Baku Blasts Shoushi Celebrations

Karabakh Armed Forces march during a parade marking the 20th anniversary of the Liberation of Shoushi

BAKU (RFE/RL)—Azerbaijan on Thursday condemned as a “provocation” a high-profile military parade that was held in Nagorno-Karabakh and attended by President Serzh Sarkisian.

“Such a destructive position demonstrates that the Armenian side is not prepared to hold negotiations in a constructive manner,” the APA news agency quoted an Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman, Elman Abdullayev, as telling journalists.

The parade, which involved scores of troops, tanks and other military hardware, was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of a key battle that greatly contributed to the Armenian victory in the 1991-1994 war for Karabakh.

Azerbaijan has similarly condemned Sarkisian’s presence at military exercises held by Karabakh’s armed forces. Watching such drills in late 2010, Sarkisian warned that the Armenian side will deal a “devastating and final” blow to Baku if it attempts to resolve their conflict by force.

In a separate development, a senior aide to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev accused the West on Thursday of unjustly portraying the weekend parliamentary elections in Armenia as democratic.

“Voting in Armenia’s elections was largely a show organized by themselves,” Novruz Mammadov said, according to the Trend news agency. “Unfortunately, the West, having immediately demonstrated some [pro-Armenian] partiality, wants to present these elections as transparent and democratic.”


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  1. Ara said:

    Come on baku nationalist -turk killah-take us on-dare u cowards! dare u-

  2. Stefan said:

    The Aliyev mafia Clan is the most oppressive regieme in the former Soviet states, how can they even breathe out the words Democracy when in azerbajian on daily basis journolists are killed or beaten, or just like the one last week where an Azeri reporter while reposrting the destruction of homes illigally by the state oil company owned by the Aliyev Mafia Clan was almost killed when beaten.

    I understand the Aliyev mafia Clan has purchased over $700M USD in properties in USA alone in past 3 years.., lets not count Europe or UAE, where their family has over 5 castles in Europe and dozens in UAE while 80% of azeris live in poverty..

  3. Boghos said:

    LOL! The azeris sure do sound like ignorant hypocrites in accusing us of so called “provocation” after months of violating the ceasefire to maim our soldiers.

  4. Roger said:

    I am begging to the god to start the war in Karabakh again and this time we gonna send more Armenians to Der E Zor!!!!! After Western Armenia, we need to capture Eastern Armenia as well!!!!

    • Kirk said:

      I think instead of begging to God you have to beg to our tanks,missiles and soldiers…if you have the B….you know what I mean.

  5. Kevork said:

    Yet again Azeris show that their clownishness cannot be surpassed by any circus. So we are “not prepared to hold talks in a constructive manner” due to the parade – but buying billions and billions worth of weapons is supposed to be “constructive” on the part of Azerbaijan.

    And the biggest joke is this Novruz Mammadov character (whoever he/she/it is) talking about lack of Democracy in Armenia while he/she/it is wearing Ilham Aliyev brand underwear and living in the biggest dictatorship in the world. Seriously, can people be this idiotic?

  6. Zareh said:

    Aliev knows well that resumption of war will give the final blow to Azerbaijan’s territorial “integrity” once and for all.
    The Baku-Tblisi pipeline will be the first target sending Azerbaijan stock market to zero. Then the Armenian forces will take Kantzag and march towards Gur river, the water lifeline of Azerbaijan and then proceed all the way to the Georgian border. Following this devastating defeat the Lezgin and Talish minorities will revolt and will declare independence. Aliev’s clan will flee to Turkey and then will end up in Monaco with the vast amounts of looted money from the Azeri treasury. Iran will fill the void in Baku and install a puppet regime regime and that will be the end of Azerbaijan as we know it.
    Come on down Mr. Aliev and give us that opportunity. But we know you are a coward and would not dare attacking the independent Republic of Artsakh.

  7. Stepan said:

    It must be comedy night in Baku. The center for saber rattling, ceasefire violations and anti-Armenian venom is complaining about a young republic that is a role model for self-determination. Karabakh is an inspiration for all patriotic Armenians and the liberation of Shushi will inspire a new generation to defend the rights of Armenians. May God continue to bless our people with peace.

  8. Norin Radd said:

    Azeris in glass houses should not be throwing stones at Armenians my grandpappy said.

    Novruz Mammadov: Chief provoker of Azeri aggression and military innuendos in the past 5 years now has the gaul to accuse Armenians of saber rattling, it’s pathetic and laughable the depth of depravity these Azeris will go to push forward their lies, historical revisionism, and backwards mentality.

    Ilham Aliyev: The spoiled son of ex-KGB dictator of Azerbaijan that inherited his “reign” as grand “sultan” (AKA “president”) of Azerbaijan. For him to speak about any democratic process much less express his opinion on Democratic ideals is like Adolf Hitler or Heimlich Himmler speaking about such things.

    Elman Abdullayev: Foreign minister and master architect of constant propaganda against Armenians worldwide. So far he has been constantly critical of the MINKS process and basic “madrid” principles and has been instrumental in preventing any sort of constructing dialogue through his fascist rhetoric on the world political arena which includes the floor of the UN assembly.

    Don’t quit your day jobs goat herders, your no Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, once your oil runs out the Israelis will ship all of you up the river, or rather, down the valley to tend to your goats again.

    Aliyev must be proud of the following:
    1) Line of contact violations by military after an unconditional surrender when we beat them back to the stone age where they belong.

    2) Journalism censorship and journalist arrest directly against the convention of human rights as well as international journalism standards.

    3) Geneva convention violations of Armenian soldiers and civilians in Azeri captivity including mistreatment, ritual beating, rape, torture, and murder.

    4) State sponsored desecration of a UNESCO Armenian cemetery consisting of some 5,000-10,000 Armenian grave sites and head stone known as “Khatchkars”.

    5) State sponsored offerings of military bases against Armenian trade partner Iran.

    6) State sponsored desecration and alteration of Armenian churches and cultural sites on Azeri soil in an attempt to propagate historical revisionism and accuracy. Cooking up tall tales of Azeri presence in the caucus dating back thousands of years using Armenian historical sites that have been perverted by state sponsored alteration. Falsely declaring Azeris and Azeribaijan actually existed prior to 1920s bolshevik “gifting” and “fabrication” of the Turkic “Azeri” state and culture.

    The list goes on and on, you uncivilized goat herders, Armenians did not only exist and thrive thousands of years before the word “Azeribaijan” was created in the 1920s, we brought the caucasian region into civility with our written alphabet and our pristine rich culture no to mention our limitless talent in transforming EVERY single part of the globe that we have lived in, into a thriving place of prosperity, robust business, and cultural epicenter.

    Armenians have enriched and contributed to every region they have settled in over millennia, including our beloved Armenian/Arstakh, as well as placed such as France, Argentina, Babylon, Rome, United States, Portugal, Spain, England, Romania, Kazakstan, Ethiopia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Israel, Russia, The Soviet Union, and much much more. . .

    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE oh “great and ancient Azeris”? Go ahead, speak goat herders, the world is listening and waiting for your answer . . . .

  9. 4 peace said:

    father of our nation is called “Hayk” and his birthday was not 87 years ago as it’s the case with the father of “Azerbaijani nation”- Any way the ridiculous statement of officials in Baku show that they are in no way less rude and paranoid as there big brothers (racists) in Ankara!

  10. George said:

    Aliyev should be smart, take the lead, cut a deal with Armenia and stop to be the stooge of Turkey, should Armenia cut a deal with Turkey over Genocide, Turkey will never hesitate in dumping Azerbaijan.

  11. John-Emmanuel Shirajian said:

    It is a well known fact that the political leadership in Baku for years have been issuing threatening statements, violating the cease fire across the boarders and piling weapons they claim they are acquiring to “liberate Nagorno-Karabakh .” They are the ones who initiated the war with there OMOH troops, conducted pogroms, organized ethnic cleansing of major cities Baku, Sumguit ..etc. Now they condemn the parade. The way I see it is that the Parade condemns their militaristic- ethnocentric failed policies. The Parade is the embodiment of the their defeat. It is natural they are going to condemn it. I am astonished they did not use a harsher language in their “condemnation.”

  12. said:

    Who comes up with these headings for the articles? Baku “blasts”? Come on! They can bark, but the dog that barks never bites. Another ones I see a lot are “occupied territories” (hello, Armenian media – these are LIBERATED Armenian lands!), “capture of Shushi” – No! It was the “Wedding in the Mountains” operation to liberate Shushi, etc. Please stop copy-pasting Azeri-Turk-Big-Oil propaganda and start using primary sources from Armenia and Artsakh.