Harsnakar Inquiry Group Comes Together

Demostrators protest Vahe Avetyan's beating death

YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the Heritage Party, the Prosperous Armenia Party and the Armenian National Congress parliamentary groups have come together to form an inquiry group and will ask parliament for a special session to probe the violent incident at Harsnakar Restaurant, as a result of which a military doctor died.

The meeting is expected to discuss the formation of an interim committee to investigate the incident at the Harsnakar restaurant, where last month three military doctors were beaten by bodyguards of restaurant owner Ruben Hayrapetyan, a know oligarch who was until two weeks ago a member of the Armenian parliament representing the ruling Republican Party of Armenia. One of the victims, Dr. Vahe Avetyan, succumbed to his injuries and died in the hospital

The parliamentary groups held relevant discussions and decided to propose a special meeting, which is scheduled for July 17.

In order to schedule a special session in parliament, 44 members must sign a petition requesting the agenda item.


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  1. GB said:

    ARF should push for a new legislation, change Hasrsnakar name to “Vahe Avetian Toon ” then hand over the ownership of restaurant to Vahe Avetian Family!!

  2. Harut from BH said:

    There is a clear and present danger that situations like may get hijacked by Western mercenaries and NGOs and used against the state. If that happens then all bets are off and I expect police to resort to aggressive tactics to disperse the protesters. As long as the protesters are not appealing to the West for any kind of help, they can be allowed to continue their activism…

    Armenia has a lot of growing pains to go through. In the meanwhile, with Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran in mind, we cannot allow Western imperial interests to meddle in Armenia’s internal affairs…

    • GB said:

      Armenia, is not a Muslim country to compare with Iran, Syria, Iraq. Afghanistan..Armenia’s future is in European intergeneration with a good relationship with out Northern Superpower!!
      Armenian justice system has to be changed into European standard!!
      Oligarchs driving middle Class out of country and they are still corrupting the country, and that is not acceptable…Armenia is for Armenians of the world and we won’t let Islamic type revolution taken place in Armenia and it is impossible!! There is nothing wrong to adopt some Western democracy for Armenia and there is nothing wrong to keep Russian happy!!Don’t forget even Russia adopting some European values and fighting against their own corruption which is way higher than Armenian standard!!

      • Harut from BH said:

        There is a big difference between western/European values and Western imperial interests.

        PS: The western world was built by oligarchs of the worst kind.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    A disgraceful incident,reminds you of the gestapo,The country needs to clean up their political act.The owner makes AL Capone look like Robert Taylor.

  4. Raffi said:

    The Turks are laughing at Armenia and saying that we are our own worst enemy and it unfortunately is true. We should deport Dodi Gago and Rubo and the entire Karabagh clan to Turkey. They would feel right at home.

    • Harut from BH said:

      We first need to deport you and your entire family to Baku.

  5. Albert said:

    The adoption of capitalism in the republics of the former Soviet Union destroyed their economies and promoted the development of oligarchies. What we have in Armenia and many of the FSU countries are oligarchies. If Armenia had adopted a mixed economy system using elements of both socialism and capitalism such as in Denmark, Sweden or Norway, the country would not be ruled by oligarchs.Sweden, Denmark and Norway have the highest standards of living and it is because of their well-run system where corruption is inhibited. Europe is now in a mess because the EU started adopting capitalist principles and deregulated banks and that is how toxic assets were sold to Europe. Now Europe is starting to re-regulate. Countries with tighter banking regulations such as Canada were not damaged by the economic crisis as greatly.Pure capitalism is toxic and we have seen that even the United States is ruled by a Wall Street, oil industry and military-industrial complex oligarchies.