Google Explains Translation Glitch

The page with Google mistranlation

BOSTON (The Armenian Weekly)—Concerned internet users this week initiated an online campaign after one activist, Lebanese-Armenian Serouj Baghdassarian, noticed that Google’s online translation service ( was mistakenly translating “Ես սիրում եմ հայերին” (“I love Armenians”) to “I love Turkey.”

 “Google Translate is an automated system. It makes guesses based on patterns gleaned from large bodies of human-translated text. It doesn’t do word-by-word dictionary-style translation,” Jason Freidenfelds, from Google’s global communications and public affairs department, told the Armenian Weekly.

“So sometimes [the service] makes mistakes which seem obvious to a human translator, but aren’t to our machine-learning system,” he added.

The translation was corrected by late afternoon on Feb. 19, following a widespread report of the problem that first appeared in the Armenian Weekly.


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  1. Arthur I said:

    Yote titegh teghin vosgin, ch’enk havadar Tourkin khosgin.

    What a crock! I have used google translate for some quick refresher word for word translations. Specifically, English-Russian-English. I used it in a setting for quet some time now.

    This was a slick satisfactory answer to calm sheople down. But Armenians are no longer sheople, not since 1918. So google should smell what it is shoveling.

    Anasoun e irank enk, khotie dez eh mez en dem talis?

  2. Christo said:

    What a crock of Sh*** explanation. What are the odds that the word hayeren be translated to turkey? Who is google kidding. I wonder if you type in I love jews in hebrew if it would translate to I love nazi’s.

  3. Basil said:

    Reminds me of Facebooks “glitch”; when using it in Turkish, it told the user his penis was too small, whenever he couldn’t send a chat message sent for whatever reason. At least Facebook didn’t tell people their translation-algrorithm went wrong.. why bother making a statement at all, google?