ARF Issues Post-Election Statement

The ARF election poster

YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia issued a statement on Tuesday expressing its position following Sunday’s parliamentary election. Below is the English translation of the statement:

The parliamentary elections, that were a new political and moral test for our state, have come to an end.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation presented the public with a clear platform, the implementation of which would have secured a better quality life for us all, inside our country. We ran an active public campaign, our position reached all voters and we felt we were appreciated. We thank all those who voted for ARF.

Unfortunately, these elections didn’t reflect the actual will of the people on one hand and the correlation between the political powers, on the other. It was clear that the general vote rigging was premeditated and took place outside the districts’ centers, on May 6 and the days before that. The ruling coalition members registered high numbers; first and foremost due to the complete use of the state and administrative levers and of the unprecedented large financial means that were turned into vote rigging tools. The proof is unquestionable that corruption had its detrimental impact on the election results.

This situation proves that the Armenian society’s overwhelming majority, which faces social difficulties, is legally unprotected and alienated from the state and did not conduct a free and conscious election process. The people’s de-politicization, poverty and adversities, coupled with election bribery and pressures guaranteed the return of the authorities.

This also means that the political forces, including the ARF, have not yet succeeded in implanting in the society the free citizen’s notion and the conscientiousness of exercising the right to elect in a dignified manner.

The ARF, as an independent political power with clear principles, perceives this electoral setback as the beginning of a new phase of activity to continue the struggle until complete regime change has been achieved.

We are confident that sooner or later Liberty, Justice and Dashnaktsutyun will prevail in our state.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s Supreme Council


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  1. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Why Tashnagzhootyoon
    The others must vanish
    Instead can’t we put “Unification…”
    Learn from Israel…
    and be one…!

    • Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

      Think more and Reply…
      Read more and Reply…
      Don’t act like a child…
      Who raises his flag
      With out thinking of consequences…!
      We lived before BC
      We will live after BC
      We must never divide our selves to many parts…
      Which can ruin our principles…


  2. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Let Us not divide
    Our Love Cells
    To our Nation
    To our Culture
    To our Faith
    To our Integrity…

    Let Us build our
    ‘Gomidasian Fortress’
    United together
    In Noble Dances…

    No Dashnak …No Henchag…!

    Let Us teach our Children
    We are Armenians…We are one
    With every cardiac cells…
    That existed in our ‘Ancestral Genes’…Since centuries…!


  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Why Tashnagzhootyoon

    The others must vanish

    Instead can’t we put

    Let Us not divide
Our Love Cells

    To our Nation

    To our Culture

    To our Faith

    To our Integrity…

    Let Us build our
‘Gomidasian Fortresses’
United together
    In Noble Dances…

    No Dashnak …No Henchag…!

    But Unification…Meyootyoon
Let Us teach our Children

    We are Armenians…
    We are one

    With every cardiac cells…

    That existed in our ‘Ancestral Genes’…
    Since centuries…!


    • Դրօ said:

      Every nation has its various political parties, even Israel. People will always have different opinions. It’s what makes us human. You can’t force everyone to have the same views.

  4. A_Hye said:

    So there is no way to liberty or justice, other than through the Tashnagtsootyoun.
    That’s what the are saying….sounds a little scary to me.

  5. Sevag said:


    did you know that ARF had a coalition with about 85 mmebers of parliament from different factions in parliament? or did you assume its all about them? They networked out and put together this coalition to go up against the Ogliarchs runnign parliament and to fight corruption. If I am not mistaken it had over 10 different fanctions involved. Yes let us unite against corruption, it is not a Hnchag, Tashnag thing, it is for the betterment of Armenia. I wihs Tashnagtsootioun instead of handing the country over to these ex-soviet mob bosses in the 90’s, to have just taken over and held on to Mother Armenia until a proper checks and balances system wqas put in place to avoid such corruption, unfortunately / fortunately, they gave it to the hands of the people so they can govern with their own will and not say “oh Tashnagtsootiun is controlling everything…..” This is the thanks you get for bailing a country out, but hey what else is new when Tashnagtsootiun does anything good, no good deed goes unpunished. At the ned of the day you get a big “Thanks, see ya later”

  6. viken said:

    Sylva, thanks to that kind of thinking our people is oppressed.
    Only revolutionary poetry makes sense in this subject.


  7. Դրօ said:

    Having a diversity of views is not the same as division.

  8. Armen said:

    Armenian society deserves better. No civil society should put up with this level of government corruption. Regime change is a must.

  9. sam said:

    corruption and fraud exist in every country during the election time including the u.s. think about the recount in florida and how about ohaio most of the blacks couldn’t vote and were sent home for stupid reasons during the bush election year and i think armenia is getting orders from the big boss for to whom to vote and who will seat in the parliament look at russia it seems like don;t have any smart and intelligent person out of 150 million people except putin

  10. A_Hye said:
    May 08, 2012 | 17:13

    The parliamentary elections in Armenia were held in a calm and
    peaceful atmosphere, said Robert Hilton, Foreign Service Officer and
    Director of Press at the US Department of State.

    The parliamentary elections, which were conducted in Armenia past
    Sunday, were held in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and with the
    participation by opposition parties and election observers, Hilton
    noted, and highly evaluated the improvements recorded this time, as
    compared with the previous national elections in Armenia.

    We support the OSCE/ODIHR observers’ mission’s conclusion, whereby the
    elections were `competitive, lively, and largely peaceful.’ At the
    same time we share the OSCE/ODIHR apprehensions with respect to an
    `unlevel playing field’ during the pre-election season and on election
    day, and in regards to buying votes and applying improper pressure
    against the constituents, Hilton said, the Voice of America reports.

    In the post-election period we will continue to follow the facts
    discovered by the elections’ international and local observers, and
    the examination of the cases launched on election violations, said the
    US Department of State’s Foreign Service Officer and Director of