Jerusalem Armenian Cemetery Vandalized

Greek Orthodox Abbot of the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, Archimandrite Claudius, looks at a car sprayed with anti-Christian graffiti reading ‘price tag’ and slashed tires outside his monastery on December 12, 2012

JERUSALEM—Vandals sprayed anti-Christian graffiti on Jerusalem’s Monastery of the Cross and at an Armenian cemetery overnight, Agence France Presse reported.

Father Claudius, the monastery’s abbot, said he had noticed the graffiti at 4:30 am local time when he got up to pray.

Vandals spray-painted “Death to Christianity” and “Jesus, son of a whore” on the Greek Orthodox monastery in Jerusalem.

The attacks drew a strong condemnation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who expressed “disgust” over the incidents, his office said.

Outside the Monastery of the Cross near the Israeli parliament, vandals also slashed the tires of three cars belonging to staff, and wrote “price tag” and “Happy Hanukkah” the Jewish holiday now being observed.

“This is the seventh time this has happened,” he told reporters at the scene, saying that if the vandals had simply knocked on the door he would have invited them in for tea to talk to them about his faith.

“The Jewish values by which we were raised, and by which we raise our children, firmly reject such actions,” Netanyahu said in the statement. “Freedom of worship for all religions in Israel will be preserved and we will take legal action against the immoral people who committed these crimes.”


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  1. Alexander "Who Tries to be Great" said:

    Let’s See if Jewry of USA will cover this story… Don’t hold your breath… Only so called attacks on Israel from Palestine and Other places get coverage… Did they forget who gave them their ‘so called promise land’ to them, The Christians…

  2. GB said:

    We kept medieval Jewish cemetery in Armenia for a long time as a piece of ancient reminder of Jews in our country with honor, unfortunately Jews are not the victims anymore, they are the same level as vicious turks or anti semitic herds, who destroyed and razed Armenian cemetery in Julfa Nakhijevan, or even in Turkey, I wonder, why God “chosen people” always ask help from Christian world against “Muslim” barbarism!!

  3. Serop Mardirossian said:

    This is not the first time Christian institutions in Jerusalem are targeted by Jewish extremists and fanatics. God forbid if Jewish cemeteries are desecrated anywhere in the world and the whole world rises in protest against the ugliness of anti-semitism. Are these Jewish fanatics any different from those we condemn ? If the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu was serious in condemning these acts of vandalism ,well they have done nothing to stop them for years ! How would they dare to go against these fanatics … when the latter are part of the current government.These reprehensible acts should be condemned the same way we strongly condemn all acts of anti-semitism.

    • GB said:

      I send a note to Simon Wiesenthal Center!!

      Simon Wiesenthal Center Decries Attacks on Christian Religious Sites in Israel …

    • Alex Postallian said:

      He never told the truth in his life.He stirs up trouble in the Middle East,and we suck along.The jews steal money in the U.S,in banking and investments,everybody blinks,they send the money over to hebbo land.

  4. Kevork said:

    What’s this!??? I thought Israel was the pillar of democracy, tolerance, fairness, acceptance, etc which “opposes fundamentalist extremism” and “shares American values and ideals” and “is America’s only and important ally in the region”… never would I have guessed that those who cry about nazism day and night actually practice it themselves against others.

    And if anyone believes “this was an isolated incident” I suggest you go to youtube and make relevant searches. The truth is stranger than fiction.

  5. Anto said:

    I think we all know who did this and why ! I was expecting some kind of action but I did not know what.

  6. ARA said:

    Makes me sick- SICK- we are not safe-and so we must unite-where were the cameras? catch them and let me hang them!

  7. Satenik said:

    The international papers have not covered this story yet and I doubt if they will, but now imagine if the shoe was on the other foot…….Shame on Israel!

  8. hayocpashpan said:

    even tho i’m a heathen i am puzzled. is this the same israel talking about anti-semitism and defamation?

  9. Vartanian said:

    Listen! Listen! ,,, we are the nation seen all the sufering before they even put feet on the ground of thier so caled promuse land , we know ! we seen ! we felt! all before they did ! so there must be some kind of Justice to them they denyed and smeared the perpetraters and belive me they fear us and sensing more to come to those can see but they turn around ,to those they feel but they laugh, those can give a hand but they run,
    let them know if that we may show a tear in this dried eyes ,let them think !
    so , you take that pen and write as long as you can and far as you can to make them know ,that our voice will be lauder and lauder so those are not listening can feel the vibe of your strength !

  10. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    On the vandalizing of the Armenian Cemetery is not the first time that Jews are showing their Anti-Christian & being Anti-Armenian. Back in the 1980’s when a conference on Genocide was held in Tel-Aviv, Israel refused to allow Armenian representation. Another incident was Israel’s refusal also in the 1980’s, to show the film on the Armenian Genocide in Jerusalem. When the Armenian Patriarch had processions in downtown Jerusalem, Jews were spitting on the Patriarch’s face and on the Cross as this was done numerous times with the Israeli Government doing nothing to punish those whom were guilty. Also, Israel as of this date has refused to recognize the well documented Armenian Genocide. It’s about time that Armenian Organizations take action on this threat against Armenians. Armenians in Jerusalem are gradually being threatened and are being forced to leave Israel. The Armenian Government has also been silent on these issues.