Surprise: Genocidal Sudan ‘Fully’ Supports Baku

Sudan’s parliament speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir

BAKU (Trend)—Sudan fully supports the just position of Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Sudan’s parliament speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir said on Sunday during a meeting with the Azeri Ambassador to Sudan Shahin Abdullayev.

Abdullayev, who is also Baku’s envoy to Cairo, Al-Tahir and briefed him on the ongoing Karabakh peace talks, saying he appreciated Sudan’s position.

Al-Tahir said that he was satisfied with the bilateral relations within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other international organizations.

Adbullayev highlighted the role of Azeri Milli Majlis (Parliament) plays in international inter-parliamentary relations and emphasized the importance of creating friendship groups between the parliaments of Sudan and Azerbaijan.

The Speaker said that the parliament of Sudan is ready to create a friendship group between Sudan and Azerbaijan and to organize visits of members and the heads of these groups for strengthening inter-parliamentary relations between the two countries.


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  1. hagop hagopian said:

    What’s there to be surprised. An artificial country created in 1956 is supporting another artificial country,created both by their british lords. Maybe, “Omar” needs to check and see the relationship of the Armenian community with an ex president Nimeiry, but then again during President Nimeiry’s administration it was called the Democratic Republic of Sudan.
    What’s interesting is that abullayev silence in regards to the republic of South Sudan or independence of Darfur from Sudan.

  2. Kevork said:

    Well you know what they say, “birds of a feather flock together”.

    Genocidal terrorists need to stick together, you know.

  3. GB said:

    This is why Sultan of Azer Baboons, Aliyev, and Sultan of Sudan, Omar al-Bashirs, loves to share their bedroom hotel suit in New York, for UN up coming anti-Armenian resolutions and votes!!

  4. jenny said:

    Terrorists and perpetrators of genocide stand united. Shame on Sudan + Azerbaijan.

  5. hayuhpart said:

    Oh no! Islamic Sudan supports Azerbaijan against us! I am so afraid!

    This is huge setback in Armenian diplomacy! We lost SUDAN! Just like we “lost” Pakistan! LOL

    I PISS on the OIC!

  6. Padova said:

    Azeri Ambassador to Sudan Shahin Abdullayev; Elham Aliev , president of Azerbaljan; Omar Bashir, president of North Sudan; Sudan’s parliament speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir are all human rights abusers, criminals and must be brought to justice in the international criminal court.

    • GB said:

      International criminal court, should handcuff , and put them on top of a Saudi Arabian, fast running camel, ship them back to Altai Mountain. They are not even part of human race, for prosecution!!

  7. M.S.K. said:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, the most illiterate and full of poverty country in the world (Genocidal Sudan) has scared the Armenians. Is there a place to hide ourselves before psychologically sick Sudanese come and eat our …. lol

  8. Raffi Bairamian said:

    I don’t care what this criminal sudanese official thinks about our Artsakh ( It will be good to know how much he was paid by the criminal Azeri regime to make such a statement ).Our Heros liberated our Holy Artsakh land from the occupying azeri bands, and it will remain until eternity a Free , and Independent State.Getze Artsakh The Pride of the Armenian People.

  9. Edward Demian said:

    That’s all right. We probably have South Sudan’s support. By the way, has Armenia recognized South Sudan? Politics is a “Chess Game”; The number of votes at the UN are very important.

  10. Vahan Vanagan said:

    Three Crimials and Their Destiny :

    Sudan, Turkey and Azerbaijan are equal in their crimes against humanity. Like Sudan, Turkey and Azerbaijan will be disintegrated. Azerbaijan is on the way, Turkey will follow sooner or later. They can not retain nations under oppression eternally.
    At the moment they will support each other.
    Later, they will mourn together.for their disintegration.
    Disintegration, for the good of human rights

    Vahan Vanagan

  11. Mihad said:

    Well, to begin with, as a Sudanese, I don’t know what weight would this put on the issue. Probably a big fat zero. But for the Armenians who bash Sudan, Sudan didn’t seem that “backward” when part of your Diaspora ended up in Sudan. It definitely seemed to them a better option than Hayastan. :) We have generations of Sudana Hyes in Sudan and outside Sudan who are proud of their Armenian and Sudanese heritage. This will never change.

    As for the government’s stand, all governments are hypocrites including Armenians which refuses to recognize Palestine as an independent state for example, fearing it will bring up questions regarding its Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Not to mention that among Palestinians are Armenian Palestinians who are suffering as well. Now that’s political hypocrisy at its best. So don’t go all big-mouthy on us. :)