Syrian-Armenian Filmmaker Detained

Syrian-Armenian filmmaker Avo Kaprealian

ALEPPO, Syria—Syrian-Armenian filmmaker Avo Kaprealian has been detained by Syrian authorities, his friends in Aleppo have confirmed.

Witnesses say he was last seen with two of his colleagues with a camera in a public park in Aleppo. He was working on a new film about the humanitarian crisis caused by the Syrian conflict.

Avo Kaprealian was born in Aleppo in 1985. He studied at the Haigazian Armenian Elementary School, then at the Karen Jeppe Armenian College. He graduated from the University of Damascus with a degree in theater and cinema, and worked in various film productions there for a few years before moving back to Aleppo and teaching art and theater at the Akkad Institute. He managed the first public cinema club in the city with a group of friends, and was recognized as one of the most notable filmmakers in the new wave of young artists in Syria.

Kaprealian participated in the 9th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival last July with his short film, “Two Steps Too Close,” which was dedicated to legendary Armenian director Ardavazt Peleshian. Kaprealian’s films have always tackled humanitarian issues; his latest film, about disabled people in Aleppo, wasn’t screened publicly because of the turmoil that envelopped the city, especially during the last four months.

Kaprealian’s family and friends are adamantly pursuing his release. His friends have created a Facebook page calling for his release, while Armenian artists are circulating a petition.


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  1. ara said:

    I guess this regime wants us to hate them too? hope not as we are not involved in their nonsense and dictatorships-we are immigrants living in these war torn countries-Armenia and us Armenians need to repat history-take our lands from the turks who stole it through butchery and exile and build our lands back to what we were-agriculture, education, architecture and the like- Azeris and Turks are living on our lands-the Armenian Empires- take it back we shall do- and have our real homeland joined with our little Armenia the azeri mongrol discussed-and see how insignificant they are-and were-butchers by the sword the turks are-all of em

    • Gary_S said:

      You obviously don’t know Syria. I’ve been there. It is a police state–more so now with the rebellion.
      They are suspicious of everyone. He either didn’t pay the bribe or get government permission to do what he was doing. You CAN’T film anything there without government permission.

  2. German_in_Yerevan said:

    Avo Kaprealian could have made much better use of his time and energy by taking a gun and helping the Syrian regime in its war against the islamomaniac terrorists.

    At a time when dozens of churches have been razed to the ground by the Saudi, Qatari and USA funded rebels I would expect Mr. Kaprealian to have better things to do than walk around parks and document a film about the “humanitarian crisis”. Having said that I am sure Mr. Kaprealian’s only crime is that his too naive for his own good (Stupidity is not a crime so we can’t blame him for that…)

  3. Vartanian said:

    what can I say ! its not stupidity running him to such act ! you maybe a bit narrow minded to see it that way ! as a nation of immigrants and a country gave a refuge in Masacer times of Otomans ,we are and always be a guest and we respect the hand gave us a bread . Yet you see that an ” stupidity” ,well my friend see this in his eyes ,we are not solders of fortune turning with the wind , a country as Syria has his ups and downs and what a scholer like Kaprealian can do in his strength in such time is to show the world what he can see with his eyes, yet instead be giving an modest opinion ,as we all want to see but to assum !
    who`s judging who, in Syria, is something thier own people can deside , who is perpetraters ,is something different to our eyes, we all belive what media are eccoing to our ears ! but is that the truth ? who`s running the media and what are they gaining is what we should be couriose about.
    as well as a guest in anyone`s house ,we should respct the landlord and cry with him in pain and laugh with him in happieness . Avo is what Avo can do best and He is already a Hero in my eyes ,he stand up and did to show us a way of scream or a tune for despair.
    Who`s side we should be? who is right or wrong? why are we in the middle of such revolution ?
    why we ? where is help? why not you ?
    Armenians in Syria should get back to thier Motherland ” Armenia” as well as Libanon and all other Middle Eastern countries and Europian as well ,,, the time is now for US to get back and Grow our Nation to better Economy and Strength which in numbers we can stand up and lauder than ever.