Azerbaijan ‘Torpedoing’ Talks, Says Karabakh Foreign Ministry

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Foreign Ministry building

STEPANAKERT—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Foreign Ministry on Thursday accused Azerbaijan of torpedoing the peace talks by imposing preconditions. In a written statement the Foreign Ministry also called for Karabakh’s inclusion in the talks, saying that was the only way to guarantee progress.

“Only through political dialogue with the equal participation of Karabakh is it possible to achieve progress in the negotiations on the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict resolution,” said the Foreign Ministry statement.

The statement was issued to express Stepanakert’s support for an announcement, which was made on Monday by the presidents of the US, France and Russia—Minsk Group co-chairing countries—on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. The presidential announcement urged Armenia and Azerbaijan to step up efforts to resolve the conflict.

“We have always had a positive attitude to initiatives aimed at a peaceful resolution to the conflict, taking into account all the principles of international law, and reaffirm our readiness to follow the appeals and recommendations of the leaders of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing states,” the Ministry said in the statement.

“At the same time, we have to state that Azerbaijan continues to interpret the statement of the mediators in a manner favorable to itself and sets pre-conditions, thus torpedoing these initiatives. Azerbaijan continues to boycott the implementation of key confidence-building measures in the region, such as elaboration of corresponding mechanisms for investigating the incidents at the border, withdrawal of snipers from the contact-line, and other elements,” the statement added.

“Unfortunately, official Baku hasn’t refrained from its insistence of resolving the conflict through force. Azerbaijan, being a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, the responsibilities of which include fighting for the security in the region, refuses to resolve the matter in a civilized manner,” said the statement.

The Karabakh Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the authorities of Azerbaijan will display a constructive approach and abandon their futile policy of military blackmail and sabotage threatening the fragile regional security and stability.

Meanwhile in Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Aleksander Lukasevich praised the meeting between the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which took place on Monday in Paris.

He emphasized the importance of the meeting as a means to continue dialogue.

He said the Russian side positively assesses the Paris meeting from the point of view of continuation of the political dialogue between the parties to the conflict.

Lukashevich said that the Minsk Group Co-chairs will visit the region in July.


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  1. GB said:

    Azerpyjan is not a democratic sheikhdom. As long as oil is flowing without interruption, the rest is Mr. Alioff showcase showdown, for internal and external audience!!

  2. George said:

    To stay in power Corrupt Aliyev and His Family will never make peace

  3. Truth said:

    A new apporche is needed ! The criminal regime in Baku is in no way trustworthy, today far less than in 80´s and 90s!

    First of all Armenia and NKR should announce suspending of talks with Baku unless Baku respects the ceasefire regime – which NKR is a party to it too!

    Every time Azerbaijan is going to violate the ceasefire regime using it as a “blackmail tool”, not only there should be retaliation but this couldn’t be enough and not a long term solution. Each time Armenian solders, civilians being killed in NKR or Armenia by Azerbaijani, there should be a break of negations with Baku – Bets would be 6 to one year pause!

    The blackmail policy which fascist Azerbaijani regime is implementing at its border with NKR and Armenia is the same as if Armenia and NKR would have agreed on one side to ceasefire regime in 1990s and on the other side they would have continued fighting and advancing into Azerbaijani controlled territories by ingoing the signed ceasefire regime!!

  4. Robert said:

    All your hatefull comments doesnt help. Start thinking, beeing open to speak with Azerbaijanis, starting contacts of the societys. Then you dont need Sarksian and Aliev to resolve the conflict. You Armenian must confirm that there are also victims on Azerbaijanian side, the refugees. Invite them to go home. If you want to be the great Christian nation you always say, life like the Bible says. I

    • Avery said:

      You Turks and Azerbaijanis must:

      1. Admit you started the bloodshed and mass murder in Sumgait, Kirovabad, Baku.
      2. Admit you Azeri Tatar Turks massacred unarmed, defenseless Armenian civilians.
      3. Admit you Azeri Tatar Turks militarily invaded Independent NKR with the intention of
      exterminating and ethnically cleansing the indigenous Armenian population of NKR.
      4. Pay compensation to the 500,000 Armenians who were forced to flee Azerbaijan with nothing,
      leaving behind all their real estate, bank accounts, etc.
      Note: RoA paid Azeris living in Armenia for their real estate. They took their liquid wealth
      with them.
      (170,000 Azeri were forced out after Sumgait: not one Azeri in Armenia was harmed)

      That’s a start.
      After you guys do that, Turk oglu ‘Robert’, we can talk.

  5. Shane said:

    How stupid we the western world are that we praise and keep dictators like Aliev on the chair. He is filling his pockets from the oil wealth, while his countrymen are suffering. Wake up you Azerbaijany people time to topple this senseless thief and make peace with your neighbours.

    • Edward Demian said:

      I am beggining to think that stopping the oil flow, is the solution to the conflict. With the money flow stopped, they will settle the problem much faster. I did’t always think that. Because I thought the western world would come to their defense and blame us. But now, I realize that the West is powerless in the Caucasus. So they will push the Tatars to give up Artsack, for the Oil.