3 Armenians Killed in Iran Bus Crash

The bus crashed due to tire problems

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—A bus carrying passengers from Iran to Armenia crashed in northern Iran. Three Armenians were killed in the crash, with many more wounded.

The bus crashed in the northern city of Marand. More than 10 people were injured. There were 10 Armenians among the passengers, according to the Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Tigran Babayan.

The operated by the Didari Seyri Giti transport company crashed due to tire damage, Balayan reported.

One of the fatally injured has been identified as Dennis Set-Aghelian. According to the sources in Tehran four of the wounded have been identified as Hakob Martitosian, Liana Barseghian, Marian Petrosian and Benjamin (Michael) Aghamalian. They are all in stable condition.

Thousands of Iranians come to Armenia every year during the Nowruz holiday.

Asbarez is following this developing story.


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    • Osik said:

      Yes I agree Satenik, it’s more humane to report the entire counts of killed and injured and then report just the names of Armenians.

      • Arbi said:

        Dear Osik,I would like to inform you that at the date of the accident they have been 16 departures that15 of them was fully iranians but not Armenians,and this one that had the capacity of exactly 26 people ,was full and only 12 of them were Armenians that from 15 people injured 12 of them where the whole number of Armenians that 2 of them were killed,this one was the only bus that departured from Armenian living area and that Armenians were in it.Additionally I would like to share my information with you that this bus had been travelling for 2 days without stop from istanbul to tehran and just after arriving ,they arrenged an extra trip at 15:00 and also collected double money saying that the bus is a good one (travelling to heaven!),and the sleeping driver headed the bus to the heaven! There has been no expolsion of tire any more,the driver was so sleepy and tired and bad tempered and so aggressive and driving so fast from the beginning of the trip.Survived passengers say that,one of the Armenians that has been killed ,for many times has been asked the driver to drive more slowly and carefully,and his wife that till now does not know about her husband death and is seriously injured,just before the accident have standed up and cried and asked the driver to slowdown the bus but unfortunately he has not pay attention to any one and even at 1 o clock midnight they have not yet had dinner becouse despite the request of the passengers the driver had not stoped the bus to have dinner.All of the 10 survived Armenians are in very bed health conditions and the children had got serious fobias.Dear collegue think about the fact that why should this tired and not serviced bus should be sent for the only 12 Armenians out of the 15 other buses (15 times 40 people=600 people) leaving for the Armenia in the same day and also think about the previous trajedies happened before ( you know what I mean),so may be in the future we can prevent such trajedies!!!

  1. Hrant said:

    My condolences to all of my fellow Armenians and to our Persian brothers and sisters for this tragic accident.

  2. Alex Postallian said:

    On the surface the Iranians have been good to the Armenians,gave them refuge, treated them fairly. A different story with the turks the jerks,israel double talkers.

  3. Arbi said:

    [12:09:44 PM] Andre40: who said iranians have been good to the Armenians?!they brought them by force to iran at the time of king abbas not GIVING THEM REFUGE!!!!!and the majority of them were killed on the way.and many times in these 400 hundred years that Armenians have lived in iran they tried to clean them from the history of iran by killing them in earlier years(many dirty projects that have been announced to international community and prevented), and nowadays by forging what they have done for iran and killing them culturally and morally.They are the same jerks.The biggest double talkers in the world.