Azeris Use Israeli-Made Drones to Spy on Iran, Karabakh

Hermes-450 drone

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti)—Azerbaijan is using drones to spy along its border with Iran and Nagorno-Karabakh, Iran’s Press TV reported on Saturday.

Iranian military experts said Azerbaijan has been using Orbiter ultra-light drones assembled with Israeli help, as well as Hermes-450 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) “for control and surveillance missions.”

Israel has sold 10 Hermes-450 drones, manufactured by Elbit Systems, to Azerbaijan between 2009 and 2012, the agency said, adding that Israeli satellites “are closely cooperating with Azeri drones.”

The Hermes-450 UAVs can be equipped with offensive systems such as air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, as well as electronic warfare equipment.


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  1. GB said:

    Israel don’t care for Azer Baboons or Armenia, they want to know how Iran can damage or destroy Jewish State!! The stupid Sultan is digging his own hole and his Sheikhdom, primitive population!!

    • said:

      Follow the money! Where does Azeri oil flow? What’s the best way to “pay” for it? Sultan Aliyev is their best trade partner ever!! Instead of selling his country’s natural resources at a fair price and distributing the proceeds among the population he pockets a small portion and imports overpriced military hardware from the buyers.

      This is a brilliant business deal – the money stays where it was, the oil and gas flow almost free of charge and the military industrial complex is happy to sell its junk.

      The only thing needed to keep this situation perpetual is to make sure that the puppet dictator keeps up his war mongering, orders to kill a few Armenian soldiers here and there to keep his serfs alert. However, nobody wants a real war because the free oil flow will stop. Their next project is to install Heydar Ilham ogly Aliyev, Jr. as the next legitimate and democratically elected president of the Baku Free Gas Station.

      If Iran agreed to the same deal, Ayatollahs would be their best friends too.

  2. Alex Postallian said:

    Jerky turkey and little bastard brother,azerbaturk,cant be trusted,LIARS,GALORE. You think maybe,there buying out our diplomatic corps,with their ill-gotten dollars.TWO RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS,DOUBLE DIPPING.

  3. George said:

    Azerbaijan may not be scared from Armenia but he should be smart enough not to meddle with Iran

  4. Norin Radd said:

    The Jewish people are our “friends”, at least that’s what the Jews say to naive Armenian self proclaimed “leaders” begging for Genocide recognition ……

    • hayivrej said:

      they do? i thought jews denied belittled and made fun of the armenian genocide? which planet do u live on?

  5. Ray said:

    So let them spy who cares and Let Isreal sell them drones and weapons as long as Isreal sends them a nice big bill ! At the end of the day it’s soilders that win wars! We as the first Christian Nation stand united for peace but if Azerbaijan puts one foot on our land we will rasie hell !!
    God Bless Christian Armenia!

  6. Satenik said:

    Azerbaijan is doing her best to cause havoc in Iran. Aliyev has been using all sorts of dirty thricks to incite the Iranian Azeris against the Iranian government, but I think that Iranians are more clever than that . There had also been some incitement against the Armenians living in the North West of Iran by the Baku regime. Aliyev is a pathetic dictator who has been lining his own pockets and his family’s with billions of oil money while his people are deprived from the basic housing and other amenities. His day will come too when his own people will seek justice from his pathetic regime! Shame on Israel too!

  7. Mabuballah said:

    Neither Turkey nor Azerbaijan, but Israel just may be, it seems, the Armenian nation’s worst enemy. As concerns such matters as this, Israel should be seen as but an instrument of U. S. and NATO policy, of course. Shimon Peres, that great man of peace, has been photoed keeping company with Aliyev in initiating this policy. A Nobel Peace Prize winner, I guess that puts him right up there with Yassir Arafat.
    As these words are being committed to print, Serbia’s foreign minister, one Ivan Mrkic, is also announcing another blooming friendship (with Israel) while hosting that same gent. I guess now that makes the puppet government of what lilttle is left of Serbia the moral equivalent of Aliyev and his thugs.

    • hayivrej said:

      Serbs are strange people. Aliyev statue in Belgrade, retreat from Kosovo after 2 months of terror bombardments – no resistance on the ground, licking the ass of EU by sending Milosevic to Hague, the headquarters of NATO, and then complaining about getting no money for it. Now love for Israel. I never understood Serbia and Serbs.

      Nobel Prize? What a joke! Only corrupt and worthless individuals get the Nobel Prize. This year the EU got it. Can u believe that ? Last year: Islamist politician in Yemen.

      And who the fuck is Alfred Nobel to give people a prize anyway? An oligarch he was! Let’s start Tsarukyan’s Peace Prize. LOL

  8. Alex Postallian said:

    Lets do the math—azerbaturk,the little bastard brother of jerkey turkey,has got a crazy turk,running the country,stealing their oil money,they are too dumb to know it.The truth is….they only talk,no action,they better stay away from Iran.If it came down to a showdown;jerky turkey,israel,wont jump in,and the U.S. should stay out.I hope we have found out it is a no contest over there.Because sport fans jerky turkey,wont attack an equal,only a small,unarmed women,children,old people.Israel,wont ,if the U.S wont back them,azerbaturk,will be holding the bag,and they cant beat a small country—Armenia.

  9. haykakan said:

    armenia and iran has a common interest in fighting azerbaijan and pan-turkism. armenia and iran are natural allies in this struggle against turkish nazism. armenia should openly support iran and not walk out from UN when iran tells inconvenient truths about so-called jewish genocide. israel and jewish lobby is responsible for denying and belittling armenian genocide and the main reason why USA refuses to acknowledge it. let’s not forget this

  10. IyANTE said:

    u know on top beloew.. its true,, the oil reserved even the most populated ones are beggining to quickly go down and dry up which is true.. eventually it will harder to mine for oil but the question is one side is acting like a child human cannot understand what peace is.. so let him and them play around with weapons soon theyll face the demise of what i call a ,, a scare moviey adventure wuth azerbaijan , lol,,