Turkey Considers US Religious Repot ‘Null and Void’

Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

ANKARA—A report published this week by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedoms that ranked Turkey as one of the worst oppressors of Christians has been deemed “null and void” by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, reported the Hurriyet Daily News on Friday.

“The report, which is prepared by politicians representing some interest groups, contradicts the findings of U.S. State Department’s annual reports so far,” the ministry said in a written statement according to Hurriyet.

The commission “fell short in understanding” the steps taken recently by Turkey on freedom of religion and protecting the rights of non-Muslim minorities, the statement continued.

The Foreign Ministry also criticized the report for failing to address incidents in Europe based on Islamophobia, with many mosques having been attacked and religious leaders being appointed by impose of state. The statement thus claimed that “the report [had been] prepared for political reasons.”


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  1. Garabed said:

    No surprise here. Turkey continues to do what it does best – deny inconvenient facts.

  2. Kevork said:

    Let’s explore other null and void subjects:
    -The borders of present day “Turkey”
    -The borders of present day “Azerbaijan”
    -The return of Azeris to Artsakh/Karabakh
    -“Karabakh is Turkish land” fairytale
    -The so-called protocols
    -The proposed pseudo “friendship” by Turkey
    -The “zero problems with neighbors” lie

    • Arman said:

      Turkey is the regional super criminal and that’s why it has any power and wealth that it does….it stole everything from the indigenous Orthodox Christian nations. How else can Turkey be so big, and Armenia so small?

  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    There are 2016 Mosques In USA
    I read a recent report…
    Who can abolish them… who can vanish them
    There were 2600 churches in Turkey all are vanished
    Some changed to Mosques…
    Islam arose from Arab Lands
    Did any Arab vanished any…
    Aren’t they muslims
    Also in Isfahan there are many Churches since 1665…
    Thus…Turks apply their ‘Seljukian Culture’ to vanish and confiscate…
    All nothing to do with religion…
    Religion is only a name for them…
    To vanish the real ethic race
    they were there before them
    Religion for themis never a real faith…


  4. txamard said:

    “The commission “fell short in understanding” the steps taken recently by Turkey on freedom of religion and protecting the rights of non-Muslim minorities, the statement continued.”

    What non-Muslim minorities? How many non-Muslims are left in Turkey!?

    Turk soykirimcilar!!!

  5. facts said:

    Islamophobia? ‎
    Starting from 1915 criminal Turkish state as implemented a policy which did destroy about ‎‎2500 Armenian churches alone in he historic home land (some being turned to mosques). The ‎same so called modern Turkish republic has actively supported (while claiming being ‎secular) the building of about 2000 mosques and places of Islamic worships and Islamich ‎education centers across Europe ‎

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    No wonder there isnt any settlement with OLD YELLOW STAIN turkey,ghoul,davitugly,erdodog,they dont have the intelligence for dialogue,just lying about their past history, and disagree.

  7. levon sanosyan said:

    Too bad what Turkey considers. Give me a break! This spoiled child cries wolf any time any one says something. What a cry baby! Some give him a milk bottle.

  8. Grish Begian said:

    Once again, Mr. Davood Oghloo cover his face with red Islamic hood, and peep outside world through the moon and star cut-out!!

  9. John Ahmaranian said:

    The martyrdom of Dink is a slap on the face of Ahmet Davutoghlu.
    Turkey will not doubt for a minute to take any possible step to wipe out the Christians and the minorities in Turkey if…if…!
    Turkey wiped out Bulgars, Armenians, Serbs, Kurds. She adopted the policy of ethnic cleansing. She has been this way, she will continue the same way.

    • hayko yesilkoyluian said:

      kurds and turks have same mentality when subject turn to seljuk and ottoman typical jihadist mentality

  10. Alex Postallian said:

    Firstly,before we begin a dialogue,that ends nowhere.Let us get to a few basic facts.turkey is not going to invade,fight,intimidate,Iran,Syria,because its all hot wind.turkey will never threaten a adversary,unless they are 20 times smaller unarmed women,children, old people.i.e. Armenian Genocide..The other countrys know this,except us.The reason we dont know is our own pro turkey diplomats,on the take,feed us the wrong information.

  11. Stephen Bekian said:

    I ask Davoutoghle what happened to 3 million Armenians who used to live in Anatolia , where are they now

    what did you do to them ? what happened to 2500 churches in anatolia ? I have been visiting Turkey lately

    and I could not see any Churches or any Armenians living in Anatolia ,how on earth did you get rid of them

    Now as I know true historical facts that the Armenians used to live in Anatolia for over 3 thousand years

    shame on you Turks you should face the reality of what your ancestors did to an antiant Race , you have

    anahelated the people of Ararad you have changed the names of districts of Armenian origin

    no wonder I could not find one single Armenian in Anatolia.