The ANCA: Our Best Long-Term Investment in the Armenian Nation

ANCA 2012 Telethon

The Fathers of Armenia’s Future


Each Armenian of every generation – stretching back more than 4,000 years – has been both blessed and burdened with the same sacred and timeless tasks:

— The re-creation of our identity for a new time,

— The re-invention of our cause to meet new challenges, and

— The re-launching of our nation into a new and uncertain future.

In summoning the strength to meet the tests of their time, young Armenians – forever the torchbearers of the Armenian Cause – have always drawn from the well-spring of our nation’s proud legacy of service and sacrifice

They have been informed by the wisdom earned through centuries of trials, tragedies, and triumphs.

And have been inspired by their imaginations and by a world of endless possibilities.

If you’re like me, and the days – but not the dreams – of your youth are behind you, I invite you to join with me in reflecting on the role we can and must play in investing in the next generation of Armenians. Our work is surely not done, but we owe it to ourselves to think not only of our time, but also about the shadows that our actions will cast long into the future.

The youth of today may be only as old as our children and grandchildren, but they are the fathers and mothers of Armenia’s future.

Today, they need our help. And we are obliged to offer them our support.

We owe them our counsel, our compassion, and our courage.

Our experience, and also our example.

Our time, and our treasure.

But, most of all, we owe them our love and support.

For it is the boys and girls of today, who will be the men and women who, tomorrow, carry forth the hopes in all our hearts. Hopes for an Armenia that remains free and strong, uniting her lost lands and all her sons and daughters.

Let’s come together – as the ardent but aging heirs of our ancient nation – to lend our youth a hand, and – mark my words – tomorrow we will all watch in pride as they carry our nation forward upon their backs.

Let’s invest in our future, by educating young Armenians about their heritage.

By engaging them as activists, training them as interns, and empowering them as leaders.

By fostering enduring friendships, and networking them through social media.

By helping them to start careers in government, politics, and journalism.

By informing and inspiring tens of thousands of young Armenians across America about the Armenian Cause, so that they, in turn, can educate and engage tens of millions of non-Armenians from around the globe.

In each of these areas, and in so many others, the ANCA is sowing the seeds of the future.

As someone who’s been deeply involved with the ANCA for decades I can tell you that investing in youth is hard-wired into its organizational DNA.

Just as no one fights harder today for Armenian rights, no one does more to empower Armenian youth.

The ANCA, very simply, represents the best way for my generation, born to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and having lived to see a new dawn of Armenian liberty, to invest in the sons and daughters of our proud nation and inspire them to service and sacrifice as they write the next chapter in our nation’s long history.

Please join with me in helping our next generation by supporting ANCA Telethon 2012.


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