French Opposition Candidate Vows to Bring Back Genocide Bill

France's Socialist presidential hopeful Francois Hollande

PARIS—France’s Socialist Party presidential candidate Francois Hollande pledged to bring back the government-backed law criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, after that country’s Constitutional Council controversially deemed a similar bill unconstitutional, reported the Anatolia news agency.

Hollande promised to reopen the debate if he becomes the next president.

“It is impossible to prepare a new draft due to the approaching end of the legal year,” Hollande said. “But I will bring it up again, and try to live up to my promises.”

France’s Constitutional Council on Tuesday court’s deemed the bill passed by the French Senate on Jan. 23 unconstitutional.

Sarkozy has already demanded a new draft for the law.

Any new legislation on the matter will have to be introduced after the presidential elections and would require the same legislative process for approval.


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  1. zareh said:

    “try to live up to my promises”. “try”. That says it all.
    Politicians are the scumbags of the world.

  2. HAYASER said:

    It is absolutely necessary that the Armenian Nation respond with a unanimous voice and vigorously to Francois Holland by saying “we do not believe in your promise, the only way you can convince us of your sincerity is for you to do the simplest thing by coming forward and agreeing with President Sarkozy (since both of you are in favor of such a bill) and have the bill pass now, thus both of you taking credit for the just action, instead of bringing the excuses of the elections and the lack of time and instead of saying “I will bring it up once elected”, both the Socialist and Conservative parties joined have an overwhelming
    majority in Parliament and Congress”.

    The purpose of the above response to Francois Hollande, by the Armenian Nation, is to unveil the hypocrisy of both Holland and Sakozy; if Holland is sincere and takes the cause really at heart he can do it now as above explained, otherwise we all know politicians’ future promises never materialize; as for Sarkozy, when he embarked on pushing this bill, he knew very well that he would be stopped by the Constitutional Council (being the President he couldn’t be so naive and ignorant not to know the constitutional procedure and above all not to know the leanings of the Constitutional Council’s members (who among them are on the Turkish payroll and who are the ones who would want to preserve the uniqueness of the Jewish genocide).

    They can kid but themselves. Ha ha…!!

  3. bayrakiniyakan said:


  4. MK said:

    I seriously think that ‘our France’ is playing a dirty double game,I don’t trust them.Sarkozy could have signed the bill into law before the senators applied to the CC.

    History has taught us that all these major powers have smiled and have shaken our hands only to stab us in the back that includes France in reference to Cillicia.

  5. TheTruth said:

    ‎ How can the blood of victims of Jewish Holocaust be regarded more red than the blood of ‎victims of Armenian Genocide in France!? That is what constitution court of France did ‎announce ‎

    I would say Sarkozy did play a game – a very dirty and ugly one.‎

    During office Sarkozy did manage to control a big portion of the media in France and pursue ‎them to not publish negative news about him (even some courts very manipulated) – he did ‎succeed on all this! You wanea make me believe the same Sarkozy was not able to control ‎his fraction and his FM!?‎

    French FM and Frenc ambassador to Turkey were acting openly against the bill and there boss ‎Sarkozy, let them unpunished! ‎
    ‎ ‎
    A group of French politicians (including from Sarlozy´s party) went with empty pockets to ‎Baku, the did made ugly and insulting statements and they came back satisfied (not empety ‎pockets at all)….‎
    Be sure if Sarkozy get re-elected he will first either visited Baku or Ankara‎

    I would say the re-election of Sarkozy is not good for Armenia, simply Sarkozy has managed ‎tactfully to put the interests of Israel above the security and interests of France, therefore a re-‎elected Sarkozy and his close circles may create a lot of problems for the northern neighbor of ‎Armenia- which could cause a danger for AR and NKR!! ‎

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