New Report Cites Egregious Election Fraud in Armenia

The PFA report

The Policy Forum of Armenia, a US-based think thank and advocacy organizations, published and presented a report on Thursday detailing egregious violations and fraud during the May 2012 parliamentary elections in Armenia.

The report, “The Armenian Parliamentary Election of 2012,” provides an in-depth analysis of the political-economic and legislative developments leading up to the 2012 election. It also summarizes the reactions of key stakeholders — the opposition parties, foreign observers, and local civil society groups — to the election outcome.

“What particularly sets the report apart from other analyses, however, is the range of statistical tests, conducted by professional analysts, that support stakeholder reactions. These tests not only yielded ample evidence of persistent and strategic election fraud, but also pinpointed the beneficiary of such corrupt practices, namely the ruling party,” said the PFA in its announcement of the report.

Read the entire report.


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  1. james balakina said:

    Well…. If ARF had won the elections, Asbarez would have not publish this news article.

  2. Hovik said:

    well…. US-based think thank organization just find out fraud during parliamentary elections in Armenia! It sounds funny to me, like an Armenia-based organization find out fraud during presidential election in United State. Full of BULLSHIT with political motivation backed US involvment in other state internal affairs.

  3. GB said:

    Soviet, and oligarchy mentality became a way of life in today’s Armenian society, as long as our society do not get rid of these old corrupt mentality, there will be no proper reforms in Armenia!!

  4. George said:

    Corruption and Fraud is not going to stop in Armenia, until Corruption and Fraud stops in Russia, Armenia copies Russia or US, however in this copies Russia.

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    A U.S. based stink tank reveals crooked elections(lets correct it)a small country,ignored by all.THEN jerky turkey, the big COWARD in the area,who make Al Capone a altar boy,gets a pass.

  6. Edward Demian said:

    What the hell?!!! I thought that Armenia and the Armenians had grown up. Eighty years of election fraud by the Communists was not enough?

  7. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    After reading the report on ‘Armenia’s Parliamentary Election,’ I came to the understanding that the Armenian illegitimate President has no chance to be re-elected through fraud and friendship with Azerbaijani President, also illegal.

  8. Armen said:

    There are no elections in Armenia, period. What goes on during “elections” is a show put on by the oligarchy regime to fool foreign observers that there is democracy in Armenia. Diasporan organizations should begin actively lobbying for creation of democracy in Armenia which is the only means to have a prosperous and strong Armenia. If the US or Europe don’t recognize Armenia’s “elected” leaders through rigged elections, Armenia will change for the better overnight.

  9. Armen Vahramian said:

    Armen Jan: Elections in Armenia may be fake, but this so-called Policy Forum of Armenia who says they produced this report, is more than a farce. Their analysis is flawed, but it is not the first time. Look at what they prepared for the impact of the Economic crisis on Armenia (see their report where, for instance, they forecast the price of gold to fall after Dec 2008!). Top that with their arrogance in dealing with fellow Armenians and you get an idea of what I mean.

    I draw the readers’ attention to an exchange I have had with one of their senior fellows on the Armenian Weekly comment section. The reader can draw his own conclusion as to the type of people we have here pretending to run a ‘forum’: please go down to the comment section to see the exchange.

    You can also see the arrogance of their senior co-founder in the exchange I had with him here: Note the thug-like language he uses (still kicking huh?). Now you get the idea of the kind of people we are dealing with. I hope Azbarez editors will recognise these publicity seeking people for what they are. They have just been sending around emails solliciting donations to them, as if IMF and other US funds are not sufficient. They are trying to get fake legitimity by pretending they are financed through donations from individual Armenians.

    I hope they learn a lesson and treat fellow Armenians with respect, if they still want to pretend they run a ‘forum’.

    • Gegham Voskanyan said:

      Well said Mr. Vahramian:
      These pseudo-intellectuals think they can fool all Armenians. They keep sending me their unwanted emails publicizing their shawdy analysis, which as you said: everyone can tell that the price of gold did NOT go down since Dec 2008. Quite to the contrary.
      Like yourself, I applied to register to their so called “high-Level Forum” and, ditto, they never replied. I am disgusted that they do not have the decency to offer an apology, or even regrets. To the contrary they try to bully you. Do we need more bullies?