Israeli Minister Visits Armenia

Israel’s Agriculture Minister Orit Noked at Dzidzernagapert (Photolour)

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—Israel’s Agriculture Minister Orit Noked laid a wreath at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan on Monday during what was a rare visit to Armenia by an Israeli cabinet member.

Noked arrived in Yerevan to discuss ways of promoting cooperation between the agricultural sectors of the two countries. Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Agriculture Minister Sergo Karapetian told her that the Armenian government would like to look into Israel’s successful experience in agricultural development.

“We are ready to share our experience,” a government statement quoted Noked as saying at a meeting with Sargsyan. “I am confident that we can successfully work together and implement various joint projects.”

“Your visit to Armenian can be viewed as a new step towards developing Armenian-Israeli relations,” the Armenian premier said for his part. “We are interested in that.”

The Israeli minister met Sargsyann after visiting the Dzidzernagapert memorial and the adjacent Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. “As a woman, as a Jew and as a human being, I am shocked to see pictures of the killing of innocent Armenian people and families,” she wrote in the museum guestbook, according to the Armenpress news agency.

“We are similar peoples in terms of history, character and the fact we have communities around the world,” Noked told Armenpress.

Citing the strategic character of the Turkish-Israeli relationship, successive Israeli governments have resisted calls for an official Israeli recognition of the Armenian Genocide. An Israeli Foreign Ministry official reaffirmed this stance during landmark hearings on the issue that were organized by an Israeli parliament committee last December.

Support for Armenian genocide recognition appears to have grown within the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, over the past year. Observers link that to Israel’s worsening relations with Turkey, which vehemently denies the genocide.

Relations between Armenia and Israel are also less than cordial now not least because of the Jewish state’s growing military cooperation with Azerbaijan. Earlier this year, Israeli defense officials confirmed a reported deal to sell Azerbaijan unmanned military aircraft, antiaircraft and missile defense systems for some $1.6 billion.

The Azerbaijani military is known to already possess Israeli-made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). One such drone was apparently shot down by Armenian forces while flying a reconnaissance mission over Nagorno-Karabakh last September.


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  1. ARA said:

    Now- a small step toward what ur colleague’s in govt need to do- stop monopolizing the genocide-u r not alone-the sooner it is realized the better we will all be- we r smaller than u in the world-people, land and all–been here a long time-thank u- hope to see more from the others-well done

  2. George said:

    With Israel money talks BS walks, they don’t care about Genocide, They don’t care about Human Rights, all they know is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. Garen Mailyan said:

    Half-hearted, unsatisfactory ans unclean. Notice, the lady made no mention of genocide. First Turkey, now Azerbaijan, coupled with Israle’s disregard for the historical truth of the Armenian genocide, places Israel as a consistantly unfriendly nation towards Armenia. Israel seems to be searching out for enemies of Armenia, and then making friendships with them. Hostility against Armenia, I have to conclude, is Israel’s driving motivation in its conduct towards Armenia. Jews, it seems like, have in their book designated Arnenians as enemies, and have devised a plan of doing it harm by developing friendship with Armenia’s enemies. I am coming to a conclusion, more and more, that the Jewish world programm has condemned Armenians and Armenia to destruction and to decimation in Jewish ritual terms, just like they have done to Cananites of The Promised Land. Jews don’t, however, understand that they have no divine decree on that, since genocide and destruction was licensed by GOD only on those living in promised land, and not outside of it. Armenia has no territorial connection to Palestine. GOD allows Jews only to enslave and to collect tribute from nations outside of Palestine. To do that to Armenia, Jews have to defeat Armenians in war, which is not forthcoming anytime soon. Jews are trying to accomplish their goal through proxies – Turkey(genocide of 1915, Armenia’s blockade since 1993), Azerbaijan and Georgia. As long as Armenia does not participate in any military attack agasinst Israel, Jews have no chance, no opprtunity or Divine permission to do that which they are great masters in – killing and pillaging against Armenia.

  4. kevo said:

    What a joke. Israel gives the Azeri’s drones and other military equipment, share airspace with Turkey and they send us a florist.

  5. Kevork said:

    “Your visit to Armenian can be viewed as a new step towards developing Armenian-Israeli relations,” the Armenian premier said for his part”…

    Merely one month after Israel sells weapons to Azerbaijan for purposes of invading Artsakh/Armenia?

    I say supply Iran with some weapons grade Uranium very quickly, then invite the Israelis for dinner to Armenia and reiterate that comment.

    Getting back to the topic of agriculture, Armenians worldwide are very knowledgeable and have experience with their businesses, I seriously doubt that Israelis are required in this regard. And the best part is, Armenians worldwide are not selling weapons to the Turks and Azeris for purposes of invading Armenia.

    Instead of the Armenian government creating conditions for Armenians to repatriate and develop such businesses, they invite our indirect enemies and kiss their butts like there was no tomorrow. LOSERS.

  6. Arman said:

    Mister Netanyahu should visit Dzidzernagapert Museum-Institute next, and write a few heart-felt lines in the book of visitors.

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  9. Norin Radd said:

    This is all a front, these snakes would love nothing more than to see Arstakh and Armenia proper lost to the Azeris and Georgians so that they can then swoop in like the leeches they are and start milking the oil for all it’s worth in exchange for more military hardware.

    Several month back when “secret” envoys where coming in and out of Armenia from Israel the topic at hand was probably Iran and how Isarel wanted to stage military presence in Armenia. Armenians probably told them to go fly a kite so they switch to the dumb Azeris and began exchanging hardware for the permission to use Azerbaijan as base of operations for attacking Iran.

  10. Peter Megerdumian said:

    This is just a trick to get Mossad agents into Armenia to spy on Iran. Those agricultural advisors will actually be Mossad agents. Read Victor Ostrovsky and you will learn alot about those clever Israeli tricks.

  11. Peter Megerdumian said:

    Victor Ostrovsky was a former Mossad agent and he wrote two books about mossad.

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