Nalbandian Warns Turkey to Stay out of Karabakh

Foreign minister Eduard Nalbandian

YEREVAN, ANKARA (Combined Sources)—“If Turkey really wants to contribute to the resolution of the Karabakh conflict, it should stay as far as possible from the process,” said Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian in an interview with local television channels, after his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu urged France’s removal from the OSCE Minks Group co-chairmanship.

Claiming a biased posturing by France, Davutoglu said that when the French Senate passed a bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, it lost its objectivity in the Karabakh conflict resolution process.

“These are senseless statements. The bill adopted by the French Senate is not directed against any concrete country,” said Nalbandian, who said the more actively Turkey denies the Genocide, the more countries will come to recognize it.

“When Turkey says that only Armenians speak of genocide, it is the same as saying only Jews speak about the Holocaust,” Nalbandian said, reminding that is has been recognized by more than 20 countries and international organizations.

When asked how the French bill would affect Armenia-Turkey relations, Nalbandian said that Turkey should respect the agreements it has signed, as a basic principle of international relations, referring to the failed Turkey-Armenia protocols.

“One thing is clear: Turkey cannot keep the border closed forever, it cannot sign agreements and refuse to ratify them,” said Nalbandian.

Nalbandian also denied that there were secret talks taking place between Turkey and Armenia to address the protocols issue.

“There are no secret, or non-secret—neither direct, nor mediated—talks under way today with Turkey. This [such talks] will be possible when Turkey is ready to take some practical steps,” added Nalbandian.

On Thursday, while visiting Lithuania, Nalbandian fiercely criticized Turkey’s rhetoric after the passage of the resolution by the French Senate.

“Turkey’s extremely accusatory reaction to France, its accusatory reaction to all those countries that have recognized the Armenian genocide, its offensive and provocative statements about the Armenian people and the Armenian Diaspora formed as a result of the genocide … attest to a state policy of [genocide] denial,” Nalbandian said in Vilnius, the capital Lithuania.

“This is a very dangerous phenomenon,” Nalbandian said. “And it proves the necessity and importance of the law adopted by France. “That decision should be backed by other countries so that new crimes against humanity cannot be committed.”

Speaking at a joint news conference with Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Audronius Azubalis, Nalbandian also insisted that the French law will not hamper further efforts to normalize relations between Armenia and Turkey. “Everyone knows that if there is anybody hampering the normalization it’s Turkey itself, he said.

Azubalis stressed the need for Turkey to address the 1915 Genocide, which Lithuania’s parliament recognized in 2005. “Sooner or later, history will knock on the doors of the present and we will have to open them,” he said, according to an Armenian Foreign Ministry statement. “We must confront history, we must evaluate events of the past in an open, clear and honest manner.”

“Those who say that history should be left to historians are wrong,” Azubalis was reported to add. “Distrust and problems in bilateral relations will persist until we settle scores with the past.”


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  1. hi said:

    wthat a perfect,logical statement by azubalis”THOSE WHO SAY THAT HISTORY SHOULD BE LEFT TO HISTORIANS AREE WRONG’.

  2. ARA said:

    Well- we know the TUrks are incabalbe of accepting the truth about their grandparents evil- denial is like death-a sickly place to be in-they are there- poor souls- they will learn someday- Well Done Nalbandian– Turks and there mules marched across the empires they destroyed and dumped their animals wastes- no more-

    • Sedat said:

      Look in the mirror ARA when you say Turks can not accept the truth. Dont believe what your government is brain washing you with. Read, Read, Read the facts, dont just believe hearsay. As for Mr NALBANDIAN warning, what is he threatening Turkey with, pebbles. Get real Ara, once both sides agree to their past then both countries can move on. Otherwise the borders will remain sealed and Armenia will become more insinificant then what is. 20 Counties have agreed with Armenia, 176 countries have not, why is this so do you think…?

      • ashot said:

        you will return western armenia you will pay reperations…long live armenia and artsakh we must hold on to our liberated lands..well have much more soon as we kick u dirty mongols back to mongolia

  3. Law said:

    ‎ Armenia and Stepanakert should periodical remain the world community that when it comes to Arstakh/NKR ‎‎, ‎Turkey with its narrow-minded racial motivated foreign policy is part of the problem… ‎

    ‎..Today’s Turkish rulers and political elite are admires of Nazi like young Ottoman Turkish ‎regime of 1915 ‎ ‎

  4. Raffikian said:

    To confront history and admit mistakes are for the Strong and needs courage, Turkey has never been Strong it has and still are Barbarous and Uncivilized people ready to kill for few coins of silver.

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    Did anyone tell jerky-turkey,they dont belong in the Karabakh affair..Reeeaaal SLooooow–Its between the Armenians and their remote brothers Azerbaijian.

  6. Tatul Sonentz-Papazian said:

    Turkey not only denies the Genocide perpetrated by the Ittihad ve Tekakki leadership, but honors its chief architect, Taleat by erecting monuments to his glory. By doing so, the Turkish Republic becomes an accomplice in that crime against humanity, dishonoring the Turkish people and the governments of all other countries that have joined Ankara in this shameful process of denial. Furthermore, Turkey, not only denies the undeniable, but continues the process of elimination of all that is Armenian within its boundaries, inherited from the ottoman empire — boundaries that include the heartlands of Armenia, Kurdistan and Greek Pontus. This process of forced assimiliation of people living on their ancestral lands, coupled with denial — the last stage of all genocides — proves that Turkey’s racist and genocidal policies have not changed towards non-Turks. With such a record, Turkey should not be surprised by the present attitude of most European nations towards a possible membership in the EU. Turkey simply is not ready for it.

  7. alexander said:

    bla bla bla bla same all, hate and hate , scared , better be, soon there will be action like no other, lets see if the french will lift a finger for you when the time comes.we don’t want to be member of EU we are doing lot better without them and we are beginning to become a “power” again by our own thank you.Same old bull… and same old blame and guile trip as usual with liars and hate. we are not buying it NO MORE, innuf of talk come and FACE us if you DARE.