writing to Yahoo News: “Yes, she did [say that]. She said she would stay on until Obama nominates another Secretary of State.”

    • H. Hovanessian says:

      I would suggest that after leaving the State Department, she should apply to the Turkish embassy for any dirty language work.

  3. Kevork says:

    I would call Monica’s entrance to her bedroom a “dangerous door”.

  4. Hagop T says:

    Excellent article, I applaud your work. Thank you

  5. Varouj says:

    Recognizing a historical crime against humanity “opens a door that is very dangerous”…?

    How is a door to a world with more justice, human rights, accountability and less genocide more dangerous!

    If the obama administration didn’t have a hope in hell with our community in November before this asinine remark, now they really don’t.

    clinton and her parties shameless double standards can shove it!

  6. John K. says:

    Hillary is preparing for her eventual private life. For her current behavior, she will be hired is Turkish lobbyist, a la Dick Gephardt and the likes. Remember this day when that happens…

  7. humanity says:

    i was not aware that hate speeches or promoting criminal terrorist ideas and publications in ‎US are part of free speech ?‎

  8. Arthur says:

    Bunch of no good politicians.

  9. Krikor says:


  10. Hagop says:

    We should blame ourselves. We should have known better how politicians think and not to trust them. I bet Obama will make more promises just before the elections. We will again believe, support and later regret.

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  12. ARA says:

    Look at her history and family- out of touch and not a clue-0 highly disqualified in every way, shape and manner to even be commenting on our heritage and history- she knows NOTHING. She should be baking them cookies in the kitchen- a joke like her BOSS.- really now- such comments make me puke-especially considering the source- She and her kind are not good for our country-she should be running some social welfare programs-not working for the gov-what a joke!

  13. Kevork Topalian says:

    Rhetorical rubbish from Clinton. The dead are not a hypothetical nor theorical matter. The US government is here justifying the Armenian genocide. So Armenian policy should go by it and adapt to this fact.

  14. Anton A says:

    “Dangerous Door?” Dear Madam Secretary. What in hell are you talking about? Is the tongue that uttered those words attached to the same head you shouldered four short years ago? By the way, Dear Madam, the so-called “dangerous door” is neither dangerous nor a door. But if you wish to call it so. I exhort you to use it wisely — EXIT IT don’t ENTER IT. For this proverbial door could only lead our nation into the light, away from the dark cave of morality. Just muster the courage to perform an about-turn.

  15. Christo says:

    I wonder if deep down she has the same thoughts and sentiments regarding other genocides and especially the holocaust. Mrs. Clinton, I wonder if you or your ancestors were subjected to the same fate as my grandparents would you still utter those disgusting words out of your mouth. Shame on you. President Sargsyan should have never allowed you to lay those flowers at tziternakapert.

  16. Hairenakitz on YouTube says:

    She is just a lier and hypocrite, nothing else!
    We as Armenians, should not fall in the same trap with both deceivers ‘Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’.
    We do not need these two to engage us in other futile years of ‘Armenian-Turkish’ dialogue.

  17. HRAIR says:


  18. Chris says:

    Clinton, Obama and Erdogan look older and more haggard with every passing day. The drive for recognition of the Armenian Genocide is just beginning to hit it’s stride.

  19. Alex Postallian says:

    Not to say ,I told you so.Nobody of self character would accept that job,if your going to be a stooge of the administration. to be councilatory,not pre baised,to sit in meetings,with Genociders,lying,demoting the past, I couldnt stand the foul odor,gives you a window of her qualifications and persona.

  20. Hayq says:

    The US is not going to recognize the Armenian Genocide. As the Armenian community, we should make sure that every state in the US does recognize it though, especially in those where our contribution to local economies and politics is a big part of civic life.

  21. Greg says:

    Do you think Hillary would ever make such trivialization about the Holocaust? “But I think the free market of ideas, the academic community, the open architecture of communication that is even greater now than it was in the past, are the proper fora for this kind of engagement, and that’s where I hope it is worked out. And eventually, people will have their own conclusions, which needs to be respected, but we need to encourage anyone on any side of any contentious historical debate to get out into the marketplace of ideas.”

    These double standards are only hurting the U.S. as the so-called champion of human rights and democracy and only come to strengthen the view that all of the wars and conflicts that U.S. gets involved with have nothing to do whatsoever with the former. With each passing year of denial and lack of condemnation of all the horrific genocides (which if not condemned in most fearsome manner are destined to be repeated anywhere and anytime in the world), the U.S. loses its moral standing as the self-proclaimed leader of the free world and defender of human rights. This erodes the most important thing which is the nation’s credibility.

  22. mark says:

    OHH boo HOOO? please you guys what is in the end? lets say they say Turks did it, so what, do you really think just Bz everyone says this lie and belive it that you armenians are going to get something in the end, form who? and how,? you trying to bite more than you can chew,

  23. David says:

    If the Recognition Bill is not passed by April 24th the Obama Administration must be informed that Armenian Americans cannot support it’s re-election and with hold votes and financial support. It’s that simple to me. Fool me three times (Clinton/Bush/Obama), shame on me.

  24. Arman says:

    idiot and liar

  25. Jerry says:

    In a word, “Disgusting!”

  26. Raffikian says:

    Money talks BS walks, what a shame

  27. Raffikian says:

    It might be a “Dangerous Door” since a whole race disappeared Canadian Genocide and American Indian (Native American) Genocide

  28. zohrab says:

    noren tourkeroun vore ge havake

  29. Sedat says:

    Mrs Clinton is a highly educated person. Even she can see that the one eye view from the Armenian side is not just, Mrs Clinton can see the Turkish people also have a claim, a claim that is supported by historical fact as reported by renouned historians. Why wont the Armenian representatives sit down with experts picked by independent nations and find out the facts, what are they scared of… the truth about what happened?.

    • Serop says:

      sedat bey, i would inform you to really study the historical facts, that turkey committed GENOCIDES against Armenians,Greeks,Assyrians and Kurds.your own people and the world are telling youthat turkey is guilty of GENOCIDES. just simply read your papers and listen to your tv and politicians. sedat come on now stop being a denialist! and admit to the truth! the Americam ambassador to turkey Francis riciardone told turke to”deal with ghosts of the past” concerning the Armenian Genocide. Sedat tghe truth will set you free. just remmember and the world is flat!!!!

    • V.K says:

      We all know the truth..come out of your closet, even mehmet ali birand started to talk about it in his some turkish newspapers and you will see how things might be changing in Turkey..also once that Gag law article 301 ( if you don’t know what it is go and google it) is lifted alot more turks will come out and acknowledge the facts. The truth and justice shall prevail in the end..No doubt about it..

      • SEROP says:


    • V.K says:

      Oh by the way..true Clinton is highly educated and she knows the facts already, the only reason she is not uttering the word is because of politics, once the west feels that they don’t need Turkey anymore to fight Iran or islamist, all of them will recognize the genocide and will force Turkey to pay reperation…The new Middle east will take final shape when Turkey is divided and cut into pieces, it is going to happen, just give it time..just like the rest of the arab world they will suffer the same fate..

    • ara says:

      U need cigars- get off our land and pack ur bags- first we want our mones back-billions by now pal

    • ARA says:

      U must not know the history of the OTTOMANS-wow- how blind-even Hilary knows it we are sure-0 but hey- she gets paid to lie and say BS- we know it- look at Yugoslavia after Tito died-not that I condom actions but they rid your people out – the dumpings of the Ottomans all over the world– outhouses all over back then- pillage-rape, incest, ur people did it then-and as for now- well-u kjnow the rest-lets listen to more of the politics- Hilary or whoever- after all- Turkey is a land of oasis for our military-and until we have issues there-the lies prevail and we live on-all ovah-u can not rest anywhere- and that applies to the liars – the turkish penal code that killed our Mr Dink-we N

  30. Dear Lady Hilary…

    You are a female
    A mother
    A wife
    You will be grandmother one day…

    Do you accept your pregnant womb to me scimitared by gendarme
    Do you accept your daughter to be raped…and slayed…
    Do you accept your baby to be thrown in the fire and to hear saying you…
    “Go mother and catch your lion…show your braveness”
    Do you accept…?
    Do you Accept …?
    Do you Accept …?
    Do you want to hear more…

    “You should know…
    Criminals can’t win always…
    They can play games after games…
    But the truth must prevail…even after decades…”

    Open your eyes further and read many times…
    And open your ears to hear endless heart-breaking stories
    Please…feel with us…
    We are the Orphans of the ‘Genocided Populace’
    Behave like a real mother
    Haven’t you prayed for Virgin Mary…to give you sense…
    We suffered more than Jesus and his saints…


  31. Dear Lady Hilary…

    You are a female
    A mother
    A wife
    You will be grandmother one day…

    Do you accept your pregnant womb to be scimitared by gendarme
    Do you accept your daughter to be raped…and slayed…
    Do you accept your baby to be thrown in the fire and hear roaring to your face
    “Go mother and catch your lion…show your braveness”

    Do you accept …?
    Do you Accept …?
    Do you Accept …?
    Do you want to hear more…

    “You should know…
    Criminals can’t win always
    They can play games after games…
    But the truth must prevail…even after decades…”

    Open your eyes further, and read many times…
    And open your ears to hear endless heart breaking stories
    Please…feel with us…
    We are the Orphans of the ‘Genocided Populace’
    Behave like ‘A Real Mother’…
    Haven’t you prayed for Virgin Mary…to give you more sense…
    We suffered more than Jesus and his saints…


  32. Haik Azad says:

    Well,one can see why Billy the Kid turned to Monica-his wife`s behaviour exonerates him for any evil deeds he may have done.

  33. hagop meldonian says:

    the denial of armenian genocide or any other genocide is not (free speech) it is a crime.

  34. Masis says:

    Lets copy this letter, change the word Armenian
    Genocide to The Holocaust, and send the speech
    to Israel. Then she would know the dangerous road
    That she is on.

  35. Christo says:

    This April 24, No Armenian organization, nor any Armenian media outlet, should print any “medz yeghern” or other disturbing and offensive comments by the President Obama, nor any official from the state department. The Armenian media should have the courage of returning any condolence statements back to these closet deniers of the Armenian Genocide. To President Obama and Mrs. Clinton and the state department, I wonder deep down how do you really feel regarding the other genocides and the holocaust. Do you deniers have the courage to express your inner feelings to the jews, cambodians, and rwandans, as you do to dishonor us? I dare you Mrs. Secretary, utter the same sentiments to the rwandans and the cambodians, because I doubt you have the courage to utter those sentiments to the jewish community.
    I’m curious, how the democrat Armenians will spin her statments.

    • V.K says:

      I agree, lets send a letter to the dark house..I mean the white house and ask the president not to issue worthless declerations regarding the Armenian messacres or medz yaghern or whatever name he will come up with this time..we don’t want to hear his might open a dangerous door..

  36. Derek says:

    well I do agree with haik Azad & SylVa Md. Hillary is menthaly sick it is better for her to meet a psycayatrist.

  37. Kevork Hagopian says:

    Hello to all Armenian brothers and sisters. As a very devout and proud Armenian, I never liked H. Clinton from the beginning when she was the first lady. There is something strange and fake about her personality and honesty. I have been following the news during the last forty years and I know when a politician is crooked and dishonest. She broke her promise (along with her husband, Bill Clinton) to recognize the Armenian Genocide. She can go to hell and will probably end up there.

    Please do not vote for Democrats since she will probably be the Secretary of State again for another four years. She will do anything for Jews and Israel since they are bank-rolling her and Bill Clinton. She claims “anyone can say anything in speeches”. I dare any politician to deny the holocaust in public.When it comes to Armenians, nothing is done and we are ignored as if we never existed. Kevork

  38. MK says:

    Apart from being a liar she is full of horse manure,what a bitch.
    Why doesn’t she say the same to the Jewish genocide? because she wouldn’t last a minute in her office.

  39. Seervart says:

    Would Hilary Clinton DARE TO SAY THE SAME TOWARDS JEWS AND ABOUT THE HAULOCAUST???? Not in a million years! They would rightly put the muzzle on her mouth!!!

  40. hye4life says:

    kick this Bit$% out. never liked this two faced snake.

  41. Globalcitizen says:

    And this is why its time for you to step down Mrs Clinton. Bye bye we wont miss you.

  42. gary_s says:

    The US government is worried that if Turkey did recognize the genocide, US or foreign governments won’t be able to keep Turkey in line. They can’t tell Turkey, “you do this or else.”

  43. Raffi Bairamian says:

    By this racist statement , Clinton will not lose the respect of the Armenian people only but that of all the people in the world who believe in democracy, freedom , & justice , What a shame.

  44. Lusik says:

    As April approaches, Mrs. Clinton does the annual pressure raising on Turkey. It is very handy, that France (Viva la France!) confirmed its crystal and consistent stance on humanity issues. Mrs. Clinton sends a signal to Turkey, that the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the US might became a possibility – a dangerous development, but a possible one.

    For the same purpose – increasing pressure on Turkey as April comes, she hopes to re-inspire American Armenian for addressing Mr. BObama for the Recognition of the Armenian Genoced.

    As to the “opens a door that is a very dangerous one to go through” – does she mean that there is a Turkish terrorists guarding the door, and our State Department does not have a power to run independent policy? I am sure she is overreacting – Mr. BObama can not change even a single word in what he said last year – “You know that I know, but I will not say”.

  45. MaryArmineh says:

    Dear Asbarez editor: No matter how we feel about Hillary Clinton, I encourage you to not allow hate-filled posts like this: “Apart from being a liar she is full of horse manure,what a bitch” and this “kick this Bit$% out. never liked this two faced snake.” to be posted on this web site.

    It should not be tolerated for two reasons (a) it is the same kind of hate that led Turks to decide to annihilate Armenians and perpetuates some to deny the genocide; and (b) we must all admit that people don’t hate aggressive politically-motivated male politicians as much as they hate aggressive politically-motivated female politicians. It’s because some people perceive aggression in women as an offensive act, one related to an underlying character flaw (this is called misogyny and it’s the basis of sexism).

    By tolerating this kind of speech we are saying it’s okay to stamp someone out because you don’t like them. This attitude is what underlies the type of injustice we are trying to fight against. I’m all for free speech, but hate speech should never be tolerated. I suggest you remove those posts and also this one.

    • Mani says:

      If you wish to have my opinion, even prostitutes have more honour than Hillary Clinton and most American double faced politicians when they publicly deny the Armenian Genocide.

      Hillary Clinton never lived one day of pain of even one victim of the Genocide…

  46. Fred says:

    America has officially established itself as the most evil country in human history. The recognition of the Armenian genocide was the litmus paper. America failed to show it’s moral centre, administration, after administration, after administration. While France showed it’s morality, America, showcased it’s moral abiss by Hillary Clinton. There is absolutely no doubt that America is where the Devil himself resides. My advice to all Armenians in America, is to vacate that corrupt country, and take their dolors to Armenia and make Armenia the moral centre of Earth.

  47. Viken Karapetian says:

    For years I was turned off by Hillary Clinton. I saw her as incredibly talented but viewed her as cold and heartless, as a calculating politician; she resembled a computer. Others saw her the same way. That is why people were shocked when she shed a tear in the ‘08 NH primary. “Oh my God, she’s human! She has feelings!” She still lost the nomination, but that tear left an impression on many people, including myself.

    I admired her work with the State Dept, reminded me of Collin Powell, an above the fray diplomat. But this latest episode reminded me of who she really is. I can’t believe I fell for it these last 3 years.

  48. Why is every one so suprized of what she said? What would you expect from Hillary RODHAM Clinton.
    You guys did not know she is jewish? I know what most of you liberals will say: Here we go with the jews again.I am very sorry but is a FACT.They will always take the money side(TURKS) The only race in the world
    that is a direct intellectual and spiritual chalange to the Jews are the Armenians.They will never let us succeed.If we could only stick togheter like they do we could turn the TIDE !

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