Turkey ‘Hypocritical’ Regarding French Bill, Says Harvard Political Review

The French Senate

In an article in the Harvard Political Review, “France, Turkey, and the Politics of Genocide,” author Joe Mazur calls Turkey’s response to the passage of a set of bills that opted to criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide in France as “hypocritical.”

“Turkey’s righteous indignation might be more convincing if it was not also glaringly hypocritical. When Erdogan, in a speech to parliament, insisted that the French bill “murdered freedom of thought”, he seemed to have forgotten that Article 301 of the Turkish penal code makes it illegal to insult the Turkish nation, ethnicity, or government,” writes Mazur in the HPR.

“Moreover, Turkey’s hysterical reaction to the bill has made it abundantly clear that the country is being forced to confront its own checkered history,” adds Mazur, who also interviewed Harvard Professor of Armenian Studies James Russell about the matter.

Read the entire Harvard Political Review article.


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  1. John Minassian said:

    This is a great article. What is sad is that the Turks are not only unashamed of what they did to the Armenians, but are actually proud of what they did and would dream of the day that they could have a second Armenian genocide. There were reports that in 1992, the Turks had hatched a plan to invade Armenia during the Hardliner coup against Boris Yelsin before Armenia had the Russian base and was a member of the CSTO.The Turks are now resorting to cultural and economic genocide through the blockade which is causing many Armenians to leave Armenia. Their ultimate fantasy is to depopulate Armenia , invade it and link Azerbaijan and Turkey. Sadlly enough Hayastansi woman are moving to Turkey and marrying Turks and this is essentially a form of genetic genocide because these children are Turks not Armenians.

    • hayko yesilkoyluian said:

      closing border more better what armenia can sell to turkey honsetly ? If turkish brands invade armenia then armenian merchant sellers burst-up

  2. John Minassian said:

    Armenian shopkeepers must stop selling Turkish products because this is fueling the Turkish economy.