ANCA Says Minsk Group’s False Symmetry Undermines Prospects For Peace

OSCE Ministerial summit convened in Dublin this week

WASHINGTON—Armenian National Committee of AmericaExecutive Director Aram Hamparian expressed regret at the latest statement by the Heads of Delegation of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group Co-Chair countries in Dublin, Ireland, this week which demonstrated an artificial even-handedness toward Azerbaijan and Armenia, with no mention of the ongoing Aliyev government’s aggression against Armenia and glorification of anti-Armenian attacks, including the praise and promotion of convicted Azerbaijani axe-murderer Ramil Safarov.

Hamparian’s complete statement is available below:

“The Heads of Delegation of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries do a disservice to the cause of peace by, once again, seeking to impose a false symmetry on the Nagorno Karabakh situation.”

“For all their patently political and artificial attempts at evenhandedness, the facts on the ground are undeniable:  Azerbaijan is the party that started, and lost, a war aimed at destroying democracy in Artsakh and preventing self-determination for the people of this proud Republic.  It is Azerbaijan that regularly commits fatal cross-border attacks, and is threatening to use its rapidly expanding arsenal of arms to restart its open aggression and plunge the region into conflict.  It is Baku, not Yerevan, that is rejecting international calls to pull back its snipers and deploy more OSCE observers, and that is vetoing the participation of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh – the key stakeholder in any enduring settlement – from full participation in the peace process.”

“It is an act of undeserved charity to the Azerbaijani regime of Ilham Aliyev to call on both parties to refrain from acts of enmity, when the record shows that the only state-sponsored incitement to hatred has come from Baku – through both words and actions. Examples include Azerbaijan’s cross-border, fatal attacks on Armenia during Secretary Clinton’s visit this summer to the region, as well as the Azerbaijani military’s documented destruction and desecration of the Armenian cemetery in Djulfa.  More recently, of course, was President Ilham Aliyev’s pardon and promotion of an unapologetic axe-murderer, Ramil Safarov, who is, today, hailed as a hero in Azerbaijan for killing an Armenian officer, Gurgen Margaryan, while he slept, during a 2004 NATO training exercise in Hungary.”

“Inventing a pretend parity between the parties may serve some political purpose, but, sadly, such contrived statements by the OSCE Minsk Group do nothing to advance the cause of peace.”


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  1. nana said:

    1. My supervisor says “They will hire whomever they want, even he/she is illiterate”.

    2. In a letter to the United Nations Security Council published by official state media, the Syrian foreign ministry said “Syria will not use chemical weapons under any circumstances”.
    “We are seriously afraid that some countries that support terrorism would supply chemical weapons to the terrorist armed groups and claim that the Syrian government is the one that is using them,” the letter said.

    3. OSCE group issues this type of “symmetrical” statement, because countries presented by OSCE don’t care about neither Artsakh, nor Baku. They care about their interests.

    And this is the way the world was, is and will be – unjust and covetous.

  2. Krikor said:

    Excellent statement Mr. Hamparian. As usual the ANCA is at the forefront of the Armenian Cause defending our peoples rights. Instead of pandering to the azeri tune of death and destruction the OSCE can and should do better.

  3. Anto said:

    Look aroun you.The whole world is in a big mass.No one cares about us.You want to live in peace start making weapons.the more you have the more they respect your freedom.stop crying and kissing ass.Arminia has no friends ! It is sad ! But it is the truth !

  4. GB said:

    OSCE, including Russia, make decision base on market, oily price tag, the result will be effected to their respective country stock market, and after, Sultan Aliyev, as a faithful thrown speaker, will be available for his anti-Armenian comments, for OSCE and oil worshipers!!