A New Threat from Turks

Anti-Armenian protest in Istanbul in Februrary


The Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles has embarked on a new campaign to promote “friendly relations” between Turks and Armenians and is reaching out to Armenian individuals throughout the community and asking them to join this venture.

According to information obtained by Asbarez, the individuals being sought by the Turkish Consulate are prominent community leaders, entrepreneurs and business people who the consulate believes will further their denialist agenda by projecting a fabricated atmosphere of cooperation. It is actually a dangerous precedent-setting effort, rooted deeply in Turkish foreign policy objectives, that preys on unsuspecting community members to advance an agenda that can be detrimental for the advancement of the Armenian Cause.

The timing of this initiative is also suspect, given that on the eve of the Genocide’s centennial, Turkey is doing all it can to hide its crime by underhandedly involving the Armenian-American community.

The Turkish Consulate is using its contacts and levers at public and private institutions to contact community members. Unfortunately, there are individuals for whom advancement of stature and possible financial gains supersede their commitment to the just resolution of the Armenian Cause, namely the international recognition of the Genocide.

These individuals will be and are being used to become the messengers—persuaders—of this disgusting effort to disrespect the memory of the Genocide victims and undermine the efforts for the advancement of the just aspirations of the Armenian Nation.

There are also parallel approaches by different organizations that have christened themselves “bridge builders” between Armenians and Turks, and through a well-funded effort are luring Armenian-Americans on junkets to Turkey to promote this skewed agenda.

Asbarez will continue its investigation into this troubling reality and it WILL expose those who take the Turkish Consulate’s bait and become pawns in the Turkish game of deceit and Genocide denial.

The Foreign Ministry of Armenia, through its embassy, mission and consulate, also has a responsibility to engage in this process and through stern posturing and a deliberate voice denounce this effort, which in the end aims to create a schism in our community.

Past experience has shown that there are those who are swayed by Turkey’s smoke and mirrors tactics. Those individuals are being put on notice.

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  1. Aram Suren Hamparian (ANCA) said:

    Thank you Asbarez for shining much-needed light on this subject.

    The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Intelligence Organization (Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı – MİT) are pulling out their traditional tricks in the days leading up to the White House’s annual April 24th statement. Their aim, as always, to defer the day when America finally rejects Turkey’s gag-rule on U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    A Turkish-initiated “discussion” on Armenian-Turkish Reconciliation is set to be hosted this April in the offices of Arnold & Porter (which has received millions of dollars to lobby as a foreign agent for the Turkish government). The host group is listed as HasNa, a group led by Nevzer G. Stacey and Omer Taspinar, a Gulen-linked, American Turkish Council-associated “expert” who publicly opposes American recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    Ankara-inspired initiatives such as these, which are frequently funded by the same State Department that is actively working to block Presidential and Congressional recognition of the Armenian Genocide, are transparent efforts to prevent the establishment of a long-term resolution of Armenian-Turkish issues based on a truthful and just settlement of Turkey’s as yet unpunished crime of genocide against the Armenian nation. As Pope Paul VI said: “If you want peace work for justice.”

    With the failure of the Protocols and against the backdrop of an American election year and Ankara’s increasingly strained ties with former friends in the U.S. Congress, Turkey and its allies are highly motivated to foster a false illusion of broad-based dialogue in order to avoid having President Obama honor his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide, and to derail Congressional efforts to commemorate this crime.

    Aram Suren Hamparian

    • hayko yesilkoyluian said:

      if armenian-american diaspora cant do nothing against turks in usa especially their lobby movements gulen and ottoman royal familiy who reside in manhattan we cant do anything everywhere in armenia also fetullah gulen stays in pennsylvania not antalya kemer or istanbul truth.

  2. Sebouh said:

    Same turkish trick over and over again and always just a few weeks before April 24th.

    I very much hope that Asbarez or any other media outlet, organization or individual with information about these foolish pawns of the consulate – do NOT hesitate from exposing this years list of suckers.

    NAME & SHAME should be in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, not just in April.

  3. danoog said:

    Thanks, but no thanks! if you Turks truly want better relations with Armenians, stop denying the genocide and give us back our lands.

  4. hayko yesilkoyluian said:

    an western or armenian should be insane to visiting Turkey or Istanbul dangerous nothing here why paying alot of money here visit armenia.

    • Alex Postallian said:

      I have no reason to visit that sewer,constanople,couldnt handle the stench,and illiteracy.

  5. Zareh said:

    Despite all the warning nobody should be surprised if the Turks find those “symbolic” representative of “Armenian communities”, quotation is there to underline how the Turks will present these individuals for their propaganda. I’m sure there always will be individuals craving for fame and vanity to throw themselves at any opportunity to “shine”. Here’s their chance.

    And make no mistake, such individuals will be held high on Turkish shoulders as “modern progressive leaders”, and all those who oppose as “backward looking demagogues” which they hope will be regarded as harmful for Armenians (because Turks care so much about the well-being of the Armenian diaspora).

    We know very well how our enemy thinks and operates.

  6. hrair said:

    This developing issue needs to be publicized in and around our community, within all circles. People who reed Asbarez obviously are more informed and hard to fall into any dirty machination of this sort. Vigorous, informative outreach campaign need to be lunched by all concerned organizations, may they be political, social or cultural. It should not be presented in such a way that it leaves an impression that the position is somehow initiated by certain organization (ARF). All efforts need to be made to present and stress that this is a fundamental issue to all Armenians and any private position by any individual or organization will be deemed as treasonous. Furthermore, Asbarez and other media outlets should actively enlighten / cover the issue and most importantly publish names of the individuals and organizations that might be tempted and fall into this new trap of Turkish government. Armenian and Turkish nations/ individuals don’t have an issue with each other and no bridge is needed in between them as they both are bound with cultural close ties and it is clear to everyone that the issue is in between the Armenian nation and Turkish government, it is a political issue and not a “ lets share shish kabob and raki issue” .
    This is not a new game by the Turkish government.
    As a long time and fairly active community member I had my share of “Turkish bridge building “contacts. Each time I consulted with organizations and individuals who are directly and comprehensively involved with all aspects of HAY DAT, and the proper recognition of the genocide and the restoration of the violated rights of the Armenian nation. All individuals and organizations should know that this sort of ego centric approach will not be tolerated and will be condemned by the entire Armenian nation. First recognition of genocide, condemnation and restitution, than raki, dolma and pakhlava.

  7. Hamasdegh said:

    I think it would be better to give facts , and names, if we know this is true. Otherwise, it is no use to stir confusion and trouble by unsubstantiated accusations.

    • Serop Mardirossian said:

      Well said. Before “Asbarez” brought this issue up there were others who in their writings provided examples and facts about this Turkish “outreach” effort. So provide examples, facts , names so that we all know who these people are and what they are doing ! It is sad to see how “ignorant” Armenians try to play a leadership role in an area where they know nothing and do not care about the long term effects of their schmoozing with parties who have only one objective: to bury the Armenian cause. All you need to do is to read the summaries of the last annual meeting of Turkish diplomats that took place in Ankara last year , and before that, to understand what the aims and objectives of these outreach efforts are. As usual there are “business minded” Armenians who think they can play in the international political arena for their own benefits … and to heck with Hay Tad.It is a pity that our pursuit of Hay Tad is disjointed as every Armenian organization thinks that they are the ones best suited and qualified to bring solution . In such circumstances no wonder that Turkey and its diplomats are fishing in murky waters.

  8. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Turks cannot be a threat to Armenians because Turks equal to Turkishness and, in fact, Turkishness is nonsense and nothing equal to zero. That zero can grow into something if it stands after semi-fascist, semi-communist and semi-US-spy Aghvan Hovsepyan, illegal Prersident Sarksyan, illeterate Academican Radik Martirosyan, which are the real threat to Armenia. The Great Armenian people has to get rid of them as soon as possible. Turks without these persons are zero and can never be a threat to the Great Armenian People.

    • Alex Postallian said:

      When will the Armenians,get rid of these closet hidden oligarhics,who stuff their pockets,by playing to the masses,who they care nothing about.The turkees,are a threat to themselves,by their mongolic heredity,illiteracy rate 70%.character-flaw of denying the Armenian Genocide,revising their history so the coming generations are true to their past.So we must be careful of the enemy from within(greed),rather than the enemy from without.

  9. M.K.S. said:

    With shameful and death to those Armenian puppets of Turkey who are cooperating with Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles in degrading the Armenian Genocide. I would dare to add such Armenians are roots of Turks and let them convert to their original roots as Turks and not Armenians as we don’t need such imbeciles in our community.

  10. ASHOT MELIKYAN said:

    LOOK WHO DESIDED to go Fishing again ! This is another way of desarming our ppl, theyr trying to desarm us mentaly, cruel game. never trust a turk , trusting them is like puting you head in a lians mouth,if not today tomorow it will be choped off.

  11. ARA said:

    The Turks in this case are JUMP{ING OUT OF THEIR UNDERWEAR- they got no where else to go- propaganda is an art though not for these gumbos- they are swimming in the sea and are lost-grabbing what they can-we can bait them for sure on this one ha ha ha!!

  12. Osin Elagoz said:

    The Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles has embarked on a new campaign to promote “friendly relations” between Turks and Armenians but they forget that one month ago in Istanbul in Taksim square thousands of Turks shouted “You Armenians you are all bastards”and Turkish interior minister gave e nationalist speech to them.This meeting was authorised by governement and the prime minister also supported this antiarmenian meeting.

  13. Aram said:

    Ara please inform the Armenians about the Turkish tricks.
    Yete Turkin ghoski yoti titegh vosgi illa noren Turkin ghoskin mi havadak.

    Thank you for your eye opening artickle.

  14. David said:

    I can understand your concern with those few “prominent” Armenians willing to sell themselves out but there are some of us who want action from the Turks and are actually eager to “build bridges” starting with the return of all Cilician lands stolen from them so we can create a “Colony” on the Med. From their, we will probably need more “bridges” for a shiny German train (dona

  15. grigor said:

    find this ,,armenians,, expose them… the rest is just matter of technic..

  16. Grish Begian said:

    This is why Armenian language study, especially Western dialect, is a top priority for Turkish educational system…there will be more Turks, who will be fluent with Armenian language, they will work directly, for Turkish Government and their guidance, in order to counter balance AG recognition in US and Europe!!

  17. Boghos Hrant said:

    Do not rest, Asbarez, until you shine the light of shame upon the traitors in our midst!

  18. MK said:

    We would like to know any Armenian traitor who is in bed the with the turks.

  19. Aaron said:

    As a Jew, I 100% support the Armenians in their efforts to get the Armenian Genocide recognized by the world. I think it’s stupid to let politics with the hateful government in Turkey that should be a “friendly” country to the West get in the way of this.

    However, after seeing all the hatred on this website directed at the Jews and Israel, I’m starting to second-guess myself. I can’t understand why you guys would hate Israel… we’ve both suffered genocide, for crying out loud. I still support recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but it’s starting to be based purely on principle; it seems the Jewish support of the Armenians isn’t returned at all. Those of you damning Israel and excusing Arab terrorism against it when the same exact thing happened to you in 1915 can kiss my @$$.

    • David D. said:

      As an Armenian, I support Jews too. Jews are good people and I have sympathy for them, but I do hate Israel government. They keep selling and supplying arms to Azerbaijan and Turkey. I can understand why they would like to have Turks as a political allies, but selling military weapons to them is unacceptable. Turkey did turn his back to you Israel, Azerbaijan could do the same. Armenians and Jews need to support each other like brothers.

    • ARA said:

      Aaron- we do not hate u guys-never-we admire you in many ways but understand our people live and move all over the world and in the middle east-no one is really our friend-we are hated and spat upon for supporting either side-we take shelter in a country and must do as a roman did in Rome-
      We know who helped us during an earthquake in the late 1980’s with equipment, machinery, doctors and their warm hand-despite their problems in the Mediterranean.we are grateful as a people
      But note- I and many of our people and leaders are angered by the Israeli and Jewish officials and politicians who have voted and spoken against our recognition for what happened to us-no one helped us then any more than the dirty nazi krouts that helped ur ancestors. I can cry for the murders and humiliation they put us all in-i mean cry-my ancestors suffered and I grew up and our culture and people never forget-our children know and forever-we can not trust the azeris or turks the Israelis sell arms too and support-but we know what they will do to ur people as they have in their areas should u not sell them certain goods-but be warned-we are watching every move and they will pay-the turks and most arabs like us like they like u! My many close friends are Jewish and concerned-we are not a super power-but we have been here on this planet a very long time- thank u for ur support and we in our hearts know u and ur cause and Israel is not out to hurt us-we need their good support and they ours- God bless my friend- if u r who u say u r!!!!!!! thanks

    • Grish Begian said:

      You should kiss Shimon Perez @$$, when he speak about denial of Armenian Genocide, for over 20 years now.. Israeli double standard policy with Muslim world especially with Turkic world is not new for Armenians either, Israel don’t care who is their friend or who is not, as long as they make quick money..
      They sold $1.6 billion armament to Azeri Turks few weeks agao, how would you think if Armenians start to sale S400 missiles with your natural enemies?? Armenians do not hate Jews it is in your head we are not in 1915 or 1945 either, you better find out what is wrong with Israeli politicians!!

  20. S.Y. said:

    To all Armenian supremacists. Either you make peace with your neighbors or if you have warmongering territorial demands, you are for warmongering, plotting to wipe Turkey off the map. Because if we hand you 1 cm of soil, you will ask for more and more till you plot to wipe the Turkish Rep off the map. We all know the tricks of Armenian Supremacists. You guys tried to grab 1/2 of the chunk of Turkish soil, but failed and just be happy with what you have. Period and bottom line.

    • David D. said:

      We are trying to make peace with you Turks, but you are always finding obstacles for that. You are linking the normalisation process to the Karabakh conflit. We are already trying to settle with the Azeris, but they won’t settle for anything less than having our Artsakh back. We can’t accept that. We can’t make peace with Turks because of Azeris and we can’t make peace with Azeris because of Artsakh. You can’t blame us.

      • ARA said:

        Turks are occupying half our lands- they will beg us to take it back before they cry sheep-dirt bags

  21. Jack Kalpakian said:

    First, the content of the Turkish offer needs to be looked at carefully. Second, any Armenians cooperation with Turkey should be on a all-Armenian basis, that is, Turkey should not pick or choose who it deals with, either all Armenian movements, or none. Third, there should be clear Armenian pre-conditions to any participation, including easements on the Turkish blockade. Should these three conditions not be met, then the Armenian American press should publish the names of the Armenians involved and the Churches should excommunicate them.

  22. Vatche said:

    We Armenians must change our names from Turkish based names to Armenian based names, that would be a good answer to the Turks.

    • hayko yesilkoyluian said:

      when I move abroad I will change my surname I hate who is diaspora armenian use as a surname istanbulluian it is like slave of ottomans istanbulian shitt

  23. Serhat Atlas said:

    i am Turkish and i love Armenian people i have many Armenian friends also..something happened many years ago both side had mistakes i believe that.lets try to be friends even brothers again and live in peace together..

    best regards to all.