Davutoglu Says France is ‘Nazifying’ Turkey

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahemt Davutoglu

ANKARA—A French bill criminalizing denials of Armenian genocide is designed to “Nazify” Turkey and push it out of Europe, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said while slamming the European Union for failing to denounce the motion, reported the Hurriyet Daily News.

“The basic aim here is to Nazify the Turks, in a sense to confine it to somewhere other than European culture. We’ll not let this happen,” Davutoglu told CNN Turk on Jan. 27.

He also said he was disappointed by the silence of the EU, citing in contrast the clear attitude of the U.S. administration against the French “genocide denial” law.

If any candidate country to the EU had implemented such a law, the union would have raised the issue, included it in its progress reports and made its removal a precondition of entry, Davutoğlu said, adding that Turkey expected the EU to impose sanctions on France.

Davutoğlu also had a phone call with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Jan. 28 to thank her for her statement disapproving of the French bill. The two also discussed the latest developments in the Middle East and Davutoglu’s upcoming trip to Washington, diplomatic sources said.

Clinton told a State Department gathering on Thursday that the French law was affront to free speech and added that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the US “opens a dangerous door,” saying the Genocide is an historical and not political issue.
Meanwhile, Turkey has reviewed a number of military projects with France, and bilateral military cooperation has been reduced to a minimum due to the bilateral strain, said Turkey’s defense industry undersecretary, Murad Bayar.

“There are one or two ongoing projects that are at the completion phase. We will start no new important project,” he said but added that there could be some joint projects with other countries that feature French contribution.


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  1. gary_s said:

    Funny coming from a country worse than the Nazis were! Why? Many of the Turks killed its Christians–Greeks, Armenians, and Assryians– face to face! With knives, farming equipment, etc. The murderous Turks got the victims blood on them. Much more bloody and barbarian like.

  2. MSK said:

    Davutoglu jerde dakha (Son of Daoud lol) You should accept the fact France is a superpower are you trying to pull them in the boxing ring – In seconds they will knock you down lol. It would be better for you to keep silent as silence is golden and will prolong your life. Son of Daoud you are really funny making me to laugh.

  3. Norin Radd said:

    No one is “Nazifying” anyone, the French are simply “Honestifying” Turkey. At least the Nazi’s admitted their guilt with some level of proud dignity instead of sweeping it under the rug like rats, or rather, like Turkeys.

  4. Mani said:

    Does Davutoglu mean that Turkey is already a class A NAZI nation with its genocides against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, and mass murders of Kurds and the subsequent denial of all these crimes against humanity and penalizing anyone daring to speak about them with the infamous Article 301? Or does he see the speck in France’s eye and is ignoring the tree in Turkey’s eye?

    Why does he call the event that you have to register your laptop with the Governement in Kars in order to access the internet (source: http://www.egyptindependent.com/node/627651) is that a Turkish delight, or a prime example of the Gestapo state of Turkey, which oppresses the mind?

  5. Realist said:

    The turks have no one else but their criminal forefathers to blame for their international reputation as monstrous murderers of the innocent. The “nazification” of turkey was accomplished by turkish criminals long before President Sarkozy was born.

  6. John K. said:

    So typical. Hillary kissing turkish ass. The turks will stab US in the back at the end any way. It’s the nature of a turk…

  7. Law said:

    ‎.. Today’s Turkish rulers and politician elite are admires of Nazi like young Ottoman Turkish ‎‎regime of 1915 ‎ ‎
    Given the fact that Turkey is busy justifying the Turkish lead Genocide of Armenia people, in ‎such a case Turkey has Nazify itself , even without the Genocide law- There is a saying: ‎Truth hurts- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is much troubled by the truth than by teh French Genocide law! ‎

  8. facts said:

    A medieval Turkish dervish forced in western style out fit , like ithis s the case with his macho boss ‎

  9. Kevork said:

    Re: “France is ‘Nazifying’ Turkey” – That means Turkey is getting less extreme, good work France.

  10. Raffikian said:

    France won respect an sympathy if Turkey stops doing projecst with France, it can be compensated through other projects somwhere else, the world is so big, but the respect earned will last for ever,

  11. Alexander The Great Armo said:

    Before Nazi’s came up with Nazism, they were reading about the Turks and took lessons from them and created same shiznit in Europe.

  12. Arthur I said:

    Turkey was nazified by the grey wolves during WWI and it’s nazification was further solidified by Ataturk. Davutoghlu truly.thinks the rest of the world to be as primitive as he and not know his people’s history.