Armenian Church and School Attacked in Syria

The Armenian church and school in Homs

An Armenian church and school were attacked in the Syrian city of Homs on Saturday by members of the Syrian opposition, reported Armenpress News Agency.

The representative of the local Armenian community Nazareth Elmadjian said the Isahakian School attacked by the opposition works under the auspices of Armenian Apostolic Church’s Syrian Prelacy.

The school is located in Hamidia district of Homs which is mainly populated by Arab Christians. The opposition forces seized the school and church, which will be used by them as a hospital and convalescence center.

The Syrian army is not attacking the district because of the large number of civilians in the area, reported community.


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  1. Zareh said:

    The Salafis and the Wahhabis(the perpetrators of 9/11 attacks) aided and abetted by the U.S. government, the Saudi Kingdom, Turkey and NATO are the real enemies of the peace loving Armenian community of Homs.
    If any Armenian is hurt then the Sunnis along with their above-mentioned cohorts will bear the responsibility and Armenians will have the right to respond in a manner they deem is appropriate.
    Hands off any Armenian anywhere on the globe.
    Armenians unite against U.S.-Turkish-Saudi-Wahabi-Salafi conspiracy.
    “Miyayn zenkov gah hayots pergoutyoun”

    • Stewie said:

      “Peace loving Armenians”. REALLY? What a joke!!! LOL at the empty threats too!

    • Christo said:

      Yev miyayn zenkov menk gertzank bahbanel and bashdbanel lipanani hayoutyuoune yev miyayn zenkov gertzank azadel artsakhe, yeve myyayn zenkov bidi gernank veradirel giligyan yev arevmedyan hayasdane. Asdzvadz orhne mer amen mardigneroun.

  2. Harry said:

    terrorists crossed the line, armenians im afraid are gonna have to fight back eventually.
    Same if Lebanon erupts and armenians are targeted. Death to Al Qaida and affiliates.

  3. ghazaros said:

    interestingly a few months back there was a debate on Facebook with Armenian youth and there far left ideology supporting the free Syrian opposition and calling them peaceful protesters and how Assad is a piece of s#$t. maybe now they realize that there not peaceful protesters instead there terrorists. this is just a start. don’t be surprised if more attacks on Armenians occur by the Syrian opposition. the armenian youth need to pull there heads out of there rear ends and get with hai tad. get in touch with our lawmakers and help assist the refuge of armenians out of syria and to either the homeland or the usa enough is is enough time to start acting instead of protesting

  4. Sevan said:

    I read an article regarding Armenians in unsafe and unfriendly parts of the Middle East should move back to Armenia. I think it’s a great idea and the right time to do so.

  5. Peter Megerdumian said:

    The Syrian government should let Homs and Hama (traditional centers of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists -the true thugs behind the so-called Syrian opposition) separate from the rest of Syria. Homs and Hama are cancers eating away at Syria. The Alawites are the true friends of all the Christians. Look what is happening to the Coptic Egyptians with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt. The Alawites should help the Christians leave Homs and Hama so that they will be out of the way of the fighting. It is interesting that Osama Bin Ladin and many of the highjackers were members of the Muslim Brotherhood.They are a true international terrorist organization.who has assassinated many secular politicians in the Middle East.

  6. andrew said:

    i think in this type of war this kind of activity is expected

  7. Christo said:

    Neo ottomanism in action will the blessing of the state department.

  8. Christo said:

    I’m convinced we won’t hear a condemnation from the president or the state department. i guess silence is a form of condemnation or pure joy.

  9. Christo said:

    We need to thank king abdallah and sheikh khalifa and especially pm erdogan for this kind gesture, especially Hillary Clinton.

  10. John-Emmanuel Shirajian said:

    Sadly this is the fourth documented attack on the Armenian Community in this area of Syria. If the rebellion is victorious this will deal a serious blow to the Armenian diaspora in Syria. American- Armenians are urged to approach their representatives in Congress and the Senate and educate our elected leaders about the fact that our current policy in Syria is congruent with the objectives of Al-Qaeda and its new fanatical leader Al-Zawahri. Substituting the current dictator of Damascus with Wahhabi Islamo-Fascist thugs is not in the interest of the U.S. nor it is in the interest of any civilized nation.

  11. arziv said:

    The opposition are not Islamo-fascists, these arabs are not italians. Do not fall for the stereotyped propaganda of thisfascism-that fascism. of the Western media propaganda machine. These are islamists, nothing else, just pure and unadultareted islamists. Do not flatter them with the sobriquet of ” fascists” making them look like Italians. They are islamist and they have the backing and support of democratic phalanx of the USA and the social democratic forces of governmental Europe. Democrats and Social Democrats are fuelling the islamist scourge against ( according to Democrat and Social democrats.) the ” fascist Assad regime” . How interesting , the USA catalogues and attacks Assad government as a ” fascist dictator”, aids and abets the islamist opposition as the ” democratic forces”; yet on the other side of the coin some quarter refer to the islamists as ” fascists” ; what is going on here ? Surely this is not an italian internal feud ? Assad’s fascists against the islamo fascists ? Sounds more like a lovers tiff . Everyone one is a fascist and what are the democracies of USA and Europe ? Everybody has forgotten Lybia, and the same with Egypt.

  12. Norin Radd said:

    Where is the “freedom loving” West’s response when the very rebels they are covertly supporting are now targeting Armenian schools?

    Maybe the US should plaster this incident all over CNN and CNBC, three Jews when murdered in France led to a media uproar about the incident, but when an entire school full of Armenian kids attacked we will be lucky to hear it anywhere.

    Come on NATO, let’s hear you practice some of what you preach, reign in your leash a bit on your supposed “democratic” rebel group. The very guns you are providing them are now being pulled on Armenian civilians.

  13. MGL said:

    Are you kidding? What do you expect to happen in a Muslim country? Remember Genocide?
    Remember Baku and Sumgait?
    Go to Armenia and Karabakh, stop being naïve.

  14. AdilJavid said:

    This is all preparation for the coming main event/proxy war in Iraq between Iran and Saudi Arabia.It’s going to be a mini-world war in Southwest asia. Hopfully the Iranians will have enough nukes to stop the Sunni turks and the sunni arabs. As always, Christians will be collateral damage for those who hate Christians. The all out slaughter of civilians based on confession will be the worst since the confessional wars in 16-17th century europe. The conflict in Syria was masterminded in Washington, Riyad and Ankara. A Sunni inspired war against Shiite Iran. Good thing there isn’t a draft because America sticks it’s nose into every conflict. Over 700 bases overseas and counting and 2 trillion dollars wasted. When will the insanity end?

  15. GB said:

    I wonder why nobody noticed, that how Obama bowed to Saudi’s Monarch just above the king’s huge belly button, and to Mr. Gul in Ankara 2 years ago!!! I believe a war is coming to entire Middle East in the next few years for sure between Sunnis and Shiias or between Russia and NATO…best for those sleepy Armenians to get out of Syria ASAP, they can go easily to Armenia for now!!