Clinton To Visit Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Clinton visited Dzidzernagapert in 2010, dubbing it a "personal visit"

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will arrive in Yerevan on June 4 at the start of what will be her second tour of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in less than two years.

Clinton will visit the three South Caucasus states as part of an eight-day trip to countries in northern Europe, the Caucasus and Turkey, which she is due to start on Thursday.

She will discuss “regional security, democracy, economic development and counterterrorism” in Yerevan, Baku and Tbilisi, the U.S. State Department said on May 25. The State Department also said Clinton would meet with leaders from civil society groups in all three of the countries.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that Clinton will hold talks with President Serzh Sarkisian and Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian on “a broad range of issues relating to the development and deepening of the U.S.-Armenian friendly partnership.” A ministry statement said they will also discuss the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and “regional and international issues of mutual interest.”

Clinton already toured the region in July 2010. U.S.-backed efforts to normalize Armenia’s relations with Turkey were high on the agenda of her talks in Yerevan. She publicly praised Sarkisian’s position on the issue as “very statesmanlike and very impressive” and said the onus is on Ankara to revive the normalization process.

The chief U.S. diplomat also met with Armenian journalists, human rights campaigners and other civic activists at the time. She promised continued U.S. support for their activities.

(Asbarez Note: During that trip, Clinton also visited the Dzidzernagapert Memorial Monument, in what she dubbed as a “personal” visit).


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  1. Kyle said:

    Can this old hag just retire already! Every time clinton sticks her nose into the Caucasus we get screwed.

    I consider her visit to our country another slap in our collective face. her and her morally bankrupt party’s broken promises full of “personal” visits and “personal opinions” make a mockery of justice and human rights. She doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the sacred grounds of our genocide martyrs memorial.

    • alyssa said:

      Oh so the United States should just stop investing millions of dollars into Armenia? Great idea, good to know the Armenians are ungrateful for the American Tax payers sacrifices

      • Kyle said:

        Alyssa, who said anything about being “ungrateful” for US assistance or stopping it?

        I think we shouldn’t be party to clintons hypocritical ruse of using our sacred memorial site as a campaign stop for a photo op to get Armenian votes, especially given her shameful record denying the facts. If she wants to pay her respects as a diplomat, an official formal visit should be arranged perhaps sometime in April…Anything short of this is a sly attempt to win votes from our community while pretending to give a damn about our genocide matryrs.

  2. Christo said:

    How low can you pander yourself, the elections 6 months away. Black blue might have been more appropriate, since, it would have matched your suit jacket.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    The pro turkey clinton,belongs in turkey,not Armenia,they dont have to listen to her double-talk.SHE REALLY BELONGS IN THE U.S..SHE HAS EMBARRESSED US ENOUGH.

  4. peter megerdumian said:

    The Armenian church should sell the Armenian quarter to Israel in exchange to cancelling the arms deal with the Azeris and have the weapons transferred to Armenia instead.

    • Heghapokhagan said:

      Your Opinion comes from “Atheist” perspective unless otherwise your Jewish heritage comes first and Armenian heritage doesn’t matter… or unless you are a “Mason” worshipers of Baphomet the Beast.

    • Kevok said:

      NO WAY!!!! Armenia should sell land to Israel when pigs fly.

      When Armenia is about to get all her lands back in western Armenia, including Cilicia, then we’ll talk.

  5. peter megerdumian said:

    The Armenian media should have a serious interview with Mitt Romney to see where he stands regarding Armenian issues. The Armenian-American voters know nothing about his positions on Armenia and it is important to know if voting for him would be a better choice .

    • Alex Postallian said:

      Peter:dont be too naive.You want to make them a bigger LIAR.

  6. Garo said:

    Clinton is desecrating the Genocide memorial with her visits there. But shame on us not her.

  7. Christo said:

    “We always react in the same way when ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions lead to such a distortion of history, so painful for us here in Poland, in a country which suffered like no other in Europe during World War II,” the prime minister said.
    “Here, in Poland, we cannot accept such words even if they are spoken by the leader of a friendly power—or perhaps especially in such situations—since we expect diligence, care, and respect from our friends on issues of such importance as World War II remembrance. In Polish-American relations, in friendly relations, respect vis-à-vis the smaller partner should be the most recognizable sign of such relations,” Tusk said.

  8. Heghapokhagan said:

    I can read on her face… No conscience ….. I can read on her face… Hypocrite

    I Believe the best way to address this when she goes next time to our Sacred Monument…
    “ANC/ARF Should have demonstration right at the monument” perhaps even blocking the monument “FROM BEING DISGRACED”

  9. Kevok said:

    How can we tell Billary that she is not welcomed in Armenia?