In Mexico, Nalbandian Voices Dismay about Pro-Azeri Positions

Foreign Ministers Eduard Nalbandian and Patricia Espinosa

MEXICO CITY—While on an official visit to Mexico, Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian on Tuesday criticized the Mexican Senate for adopting pro-Azeri resolution and expressed dismay at the recent erection of a statue of Azeri dictator Haydar Aliyev in the nation’s capital.

During a meeting with his Mexican counterpart Patricia Espinosa, Nalbandian expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the previous Mexican parliament had adopted resolutions that misrepresent the elements of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Earlier this year, the Mexican Senate passed a resolution commemorating the events at Khojaly calling the incident genocide.

Nalbanian stressed that the resolutions were flagrantly contrary to the international community’s position and harm the ongoing conflict resolution process. He added that such measures also impact the regional security and adversely impact Armenian-Mexican relations.

Nalbandian also expressed dismay over the erection of Khojaly memorial and the Aliyev statue, both of which have prompted Mexican human rights activities to complain to authorities.

Nalbandian told Espinosa that he shared the concerns voiced by Mexican human rights advocates that the erection of the statues is an insult to the memory of genocide victims, adding that he agreed with the international reaction against placing the former Azerbaijani president’s statue in the Mexican capital.

According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry press service, Espinosa provided explanations and clarifications and acknowledged the public outrage these statues have created. There were no indications, however, that she proposed measures to rectify the situation.

During the talks, Nalbandian briefed Espinosa about the current state of the Nagrono-Karabakh conflict resolution process. Espinosa voiced support for the peaceful resolution of the conflict under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Nalbandian at the Mexican Senate

On the same day, Nalbandian also met with members of the Mexican Senate and admonished them for taking steps that hinder cooperation between Armenia and Mexico.

“By talking about the steps that harmed the relations I mean the resolutions adopted by the last sitting of the Chamber of the Parliament and Senate of Mexico on Nagorno-Karabakh, which are contrary to the positions of the international community and stimulate Azerbaijan’s destructive behavior and aggressive activities,” Nalbandian told the senators.

The senators underlined that the only way of the settlement of the issue is the negotiations, and they urged all parties of the conflict to take steps for reaching peace as soon as possible, which is in the interest of the region and people living there.

Nalbandian also spoke at the Matias Romero Institute for Diplomatic Studies, to an audience made up of Mexico’s diplomatic corps and high-ranking government officials. He delivered a terse message regarding Azerbaijan and its leadership.

“Having rich experience in corruption, Baku is trying to bring that experience to inter-state level, using it as a tool to lay its own responsibility for distorted perceptions on others. Unfortunately, in some countries some politicians fall into the Azerbaijan’s trap,” said Nalbandian adding that those elements “are incapable of resisting temptations of corruption coming from Baku. Based on its domestic experience, Azerbaijan believes that everything can be bought and sold even on the international level.”

“The banner of the Azeri former president’s monument is propagating that the former head of the KGB is a bright example of international peace, who led Azerbaijan to democracy. The actual truth is that various human rights organizations listed that country among the most corrupt and anti-democratic countries and that it has become a world champion of provoking war and threatening to use force,” added Nalbandian.


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  1. john said:

    Both the maxican and azeri corrupt and criminal and dictatorial political leadership belong in the same league. nothing surprising there.

  2. gharakhanian said:

    Mexico has been bought !!!! the parliament and the presidents wife!!! they are up to their eyeballs in Baku dollares!!!!

  3. George said:

    I do not see why Mr. Nalbandian is surprised, Mexico is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, the current President Mr. Calderon stole the elections from Mr. Obrador to become President, Mr. Pena Nieto’s election in 2012 doubtfull win is still in limbo, the whole mexico is corrupt from the simple trafic police up to the President they are all corrupt, it’s very hard for an honest man to conduct business with these people, they are as corrupt or maybe more than the Azerbaijan’s Aliyev and his family, Good Luck and Bravo Mr. Nalbandian, Keep your good work going.

  4. Berj said:

    Not a difficult choice for us. Armenians stop vacationing in Mexico, and stop buying anyting made in Mexico, as of this moment!!!!!

  5. MEXICO said:

    PLEASE ARMENIANS; Armenian diaspora should help Mexico City to get rid of these two ugly statues. Mexico is fighting against drug Mafia anc child ubuse – This is insulting that a former criminal BOSS of soviet Mafia has a statue in Mexico!

    • Avery said:

      Mexican people are good people. Much like Armenians: family oriented, respect and care for their grandparents. Their children are their #1 priority. Hard working people: I see Mexican fathers in SoCal doing honest, hard work all day with no complaints to feed their families all the time.

      The people of Mexico are the primary victims of their corrupt governments. Thousands of innocent Mexicans have been killed as a result of the narco-wars in Mexico.

      MEXICO: Armenians are thankful that righteous Mexicans are disgusted that a murderous dictator thug like Heydar is placed next to true humanitarians.

      We will do our part: have no doubt.

  6. MEXICO- petición said:

    el favor Armenia, el favor Ereván , PLEASE ARMENIANS; Armenian Diaspora should help Mexico City to get rid of these two ugly statues. Mexico is fighting against drug Mafia and child ubuse – This is VERY insulting that a former criminal BOSS of soviet Mafia has a statue in Mexico! el favor Armenia, el favor Ereván , la ayuda!!!

  7. Ara said:

    Among the Latin nations, Mexico is considered to be the little dog of the US, not even the Latin nations take Mexico seriously.

  8. GB said:

    Mexico’s drug cartel mobs, experienced their killing corruption spirit, from the father of Azer Baboons founder, “camarada” Haidar Aliev and his son!!

  9. Vatche said:

    Mexico is predominantly a Catholic Christian country.There are many decent and good Mexicans, it is our duty to find them and talk to them, make friends, start cultivating good relations.
    This negative judgement will only alienate future friends. I am glad to see our FM in Mexico, creating new possibilities.