Azerbaijan Again Threatens War

Azerbaijan's Defense Minister Safar Abiyev

BAKU (RFE/RL)—Azerbaijan renewed threats to end the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict by force on Tuesday, with Defense Minister Safar Abiyev saying that the Armenian side is leaving Baku with no other option.

“Unwilling to peacefully return Azerbaijan’s occupied lands, Armenia is every day bringing forward the start of a new war,” Azerbaijani news agencies quoted Abiyev as telling General Myles Deering, the visiting commander of the Oklahoma National Guard.

Abiyev complained that long-running mediation efforts by the U.S., Russian and French co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group have not produced any “concrete results.” In these circumstances, he said, Azerbaijan has no option but to “liberate the occupied territories.”

The United States, the European Union and Russia have spoken out against possible attempts at a military solution to the Armenian-Azerbaijani dispute.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned of “unpredictable and disastrous consequences” of renewed fighting in the conflict zone when she visited Yerevan and Baku in June. “The use of force will not resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and therefore force must not be used,” Clinton said.


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  1. Stefan said:

    OK let them start, but please this time for Gods sake, lets take Nackhachivan back as well.
    Liberate ” their lands??” This man needs a quick drink from the fountain of truth.
    As long as Alliyev & his mafia clan are pocketing billions in petro dollars, they will not start a war..The pipe lines are a mere 20-30km away, there goes the azeri economy… all up in smoke

  2. danoog said:

    This man used to be Baku’s village idiot. Then Aliyev promoted him to defense minister.

  3. Kevork said:

    Armenia, Russia and Iran should hold a meeting to figure out which parts of Azerbaijan should be divided among them, with or without Azeri threats. It’s a win-win-win situation. When a cancer shows itself, you’d better treat it right away before it spreads.

  4. Zareh said:

    Hey Safar, Mr. Trump has better hairdo than you. LOL
    Your army may have the weapons but your soldiers will not use the weapons because they know Artsakh belongs to the Armenians. Your tanks will be blown up by our patriots if they even make it to Artsakh. The entire border is mined. Your jets will be blown to pieces with the SAM 400. This time Armenia will regain Kantzag and will blow up your pipelines. You and your master Aliev better secure a safe flight out of Baku to Monaco. The Talish and the Lezgins will declare their independent states.
    Safar, think about it, and stop barking like a hungry dog.
    You and your master, Ilham are doing a great job robbing your people’s money and building mansions and driving the latest Merecedes and Beemer models.

    • Cristina said:

      the entire border is not mined… i live in Artsakh it is very peaceful at the frontline, i have been there 3weeks ago. everybody is calm, bcs and our guys and azeris know that its not in anybody’s interest to start any fight…

  5. Stepan said:

    Another Azerbaijani official who has not accepted reality…. the lands have already been liberated and the great injustice of Stalin and 1923 has been reversed. Get over it.

  6. Tsayt said:

    Armenia, as a consequence to Azeri threats, should refuse negotiations. A good example would be to stop the negotiation process for six months for every threat emanating from Baku.

  7. said:

    This guy is a total joke. He is remembered by Artsakh veterans as a Turk general who one night during an Armenian offense ran away ahead of his troops in just his underwear.

    Azeri Turk aggressors lost 37.5 thousand troops during the Artsakh war they started. They are hiding their losses up to this day in unnamed mass graves shown on the map in this article:


  8. gayane said:

    So Mrs. Clinton… in your humble opinion… should your administration do something about these idiots…. uncivilized, sorry looking good for nothing monsters who every day threaten my people’s safety??? and for what?? the lands that did not belong to them FROM THE BEGINNING.. and then taken back BY FAIR and SQUARE fight.. yet the sore losers are demanding something they lost.. well that is just dandy… now they are threatening but yet you sit there and calmly say the use of force will not resolve the conflict and therefore force must not be used??? wow… this is what you can offer to Armenia where Azerbajian is a walking bomb? sad soooooo sad… hope you don’t get reelected. in the upcoming elections….. because we don’t appreciate your hands off approach..

  9. GB said:

    I wonder how much he knows or learnt from NKR war??or where he was hiding during the war!! He acts like a professional parrot to secure “the oilman”, Sultan Alioff position, just for internal use only!!

  10. steve said:

    yeah, someone should tell this idiot to get out of the remainder of armenian lands occupied, then tell his turkish brothers to exit western armenia asap , because i want to go back home.

  11. Sevag said:

    Is it election season yet in Azerbaijan?….by the way if Bashir Assad and his father are dictators etc….what does that make the Aliyev family?

  12. Solomon said:

    How come there is not even a single opinion against ALL of the listed comments and opinions? One must think;)

  13. Karo Mavian said:

    I sujest you mr. Aliev read about history of Armenia,when Azerbaijan never existed.Arcakh as Armenian sta-
    te existeD during 180 and was most powerfolol horse provider for Armenian military.Where you been at that
    time? Azerbaijan republic was created 1917-1918. And tha Armenian haiter stupid,Lenin killer Stalin gave
    Artsakh to Azeris.Artsaks,Naxijevan and all lands under Turks will be taken back one day, And Iran will
    take his lands back, what you are going to with your gang? Karo Mavian,USA

  14. George said:

    Armenians should make sure next round not to take just any land, to take land with OIL, so they can have cards in their hands to negotiate, WEST only knows OIL, OIL, and OIL

  15. Garo Kapikian said:

    Hey, is this Safar guy related to Gomer Pyle? He kind of looks like him.

  16. Sanan said:

    I think you are still stupid to analyze the situation. Azerbaijan will get karabakh back . Nakhcivan? ha ha in ur dreams))) In fact We are going to get Karabakh and Irevan back. A s you see we got Ramil back and this process encouraged all Azerbaijani youth to be ready for war. everything will be implemented step by step. just wait