Kim Kardashian Urges Fans to Support Syrian Armenian Relief Fund

Kim Kardashian

LOS ANGELES—Kim Kardashian posted a message on her blog about the plight of the Syrian Armenian community, and the role the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund is playing to improve their situation.

Below is Kardashian’s message:

I just wanted to share something that’s very important to me, and it’s something than many of you may not be aware of. Syria is now home to over 100,000 Armenians, most of whom fled during the Armenian Genocide. But in recent years, fighting between the Syrian army and rebels started and thousands of Armenians in Syria have been affected. Armenian churches have been destroyed, homes have been burned down or looted and thousands of Armenians are unemployed and in need. Thousands of Armenians have evacuated their homes, dozens of innocent civilians have been killed and tens of thousands are struggling just to eat or find shelter.

The Syrian Armenian Relief Fund was set up to raise money to distribute food and water and provide medicine, medical care, housing and even classes for children whose schools have been closed.

My Armenian heritage is incredibly important to me and I think it’s important to raise awareness of this.

To donate to the Fund, go to:


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  1. basil said:

    I would prefer Ms Kardashian to refrain from making political statements, seeing as how she is
    a. not an expert, and
    b. justly shunned by the public.

    • Shahe said:

      I prefer if anyone has anything negative to say about helping others that they keep it to themselves.

    • Catherine said:

      Making comments is our RIGHT. I love the publicity we get through our Kimmy. don’t you? Thanks Asbarez for posting her comment.

      • basil said:

        No, I actually don’t like the publicity. I can’t see how anyone could.

        And Gooby, pls. So you don’t care who helps, only that there is (allegedly) help? Wow, that is a very… simple way of thinking.

  2. Kevork said:

    Because I think that you and the ArmenianWeekly have degenerated to the bottom of the pits by mentioning this h***er over and over… guess what. I AM NOT GOING TO SUPPORT OR DONATE TO ANYTHING THAT YOU CONNECT TO HER NAME.

    This phony is no Armenian, and she doesn’t represent Armenians. She has caused more damage than good and she can take her 10 grand she previously gave for a publicity stunt and shove it. You people in the Armenian news world have really become pathetic. I will join my enemy before I give in to this immorality that you are pushing on your sites.

    • Shahe said:

      Your words are so unpleasant. You don’t have to support or donate anything. If you have something distasteful to say, it’s better not saying anything at all.

    • Sevag said:

      Then go and join the enemy kheeyar! We dont need your negative BS. Save your money and donate elsewhere. I am not a fan of her but we dont need you spewing your hatred in a time of need. Grow up!

    • Tsoghig said:

      Judge not lest ye be judged. Asbarez and the Weekly are merely the messenger. There are far more people who like and follow Kim than hate her, like yourself. Please do not punish our wonderful news agencies for conveying a message. They did not write the message, they did nothing other than report that the most famous Armenian celebrity, with millions of followers, has advocated for a cause that is above and beyond herself. Why get upset about this?

    • Sargis said:

      I agree with you 100% Kevork jan, and I’ve been saying the same things over and over again. This tramp has become the unofficial representative of Armenians in the Western Hemisphere. It’s a real shame, because she doesn’t have anything to do with Armenians, but we, with such a rich culture and nation, have her represent us. This needs to be fixed! And media like Asbarez that promote her are just helping our enemies that enjoy Armenians being represented by a tramp.

    • Gary@S said:

      Know of any other famous Armenian speaking up about this? Shame on them. At least she’s the ONLY one. I don’t look up to her either, but she is the only one. Bravo.

      • maria said:

        Gary, what about Armenians living in Lebanon. Lebanon has been in war for more than 30 years. Did she ever think about them back then. Hell No, because she is famous now, and she cares for people to like her. It is all about appearances.

    • Hratch said:

      Your ‘holier than thou’ attitude is not helping anyone. If all races and cultures had your attitude, there would not be anyone left to represent anyone else. Image if the Jews or the French or the English or whomever else had your logic. Is there anyone group of people that can say they are perfect? Should the American people deny anyone from Hollywood from representing or talking on behalf of the US? Ignorance such as yours is perhaps a more threat to our nation.

      • basil said:

        I don’t see Paris Hilton representing a country. Its bad enough that the Kardashians decided to become a public figure, now they start addressing Armenian issues, having their brand closely associated with Armenia. I don’t think that’s the best representative. Not sure though about whether its worth than none at all.

    • George said:

      Idiotic comment, any help from any source to the people who are dying in Syria are welcome, it is easy to sit in the comfort of your house on the sofa and ignore the need of the Armenians in Syria, Thank you KIM.

      • maria said:

        People you just care about Armenians. What about Arab people, they are also human beings? Everybody cares about Syria what about people living in Lebanon. Lebanese people suffered more than Syrians during war more than 30 years.

    • Ararat said:

      The right message but the wrong messenger. Asbarez is free to choose who to put on as spokesperson for the Armenian sufferings in Syria but its poor judgment will have a negative effect on its readership.

      What’s truly insulting is for this unscrupulous gold digger to claim her Armenian heritage is very important to her. When someone claims her heritage is very important to her, doesn’t that imply she conducts herself and lives her life according to her heritage? Honestly people, can anyone of you out there who not only feel but actually live their lives according to their Armenian heritage even remotely relate to this imbecile and her dysfunctional family? I don’t see anything Armenian in her character. Her sincerity is as fake as her career. What do you expect? She is the product of this morally bankrupt American culture who gives Armenians a bad name by equating herself with the rest of us. Those among us who praise her for her robotic message can choose to do so but those who praise her as an icon of some sort and put her on a pedestal should have their heads examined. If you want respect in this world you must live according to what you preach and never compromise your values. Let’s be honest folks, no decent Armenian would consider her as one of us no matter what she says she feels. She should do herself a favor and drop the “ian” at the end of her last name because she neither qualifies nor deserves to call herself an Armenian.

    • anonymous said:


      you are a typical armenian, and as an armenian myself your comment re-enforces my thoughts about how ignorant we really are. You calling kim a hooker i am assuming, but go into any major armenian community in the US in this case, and you can “not phony” armenian woman who would make kim kardashian look like mother theresa, so dont act as if the real armenian woman are any better than kim, so what if she represents armenians?, are other representative saints?, are we armenians saints? we are not, this hollier than thou attitude is the biggest reason why we are were we are, our narcissism is the reason why we are where we are and your comments represent just that. I may or may not like Kim but i would not sit there and insult her like you have. We are a very small nation, we have a very small homeland so the more we realize that we are not a mighty empire we can start to move on and not live in such a narcisistic reality, and if kim wants to use her celebrity to get the word out about our causes, i take that.

  3. Sargis said:

    Can someone tell me why Asbarez is publishing a story involving Kim Kardashian? It’s quite a shame.

    • Maral said:

      Shame on you for putting down her effort! What have you done for Armenians in Syria or anyone else for that matter??? Shame on you for sitting there and criticizing, where is you one once of Armenian blood and or honor???

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  5. bigmoustache said:

    what are you idiots complaining about? how ungrateful can some people be.
    shes famous and shes using her star power to help our cause. this kind of publicity is priceless.
    now we might have odars pouring money to help OUR PEOPLE.
    im very proud of her for doing this, and disgusted by some peoples comments here. shes helping our people you tavajans why would you oppose that? youre an embarrasment to the nation and are making us look ungrateful to odars. thanks kim and asbarez

  6. Michael said:

    Kevork, Your comment seems pretty clear, but I hope I’m somehow misunderstanding you. First let me say, I’m no fan of Kim Kardashian. Your comment though implies that you would have supported the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund, but because Kim is supporting it, they’re no longer worthy of support from you. You know that the money goes to Armenians in Syria and not into Kim’s pockets, right? If I’m reading you right, your comment is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. You won’t have to “join the enemy”… already are the enemy. You’re just using her as an excuse.

  7. jack said:


  8. Hrant said:

    Bravo Kim, as all should step up to the plate, no matter what their viewpoints, or biases.
    Humans are humans, and although Kim might not fit the “stereotype” of an typical Armenian, I am very proud of her getting involved, and standing up for what’s right!
    Hey, I don’t see many others doing the same, although exceptions are appreciated, and should be honored.
    Go Kim go!!! Bravo Asbarez for following the story, and disseminating it.
    Thank you Kim. Keep up the great work & exposing the truth.
    We are all very proud of you:)

  9. Maral said:

    At this point I wish we had a million more “KIM”s .. Armenians in Syria will be sooooo grateful.
    Let us stick together once in our lifetime and make it “Armenians in Syria” issue and not a “kim” issue…
    Like it or not she has the power to spread the word. MORE POWER TO HER…

    • Ararat said:


      If as a humanitarian gesture and as a concerned individual, with a large fan base, she wants to bring attention to the desperate situation in the Armenian communities in Syria and help alleviate the dire condition there that’s one thing. But when she claims her heritage is incredibly important to her when her life style and value system speaks volumes contrary to her empty and fake statement then it is insulting to the Armenians.

      In the former case, your statement “JAGADET HAMPOUREM” to her is well-deserving. In the latter case, however, I would rephrase the statement as YERESIT TKEM.

  10. Kevork said:

    First of all all you people trash talking against me are a bunch of HYPOCRITES. Here is why… “I’m not a fan of her, I don’t like her but…” Yeah, you might as well all put a “For Sale” sign on your heads because you are all phonies too and no better than she is.

    I support all Armenians and all Armenian causes… but if you slap this Kim business like a bunch of bottom feeders and promoters of all things that are wrong with society today, then I will not for one second support you and take you seriously. Kardashian tweeted about supporting Syrian Armenians? Good let her, but that has no business being promoted in this kind of news source. If I want to read about Kim Kardashian, I can go to any smut site, I don’t need it when I am seeking out Armenian news. Maybe the likes of Kardashian is your “hero” – to me she represent everything an Armenian should NOT be.

    As far as “don’t judge”, “holier than thou” etc nonsense, this has nothing to do with what I’m saying. I never claim to be perfect, or better than anyone… I am only interested in my culture, something you Kim supporters obviously don’t know the value of. And if you “proud Armenians” here have no clue where we draw the line, then you are all hopeless… and your so-called ‘concern’ for our culture is empty and headed to nowhere.

    And Sargis and basil, thank you for having the courage to openly reject being herded like sheep into this immoral and decadent mindset of supporting something that stands against Armenian decency and honor.

    As for that clown telling me to join my enemy, let me explain something very important to you sir: you wouldn’t want me to join my enemy.

    • Hratch said:

      We are at the end of our existence. Any help is better than nothing. The world has evolved and does not judge anything as indecent or immoral anymore. Yes, we can cling to our “honorable” belief system, but I got news for you…NO BODY GIVES A DAMN ANYMORE!…..doing the right thing does not cut anymore. Only religious zealots will claim that you will be rewarded in the afterlife for your good deeds. The here and know knows no such thing. This world is all about survival of the fittest…otherwise you will find the way of the dinosaur.

    • Hratch said:

      We are at the end of our existence. Any help is better than nothing. The world has evolved and does not judge anything as indecent or immoral anymore. Yes, we can cling to our “honorable” belief system, but I got news for you…NO BODY GIVES A DAMN ANYMORE!…..doing the right thing does not cut it anymore. Only religious zealots will claim that you will be rewarded in the afterlife for your good deeds. The here and now knows no such thing. This world is all about knowledge, power and survival of the fittest…otherwise we will find ourselves going in way of the dinosaur.

  11. ARA said:

    She is Armenian-an American Armenian with a hugh following of people- she is beautiful and loved by many- many will donate by the mere mention of her name and picture-hopefully she donated some of her wealth- whoever has a problem with this-look in the mirror- One does not have to worship stars or evil lawyers or people like her-she is beautiful and proud of her Armenian heritage-u do NOT KNOW THIS cuz u must be confined to some muslim type of belief i bet
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Kim- we need ur help

  12. jack said:


  13. Arto said:

    Kim, don’t listen to the morons who criticize you. You may or may not know it, Armenians begrudge the success of other Armenians. That’s one of the unfortunate character flaws of our people that has held us back and been the cause of some of the tragedies in our history. Keep on speaking your mind and supporting Armenian causes. God bless you.

    But leave that Kanye and marry an Armenian for pet’s sake!

  14. Alex Postallian said:

    Why are Armenians,quick to judge,help each other less,for a common goal of getting our people into politics,so we can develop clout,like the jews,to combat jerky turkey our common nemesis,perpetuating the Armenian Genocide Lie. Or really forget it.. Please civil answers of repute.

  15. maria said:

    Kim kardashian is all about appearances. How about Armenians in Lebanon. Lebanon has been in war for more than 30 years. Did she ever care about them?. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If she really cares, she can donate $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  16. art said:

    The issue of lebanon war is irrelevent to Kim. She must have been a 5-10 years old in the 1975-1991 period. Wake up for heaven’s sake!.
    Also I do not like as an armenian her “non armenian” public persona but this is America . American armenians should be familiar (I am Canadian) with your media focus. O.J. in 1995 is a good example of U.S. media priorities when Rwanda had a genocide and Balkans were in War.

  17. Abe said:

    You wanna save your people in Syria? Then tell Obama and his government to stop supporting the terrorists rebels in Syria, the American government is supporting and training terrorists that they lied to American people about and said they’re fighting them in Iraq and Afghanistan but supporting the same terrorists in Lybia and Syria. That’s who is attacking the Christians in the Middle East , the American backed terrorists with help from Qatar and turkey

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