ANCA Invites Romney to Share Views On Armenian Issues

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney

Calls on Governor to meet with community’s broad-based leadership

WASHINGTON—The Armenian National Committee of America Friday continued its outreach to the Romney-Ryan presidential campaign by calling upon Governor Romney to spell out his views on Armenian American issues and to meet personally with the broad-based leadership of the Armenian American community.

Earlier this week, the ANCA issued a similar call to President Obama to meet with community leaders and personally explain his Administration’s policies on issues of special concern to Armenian American voters.  As governor of Massachusetts, from 2003 to 2007, Romney represented one of the nation’s largest and most vibrant Armenian communities.

The complete text of the ANCA letter to Governor Romney, signed by Chairman Ken Hachikian, is provided below.

View the 2012 ANCA Presidential Candidate Questionnaire.

Dear Governor Romney,

I am writing to ask you to publicly outline the policies and priorities that you would pursue as President on issues of special concern to voters of Armenian heritage and other friends of Armenia from across the United States, and also to invite you to hold a meeting with the broad-based leadership of our community to discuss Armenian American participation in this year’s elections.

A personal meeting, with a representative group of national community leaders, would offer you the opportunity to share your vision, explain your record, clarify your priorities, and explore, with us, ways in which we can work together in the months and years to come.  By outlining your views, in the attached questionnaire, you can help empower Armenian Americans to go to the polls this November fully informed about your stated stands on specific issues that hold great meaning to their families and communities.

Please accept our thanks for your consideration of our request that you meet with our community leadership and publicly outline your views on Armenian American issues.

Kenneth V. Hachikian


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  1. Hratch said:

    Let me guess, he’s going to promise the moon to the Armenians. The Armenians are going to carry him on their shoulders and parade him around like a King. He’s going to flip-flop the first April after his inauguration. The Armenians are going to feel berated and start looking all over for a new king…..but then again, it’s just a wild guess, what are the chances of it ever happening??

  2. Alex Postallian said:

    Forget pandering these politicos for the Armenian cause.Romney has too much money and selfish,he will favor the the turkies,for so called business interest:the present tenant,a Chicago trickster,has always had his hand out (bows to the buck).The only way to win,TO HAVE MORE ARMENIANS IN POLITICS,LIKE THE jews,YOU CAN CONTROL THE STRINGS OF THE PUPPET SHOW……

  3. Nairi said:

    I agree with Alex. The Turks have greater political ties with the States than Armenia does – never mind that there are many Armenians who have helped shape the US. That man doesn’t care about the little guys. Us Armenians have to get involved in politics (as I’m doing in my hometown of Montreal) to get things done.

  4. hagop hagopian said:

    I just hope one day we can meet with a candidate who would tell us to our face No! Maybe, maybe then our “supposed leadership” will get it.

  5. hagop hagopian said:

    Hey Ken, here is an idea, maybe we can coerce some misguided Mormon Armenians to plead with him to clarify his views on the Armenian Genocide. We all know, with the help of Robo, vartan Oskanian and John Huntsman there are 8 new mormon churches in Armenia.
    For all we know Hayk Nahapet has been baptised as a mormon by now.

  6. Sebouh Nazarian of Sydney , Australia said:

    Why donj’t you US Armenians just wake!!! Just once , and realise that this cow-towing to these scum is a waste of time

  7. Talar said:

    To Sebouh Nazarian: By waking up do you suppose that we sit here while the leadership of our country refuses to listen to a large community of Armenian- American voters? It’s amusing to me that you find apathy a better solution than activism. I’m sure all great causes advocated change through indifference. Your cow-towing comment is offensive to many activists here who have devoted their lives to educating and empowering the Armenian American community while instilling values that could have been long erased had it not been for these “cow-towing efforts”. If would suggest you educate yourself on how US policy works before you make such comments.

  8. LIZA said:

    Before we beg any US President to recognize our Armenian cause ,We have to :

    STOP TRAVELING WITH TURKISH AIRLINES TO TURKEY….It is a shame so many Armenians from diaspora doing that ….When you ask them Why ? they say its cheap….

    Really shameful When we still struggling with the Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide.

  9. tony kilidjian said:

    To Sebouh, I understand where you are coming from, but the intentions are good.Some volunteer workers work tirelessly to convince politicians.And to Talar, do not alienate Armenians who have a differrent point of view

  10. Hilma said:

    Obama didn’t do anything, he sides with Turkey. Let’s give Romney a chance.