France Will Not ‘Resurrect’ Genocide Law

Foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Laurent Fabius during a press conference in Paris on Thursday (AP photo)

PARIS—The new government of President Francoise Hollande indicated Thursday that it was unlikely that the law criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide would be “resurrected,” reported Reuters.

France’s new foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, made the announcement during a meeting with his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu who is in Paris on an official visit.

Last month Turkey indicated that it would remove all sanctions imposed when the two houses of the French parliament passed a measure to criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide. France’s high court ultimately ruled against the law, saying it impeded free speech.

During his presidential campaign Hollande vowed that he would personally draft a similar law and shepherd its passage.

In April, Hollande said he would make sure that a new law is drafted with “utmost legal security” in order to ensure its approval by the country’s highest court. “We can no longer commit an imprecision that would again leave us with the impossibility of having the text validated,” he said.

Davutoglu hailed the opening of what he deemed are warmer relations with France since the new regime has opted out of pursuing the Genocide law.

Fabius, however, skirted the question of Ankara’s bid to join the European Union, which was launched in 2005 but has virtually ground to a halt due to a dispute over the island of Cyprus.

“The French government is examining a number of matters inherited from the previous government,” he said at a joint news conference.

Fabius hinted that EU membership for Turkey would be put to a referendum, as anticipated by a 2008 constitutional amendment which can nonetheless be overruled by parliament.

“At the end of the day, things will come down to the decision of the people,” he said.

Hollande, while running for president this year, answered a question about Turkey’s accession to the EU by saying: “It will not happen during the next five-year term.”

Turkey would only enter the EU once it fulfils all 35 membership criteria, 14 of which are blocked due to Turkey’s refusal to recognize Greek Cypriot sovereignty on the island.

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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    So the two mymuns (monkeys) got the job done, Will somebody get me the name and address of Madame Boyer,in Paris,so I can send some flowers, and a thank you card,at the parliament.She was the one who introduced the bill.Everybody seems to forget her brave generosity and brave effort.Send her flowers.

    • bigmoustache said:

      agreed we need to be louder at showing appreciation to those who help us in france, canada, usa etc..
      henry morganthou, the most famous odar who helped armenians and theres NO statue for him?

    • Paron Khelokyan said:


      • Avery said:

        We people are wide awake, Mr. ‘Paron': thank you very much.

        You are the one that need to ‘wake up’ from your hallucinations: you talk about ‘Genocide’ going on in Armenia now ? You must have a nightmare in your last sleep and have gotten confused as to what’s real and what’s a dream.

        People throw around the word ‘Genocide’ like candy during Halloween to try to grab attention: won’t work.

        And writing in all caps is considered shouting: don’t shout. Nobody is deaf.

  2. Stepan said:

    Politics as usual. Turkey hails a new relationship yet France has clearly recognized the Genocide for years.It’s all about public posturing. The recognition of the genocide is a much more important milestone than criminalizing denial. The former confirms an historical fact. The latter will always be distracted by the “freedom of speech” concern. Move on!! It disgusts me to see Turkey in this issue connecting their denial with freedom of speech.

  3. Krikor said:

    Why we Armenians believe all this political BS before elections be that US or France ???

  4. John said:

    The French are so stupid that they are allowing the Turks and other Muslim fanatics to destroy their country. Pepi Le Peu has taken over France. I miss Sarkozy already. Who knows how much bribes the Turks paid to the French politicians. These dirty Turks get alot of money from the oil pipelines.

  5. John said:

    Armenia made a mistake by not allowing the French company to win the bid for the new nuclear reactor and to buy French arms. Dumb Dumb dumb.

    • Tsayt said:

      You are under the impression that Armenia is a free and a sovereign country to be able to make choices such as you suggest.

    • steve said:

      armenians are in very difficult situations all the time john, it isnt easy, if they accept, they are owned by the french, while the french silently have relations with turkey. you must understand how history destroyed armenia, how these nations are never ever looking out for armenia.
      another thing, politics is evil, the rules of politics are set to deceive enemies. so i am assuming armenia is the enemy and always will be for some pathetic reason. it is very sad ! i wish it werent this way because armenians deserve better, they are good people.

  6. AraK said:

    Amazing how the world is bending backwards to please Turkey… Hollande, when asked by Sarkozy how he would deal with the moslem problem his answer was “What problem?” I rest my case.

    • Tsayt said:

      A probable scenario of conversation between Davutoglu and Fabius:

      Dav: Hey Fabius what gives, we are NATO allies and Armenia is aligned with Russia and Iran, drop that nonsense about AG, NOW!

      Fab: You are right Dav. but we have to pretend we care about historical truths and uphold human rights issues. But, we will drop the AG issue but give us a break about beign a EU member. Will see how we can go around that later on.

      Dav: You got it, let’s shake hands with big smiles on our faces so that Turks at home believe I accomplished a great success and showed the world the great power that Turkey is.

      Fab: Selemet effendim. Freinds again?

      Dav: always!

  7. ARMENIAN said:

    Այս տողերը տպեք թէ ոչ մի բան հայտնի է
    Որ երբ մերոնք շարունակում ենք մեզ խաբել
    Օտար անբարոյական եւ լկտի քաղակագետներն էլ ազատ են զգում որ իրենց խոսկը դրժեն:

  8. Ishkhan said:

    Այս տողերը տպեք թէ ոչ մի բան հայտնի է
    Որ երբ մերոնք շարունակում ենք մեզ խաբել
    Օտար անբարոյական եւ լկտի քաղակագետներն էլ ազատ են զգում որ իրենց խոսկը դրժեն:

  9. German_in_Yerevan said:

    The final demise of the euphoria in diaspora circles by the cheap pre election ploy of Nicolas Sarkozy (in his desperate bid to win over the 300,000 Armenian voter pool in the French Presidential elections) when he brought forth this impossible genocide law is a great victory for Hayastanis and Armenia.

    Now this undemocratic law is dead and buried the Armenian diaspora can deflect its efforts and handsome financial resources from such futile attempts.

    Only fools could believe that France was serious to sacrifice its crucial business interests and stay away from one of the only global economic success stories. Turkey with its $1.1 trillion economy, dynamic demographics and growth rates of 7% per annum is much more important to France than appeasing a few dozen aging donut munching dashnags sitting in their obscure Glendale offices.

    I pray that the Armenian Government use diaspora funded and imposed debacle to begin substantial negotiations with Turkey on a reparation and compensation program for the descendants of the 1,000,000 Armenians who perished between 1915-1923 as well as the Republic of Armenia that is the sole representative organ of the Armenian People.

  10. George said:

    France has become a paper tiger, HE LOST SYRIA TO RUSSIA BECAUSE OF TURKEY´S UNRELIABILTY and now as if nothing has happened, it’s a pitty to see how France is losing his power.

  11. levon sanosyan said:

    Joining of Turkey into European Union will be the end of the European Union. Enough of this kissy kissy tango dancing with Turkey.

  12. Janine said:

    Really disgusting. How politicians lie in their promises and skirt the truth! Turkey is working full-time right now for its EU membership, doing everything but fully recognizing its mistakes.

  13. Ishkhan said:

    Այս տողերը տպեք թէ ոչ մի բան հայտնի է
    Որ երբ մերոնք շարունակում են մեզ խաբել
    Օտար անբարոյական եւ լկտի քաղակագետներն էլ ազատ են զգում որ իրենց խոսկը դրժեն

  14. Ishkhan said:

    Ishkhan says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 5, 2012 at 10:30 pmԱյս տողերը տպեք թէ ոչ մի բան հայտնի է
    Որ երբ մերոնք շարունակում են մեզ խաբել
    Օտար անբարոյական եւ լկտի քաղակագետներն էլ ազատ են զգում որ իրենց խոսկը դրժեն:


  15. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    French changeable political law…
    Changes with politicians who lost honesty-humanity …
    What was …reported no one can change
    Observed through the eyes and written in Arabian Poetry
    What happened in Armenian Genocide …Who did it…
    Those who killed artful…innocent race they never carried scimitars…
    The Armenian skeletons are there…under their grounds
    No one can remove their DNA…s…
    It is in their mud, under their fruit trees… flowers
    Nurtured with Armenian blood
    If Bedouin of Arabia knew…The all World must know…
    As they witnessed by their eyes
    And narrated to their generation after generation…What Turks did to Armenians
    It was a real first defined Genocide by the honest Lawyer
    Raphael Lemkin (1900-1959)
    and Ambassador Henry Morgenthau Sr.(1856-1946) of United states..
    Living with Ottomans…
    They confiscated and killed since 11th century to make their empire…!

  16. Ani said:

    NO suprise whatsoever. Is anyone seriously shocked at piece of news. It was obvious from the get go that Hollande was only placating the French Armenians before the elections. Politician = liar. That is their job – to lie.

  17. Garo said:

    Turkey checkmates France, forces it to reverse the Genocide Law, makes it kneel and we Armenians are still kissing french feet.. shame on us.

  18. alice atamian said:

    Մենք շատոնց գիտենք միջազգային կազմակերպութիւններու քաղաքանութեան լարախաղացութիւնը:
    Ուրեմն մենք մեզ կը խաբենք ուրիշի խոստումներուն հաւատալով: Որքան բարի թուին նպատակները, որքան համոզիչ ըլլան յայտնուած գաղափարները: Մենք պէտք է զօրանանք որպէս ազգ: Այն ատեն միայն մեզ պիտի յարգեն եւ մեր խօսքը լսեն:

  19. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Why you are all angry…
    Don’t increase your blood pressure
    They are the liars
    We are the honest…
    They are worse than mafia by many ways…
    At least mafia… can be diagnosed well…
    They die with their principles…But those they lie
    Till they end after 5 years…
    Another liar will arrive to play…!
    Politics Play and People Pay…
    They are all after chairs …!

  20. Armenian said:

    Laurent Fabius said textually the following “As you know, a related law at the French Parliament was not accepted by the French Constitutional Court. If we follow the same path, it is evident that the law would get rejected by the French Constitutional Court. It does not seem possible for us to follow the same path,” Fabius said. This in fact does not mean that a new bill will not be presented, but all the question is to do it in a different manner, which could mean this time it will be done in a way that makes it impossible to the Constitutional Court to reject it!

  21. steve said:

    Armenia must be strong ! armenians must be strong ! we must never believe other peoples, our history and current situation shows the real end result. as armenians, we must become more educated as a whole people, in basic politics, business, psychology, culture, economics, management. so this way, we can learn to handle our affairs more productively and more intelligently !and learn to be more like a fox because i think the more sceptical you are of others, the smarter you are because your ability to think beyond emotion is a sign of improved intelligence ! we must become smarter as a general rule of thumb.

    just my opinion as a whole for the armenians, i really do want to see armenians being the winners in this world as a whole, united and strong !

  22. Heghapokhagan said:

    It is Armenia’s Government to Blame…
    They should have made a formal visit accordingly, prior the Turkish Criminal Government.

  23. Mabuballah said:

    German_in_Yerevan: “I pray that” ….
    What a juxtaposition of oxymorons! First of all, how could a German be tolerated in Yerevan? Second: pray tell, pray to what?

  24. Janine said:

    You who say this is a waste of time — do you not know they have a law criminalizing the denial of the genocide of Jews? Why is this different? Because Germany accepts its responsibility and Turkey does not? Anyway, it passed the Parliament, just like in the US. Bravo for courageous Madame Boyer.

  25. Janine said:

    You who say this is a waste of time — do you not know France has a law criminalizing the denial of the genocide of Jews? Why is this different? Because Germany accepts its responsibility and Turkey does not? Anyway, it passed the Parliament, just like in the US. Bravo for courageous Madame Boyer. Personally I think Hollande is an idiot, plus the leftists are showing themselves to be unhumanitarian and on the side of the worst oppressors in the world, the most vicious widespread violence possible.

  26. Mike said:

    Almost every politician pretend to be truthful defender of the human values and then shamelessly betray their pledge once in power. A political system model branded as Democracy, require them to act in such way in order to stay in game. The problem is not politicians adopting to the rules of political model they acting within, they would adopt to whatever rules there are in order succeed in their career. The problem is the system itself, which is partly visible and partly invisible.

    When looking at the tree in forest we know that it takes its live critical elements from the ground by use of its roots. We do not refuse to accept this reality just because the roots located under ground and invisible. It’s not secret that today’s western political environments penetrated on all levels by Free Masonry – a secret society which breeds and controls politicians. Most people really think that politicians can act based on their fare judgment and independently. Do they refuse to accept the reality of the political model?

    We keep duped over and over again because we expect visible to act independently to invisible. We keep focusing on shadow instead of the object that caused it to existence.

    Time to acknowledge the invisible, because it is real.

  27. harout said:

    KHRIMIAN HAYRIG WAS RIGHT LONG AGO. A lesson for all armenian’s. If you have the tools your words are correct. We better think what are the essential tools. Once we are on the right track Obama Hollande or whatsoever will obey with respect and fear. Thats how they know. Thats how we should face them.

  28. Krikor said:

    Yes we Armenians are in kissing hand mode these days, The rest of the world are kissing Pashas/Sultans AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZS,

  29. RS said:

    Armenians should start breeding in big numbers. We are very few in numbers and numbers count. Each Armenian man should be allowed to have multiple wives, only then we will survive as a nation.

    • Fred said:

      We don’t need multiple wives. we just need to keep our wives busy with seven or eight childeren.
      specially we need to have a welfare system in Artsakh were people can have large number of children and aid from diaspora will help them look after the children and educate them. Artsakh with 1 million population 20 years from now would be unstopable.