An Open Letter to Busy Armenians

ANCA Telethon 2012


You’re a good Armenian.

Proud of your heritage, concerned about our homeland, and committed to Armenia’s future.

Since you were a child, you’ve given of your time and energy in selfless service to our community and cause.

But, let’s face it, you’re busy:  Work.  Family.  School. And everything else.

Endless obligations. Day after day.  One on top of the other.  It’s hard to carve out the quality time you want to devote to the charities close to your heart.

That’s where the ANCA comes in!

The ANCA works 24/7 to advance your views.

We fight for your rights around the clock.  Defend our shared interests. Grasp opportunities. Tackle challenges.  And take on our enemies on the front lines of the Armenian Cause.

We’re in the political trenches, doing all the things you would do, if only you had the time:

— Building power in Washington, and delivering results for the Armenian Cause.

— Getting better coverage of Armenian issues in the national media.

— Keeping young Armenians interested and engaged in Armenian life.

— Promoting the use of cutting-edge technology to network Armenian Americans.

You don’t have the time to work on all these yourself.  None of us do.

But, by supporting the ANCA, we, working together, can make progress in all these areas, and more.  That’s the power of teamwork.

And, you can be sure that your dollars are delivering real value, because each and every contribution leverages the commitment of hundreds of thousands of volunteers from across America.

Your investment is a major force multiplier in a world-class advocacy organization:

— A proud and proven team – with a legacy of service and sacrifice – that stands up for the enduring values of the Armenian nation.

— A cutting-edge organization with a track record of real results that has the sophistication to network our increasingly mobile, influential, and sophisticated community.

— An open grassroots group that has deep roots in our communities and welcomes the ideas and energies of all Armenian Americans.

Bottom line: The ANCA is the team you can count on to get the job done, even when you’re busy doing something else.

Your generosity contributes directly to a better connected, more effectively organized, and increasingly powerful community that can and will both save our homeland and serve our communities here at home.

The ANCA truly is your voice.  So please, as we approach the day of the nationwide ANCA Telethon 2012 on May 20th, take a moment to learn about how your secure online donation will be put to work fighting for the views and values that mean so much to you and your family:

With warmest regards,
Vache Thomassian

PS: Your donation – large or small – will make a real difference for our community, defend our homeland, build power, respect and influence for Armenian Americans, and ensure a better future for generations to come.  Please give today.


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  1. bigmoustache said:

    this is so true! all the accomplishments weve made, especially in the last 20 years is thanks to ANCA.
    donating to ANCA is one way i can amends for all those times i didnt go to agoump because i was ‘busy’

  2. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    To Vache: An excellent letter to the Armenian-American Community, that no matter how busy we are in our every day lives, we must not forget what the Armenian Nation & Artsakh are going thru to survive in the coming years. We have no recognition of our Genocide by this great country of the U.S. because of Turkish & Jewish lobyies controlling our President & State Dept. We have not pushed the Armenian Government in our Diaspora to work more closely with us here in the States. Land returns & Reparations must be the key on the agenda along with recognition of the our Armenian Genocide. We hope, this will be wake up call for the 2 million Armenians living here in America.

  3. sam said:

    they say if you like something to be done ask a busy person because the rest have no time