Aleppo’s St. Kevork Church Set Ablaze

The damage in the St. Kevork Church

BEIRUT (Aztag)—The St. Kevork Armenian Church located in the Nor Kyugh neighborhood of Aleppo was set ablaze, local observers confirmed on Monday.

“The inside of the church, including offices and artifacts have been badly burned,” said spokesman of the Syrian Prelacy Jirair Reyisian, who spoke by telephone with the Beirut-based Aztag newspaper.

“The recently closed Mesrobian Armenian school, which is adjacent to the church, including its kindergarten and elementary school buildings have been severely damaged,” added Reyisian.

“In light of this barbaric act, we condemn this criminal act with the conviction and belief that those responsible for these inhumane acts against placed of worship, starting with the historic Mosque to other places of prayer and now the St. Kevork Church, will be punished,” added Reyisian.


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  1. Satenik said:

    Barbaric act indeed and if these barbarians win, there will be more destruction and bloodshed, particularly for the christians living in Syria. it’s very sad that the West is supporting these people by arming them and don’t seem to care what happens to the innocents civilians living in Syria.

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  3. Marcell Rodden said:

    Why not mention who the culprits are? We all know it was the so-called “rebels” but most people in the west are too stupid. Why not inform them?

    • hagop hagopian said:

      Didn’t you know the media in the states is way too liberal to admit anything. They think one day, we as humans are going to circle dance around a bon fire and sing kumbay. These sheepeople in the west don’t understand what it means to be a Christian (I don’t mean the ones that sing and clap to “christian music:” in these questionable houses of worship), in the near east.

  4. Madlen said:

    I think, that the shits, making this inhumane act, will be punished cruelly. They will now survive having so many people deep damns on them. Those, who has done this, has no nationality, no religion, no moral…those are human-shape animals… I wish they dangle around all their life and the phantom of this burn church never leave them…even in dreams

    • Daron said:

      You are insulting animals by comparing them with Islamist extremists/rebels.
      Its ironinc, a while back there was a comment on this site posted by an Armenian who was bashing Armenians for not joining the rebels in Syria.

    • Alan said:

      It was not Shia Muslims who did this it was Sunni extremist Muslims. The Shia Muslims are being persecuted the same as Christians

  5. Kevork Hagopian said:

    Hello fellow Armenians, after reading this story about the Armenian church getting burned in Aleppo, I am so mad and disgusted that I am ready to do anything. As an Armenian from Syria, I grew up showing respect to all Syrians regardless of their faith. In my high school/college/university days in the U.S., I argued and defended Syrians in our discussions with students and staff. At this moment I regret doing all the above.

    Armenians in Syria have been excellent citizens and contributed to the country with their knowledge, skills and education. We deserve to be protected and respected instead of kidnapped and killed. I blame the U.S. government for siding with Turkey to topple the government in Syria. Bashar Al-Assad has never harmed the U.S. in any way. He is educated, modern and a very friendly person. He is even against Muslim extremists. Syria is a secular country and respects all religions and nationalities.What is his fault (Bashar Al-Assads”?) Simply, he is friendly with Iran. To remind all Armenians, it was and still is Iran the only country near Armenia that opened its doors to Armenia with all its oil and economy. Armenians can’t go against a nation that helps our fatherland.

    The U.S. did not learn a lesson from Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. All these countries have extreme muslim governments who are against the U.S. Tiny Israel, controls the U.S. in every aspect, financially and politically. I love the American people but I am against the U.S. foreign policy. Long live all Armenians and long live Presidend Bashar Al-Assad. May God the Merciful grant success to the president to succeed and crush the rebellion. A proud Armenian from Syria.

  6. bigmoustache said:

    i think we need bahags in the streets and in our churches and agoumps again, like beirut

  7. Mr. Haroutunian said:

    I agree with Kevork. I live in the U.S. and it’s a shame how the west is so ignorant about who the rebels are. They make people here in the U.S. believe that the rebels want freedom when many of them aren’t even Syrian or from Syria. They are radical Islamists from other countries and want to take over and kick out the Christians and moderates–just like in Egypt and the surrounding countries. The U.S. is too dumb to see the larger picture of what is happening here. Assad is a reasonable man and I hope other western countries can see this. As far as the U.S. elections are concerned, neither Obama or Romney stated they will help the Armenians or recognize the Genocide. But we do know that Obama promised to in the past and failed to do so (he lied to get our votes). We must see that the bigger (unfortunate) picture is that Obama has not only failed the Armenians by not supporting them, he has actually supported Turkey to a new extent. We must stick together and start to sway elections in the U.S.–it’s the only way to gain power enough where we make a difference in the outcome of other areas of the world.

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