Co-Chairmen Acknowledge Need for Karabakh Elections

The Minsk Group co-chairman meet with President Bako Sahakian earlier this month in Stepanakert

In a statement following Thursday’s presidential elections in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, the American, French and Russian co-chairmen of the OSCE Minsk Group acknowledged the “need for the de facto authorities in [Nagorno-Karabakh] to try to organize democratically the public life of their population with such a procedure.”

“However, the Co-Chairs note that none of their three countries, nor any other country, recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent and sovereign state,” said the co-chairmen in a joint statement Friday.

“The Co-Chairs stress that the procedures of July 19 in no way prejudge the final legal status of Nagorno-Karabakh or the outcome of the ongoing negotiations to bring a lasting and peaceful settlement to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,” added the statement.

This is the first time that the co-chairmen have stressed the need for democratic processes in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. During the last presidential vote in 2007, the co-chairmen warned that “the upcoming so-called presidential elections in Nagorno-Karabakh have already caused an increase in tensions.”


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  1. Avery said:

    It’s OK: they don’t have to recognize. We don’t care. Just make sure your bad boy Sultan Aliyev keeps his attack wolves in their kennels, securely chained to the hook anchored in concrete. Don’t give the Mountain Warriors of Artsakh the excuse to do what they were asked not to in 1994.

    And recognized or not, the heroic people of Artsakh are more free, safe, and secure from ethnic cleansing and extermination by Azeri Tatar Turks than in 500 years.

  2. Dvo said:

    tekats bolori vra, serank menak Aderbaijani navti hedevitsen enqel aderbaijan es 20 tarva metj menak xaxtumnera arel sparnela vonts uzetsela bolori het xosatsela vat te lav voshmek derants voshi ban chi asel,

    Himi hayere uzumen entrutsyuner anen sax nstin mer qelxi vra vor orenqenk xaxtum,

    Tekats bolori vra imatsek es mi ban hogh mian aryunoven pahum himi eta,
    chanachek karabakh ankagh petutsyun,

    Menq es asxharum ungerner chunenq herika hyus ketsenq bolori vra votj russastana kam francian voshmek mezi chi oknum sax iants chayerinen nayum.

    Uren mer envaxtva xelatsi martik ovor duxov yev beran uneyn xosalu bolori dem inch pes vazgen sargsyan

  3. Dvo said:

    to vapshe aderbaijan ova vor iants het zitjenk Aderbaijane votj mi ban democratic dzevov chi lutsum

    es sax takavor Aliyevna voroshum

    es OSCE ziebila utum enqan asin aderbaijanin snipernere haneq karababkh samanits che lesetsin mer zorkerin spanumen mez sparnum vor mer inknatirnerin ke traktsnen seranq pox yev navt unen aderbaijanin voshmek votj mi ban chi kara asi

    Himi nestelen mer qelxin sax

  4. HaikakanArtsakh said:

    Good suggestion from a respected organization, any advice to the contrary is against international norms and runs counter human nature. Armenians have lived under the azeri yoke for too long and shall NEVER give back a millimeter of sacred soil which our forefathers nurtured and our martyrs spilled sacred Armenian blood for. Filthy azeri feet off holy Armenian lands.

  5. Komidas h Badolian said:

    I just can’t understand why we even care about the Azari any more
    We should just tell them ” enough is enough, you can be a neighbor
    And that is the extend of it, stay away and don’t think you guys can bully
    Anymore this is 21st century the world is not as big as used to be
    It’s a small world and no more bull…. stuff, clean the blood of our families
    Wash your hands and cleans yourselves ( as you pray) GOD IS WATCHING.
    If you really realize that you pray to ALMIGHTY GOD.