The Fight is Dedicated to Show our Courage

ANCA 2012 Telethon


As he suppresses his urge for that drop of water in fear of being noticed by the enemy, he is searching within himself for assurance that his fight is not in vain. He believes that fighting for what is just and protecting what belongs to the Armenian people is not only his responsibility but his duty. It is what has been instilled in him since he can remember as a young boy. His duties extend not only to his wife and children, to his commander, to his battalion, to his father but more importantly to his people and the generations that will follow. The fight is dedicated to show our courage and perseverance. Although difficult in the moment, he knows the truth is within him and he presses forward.

As the ANCA Telethon nears closer, we need to put our fight in perspective. Our fight in the United States is not tumultuous in the same sense yet it is imperative. The lobbying efforts of the ANCA go beyond the scope of Armenian Genocide recognition, which is what people generally believe it to be. The work of the ANCA involves strengthening Armenia as a secure and democratic state, self-determination for Karabakh and advocating other issues of concern to our communities. We, as members of the Armenian-American community, also have a responsibility. The responsibility lies within us to make every effort to strengthen our voice in our nation’s capitol. With our support, our voice will be heard in the capitol and its echo will resonate beyond just the pillars of our capitol, to our conviction.

As I walked through the streets of Shoushi last summer, the sense of victory was inescapable. Speaking to the locals in their most meager state, they were unable to hold back their sense of pride and it was ever so evident in the way of their smile. Our passion as Armenians are deep-rooted and we are always eager to share our story. We owe it to our past, our present and our children. Let’s give them the opportunity to rise and to be heard as Armenians. Hai Tahd is our cause, the ANCA is our organization and the fight is entrusted in the hands of each and every one of us.

We need to contribute to the ANCA telephone not to fill a void , but to make a difference in the life of an Armenian, an Armenian soldier, so that he does not have to fight his fight in the trenches.


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  2. Alex Postallian said:

    Firstly,jerky turkey has no business in the dispute between Armenia and azerbaturk.Secondly,why doesnt the ruling nations,out of cowardice or indifference,tell old yellowstain turkey viz;WW1 fame,of cowardice,to leave Armenia alone.Armenia is twenty times smaller(the turkies kind of fight)The european union,league of nations are a farce,only indulging in conversation,of little or non repute. So when you read of turkey as a threat,dont believe it,unless they are unarmed,women,children,infirm,old people,like the Armenian Genocide.If there is an invasion,another country will be the invader,turkey will follow,way behind,carrying the toilet supplies.