Armenia Voted for Palestine Status at UN

Palestine Authority leader is congratulated after the UN vote Thursday

UNITED NATION—Armenia voted for the motion granting observer status to the Palestinian Authority in the United Nations Thursday, which became a historic turning point in the decades-long process, reported the press secretary of Armenia’s Foreign Ministry Tigran Balayan.

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution by a majority of votes on November 29, which gives Palestine observer state status in the international body. The139 member-states that voted for the measure include, Russia, Brazil, China, Turkey, South Korea, Lebanon and Republic of South Africa. Against the recognition of Palestine as a state were nine countries including, Israel, Canada, US, Panama, the Czech Republic. Other voters abstained.

Currently Palestine is recognized as an independent country by 132 UN member-countries. Among them is Russia, which has diplomatic relations with the Middle Eastern country since its independence in 1988.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the recognition of Palestine as a UN observer state. She said that the UN resolution hinders peace settlement process in the Middle East. Clinton said: “We were sure that Palestinians and Israelis can achieve peace which they deserve, only through direct negotiations.”


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  1. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Palestine Bled

    Palestine Bled
    So much bled
    That no blood left
    To bleed anymore

    At last…
    Some honest nations arrive
    To give blood
    To let it live…and chant its voice
    After suffering so many decades and more…

    Palestine bled
    From every ground
    From olive trees
    From minarets
    From crosses hanged
    Without shining rays

    Palestine Bled
    Without any cause.
    They accepted everyone
    To come and share their faiths…
    But greedy races arrived
    To abolish old olive trees…
    Many historical homes
    Many had no faith in any human race
    Despite escaping from holocausts

    Instead helping those
    Who gave them hopes…homes
    They pushed them away
    Calling this is our ancient land.

    This is how people behave
    When someone gives them help
    Even they threw bombs on innocent babies
    Those angels who arrive to enjoy life…

    This is if you give face
    To greedy…dishonest…

    The Universe is a huge place
    There is space for every race
    To enjoy their folklores

    Why to be cunning
    Why to create hate…
    If you can share with them the love
    That was created in the Lord’s Land
    Through the birth of Jesus Christ…

    Christmas is near
    Let us all celebrate
    For Jesus said,
    “Peace on the Earth”…
    No more swords…

    written instantly
    November 30, 2012

  2. petros said:

    This is all very well.
    However, let us not forget that the Palestine Authority does not support Artsakh Republic’s right to self-determination.

      • Artyom said:

        In 2009 Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki declared Armenia an “occupier” and said that the lands belong to Azerbaijan. Palesine supports Azerbaijan. Do not be mislead by their pleas for help, our sympathy is not appreciated by them. They are no friends of ours and will support their Muslim brothers against us on every issue. The Jew is not a friend either, so I could care less about their bickering,

  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    We should find “Armenian Mandella…”
    I’m sure he is hiding somewhere…
    Let him appear…
    So we can sing with him our songs…!!!

    The Mandala…,

    I love to see this Human…The Mandela…
    Although he lives far away…
    But He is in my heart
    firing poems and poem-ness

    I like his clear innocent eyes…
    Looking for justice to seed at every site…
    I like his smile
    Like a baby searching for cuddle…
    For love…Not to take but to give…

    I like his phrases…
    He want to teach the tyrants …
    how to behave…

    I like him because…
    He is a real human…
    In him the truth
    the justice breaths in every cell…

    To guide the innocent populace
    Those who are asking freedom-ness
    To lead their roads and
    Walk with their torches to sing
    for those who lost…

    Sylva Portoian, MD

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    Im glad they did.. I rather trust the Arab,than the double talking jew.

  5. Vahan Vanagan said:

    Next Step:

    We shall see tomorrow, when the occasion will be if the Palestinian State will vote for Artsakh or for the Turk-Azeri suppressors against Artsakh. The Turk-Azeris, the Opportunists who sympathize the Palestinians and make arms business with israel. Turk-Azers were never expressing their anger against Israel.

    Vahan Vanagan

  6. Jacques Kavafian said:

    A tactical mistake on the part of Armenia. She should have abstained from the vote.

    There is no upside to a “yes” vote for Armenia.

  7. Garen Mailyan said:

    Armenia missed a good opportunity to click with Israel. A NO vote would have gone a long way in improving Armenian-Israeli relations concerning everything. Plus Muslims and Arabs mean to destroy Israel anyways. So why should Armenia help them in that? So they can turn against everything that is non-muslim afterwards, including Armenia? Israel is GOD’s inheritance, and secularized Armenian nation has no way of understanding that. If we consider human reactions to our actions, why don’t we consider GOD’s reaction to our actions? I don’t think that the support of a Muslim Arab entity on the land promised by GOD to Abraham and to his seed forever is anywhere pleasing GOD. The world and Armenia fail to understand that, since none has any spiritual understanding to it. Turkey and Azerbaijan mean lot more to Palestine than Armenians. Palestine clearly expressed that constantly. At least consider that, but blindness and emotional rebuff are hard to be cured of. Anyways, Armenia should consider its future moves in this regard. It is not late to change and to reap abundant benefits from it. GOD bless.

    • hagop said:

      Some Palestinians might say they support Azerbaijan for narrow-minded religious reasons, but there is in fact very little material support. This is not so with Israel and its relations with Azerbaijan. Aside from supplying Azerbaijan with weapons, let’s not forget that Israel refuses to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide (only threatening to whenever Turkey does not support them unconditionally) and actively lobbies against Armenian causes in the West.