Hungary, Azerbaijan Expand Trade Relations

Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto (left) with Azeri Economic Development Minister Shahin Mustafayev in Baku

BAKU—Three months after extraditing axe-murderer Ramil Safarov to Azerbaijan, where he was pardoned and pronounced a national hero, Hungary opened its first ever trade office in Baku earlier this month in hopes of advancing economic relations with the very government that applauds ethnically motivated murder.

Safarov, who was serving a sentence in Budapest for murdering an Armenian officer Gurgen Hayrapetian in 2004 during a NATO Partnership for Peace program, was promoted in the Azeri Army. The White House, Brussels and other international entities condemned the extradition and the subsequent pardon of the axe-murderer.

“The trading house was established in Azerbaijan as the two countries are strategic partners,” said Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister during the opening ceremony of the office, reported AzerNews.

He said the first reason of opening the House in Baku is the strategic cooperation between the two countries and the second is compliance of the supply for the Hungarian economy with Azerbaijan’s demand.

Szijjarto said one of the major goals of the event was to develop cooperation between Azerbaijan and medium-sized businesses from Hungary, which is required to further export their products to Azerbaijan.

A Hungarian delegation headed by Szijjarto, which consisted of economic, banking and tourism sectors’ representatives, took part in an Azerbaijani-Hungarian business forum on the same day.

Azerbaijani Economic Development Minister Shahin Mustafayev told the business forum that political relations between Azerbaijan and Hungary are at a high level and there is potential for their further development, which is confirmed by numerous visits and meetings.

Mustafayev said that the two countries have signed some 30 documents, which creates favorable conditions for the development of Azerbaijani-Hungarian economic relations, noting that they have the potential for developing cooperation in investment, construction, pharmaceuticals and other fields.

“The government support for businessmen looking to cooperate with Hungarian companies is being guaranteed,” Mustafayev said. “There is also the necessary legal framework.”

Szijjarto told the press that Hungary considers Azerbaijan as a guarantor of Europe’s energy security.

He said the Hungarian side was interested in implementing the Nabucco gas pipeline project and Azerbaijani gas supplies to central Europe via this route.

The Nabucco project is a priority route for delivering Caspian and in particular, Azerbaijani gas to south-east and central Europe and one of the main and important elements in ensuring European energy security.

Szijjarto also noted that Hungary hopes to operate direct flights to Azerbaijan.

According to Szijjarto, the issue of running a direct flight from Baku to Budapest is on the agenda and being discussed with the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economic Development.

“It would be a great advantage and a step [forward] in the development of economic relations between the two countries,” Szijjarto said.


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  1. basil said:

    I wouldn’t call it moral corruption on Azeris side, as being Turkish morals is not a term they actually know. And I don’t say this because I dislike them as a people, which I do, I dare to say it after reading a book or two on history and finding nothing to contradict that idea. In fact, I find only support for it.

    And I wouldn’t call it moral corruption on Hungarians (or Europeans for that matter) side either, as it is first and foremost corruption in the narrower sense. Additionally, it is also lack of intellect, as you don’t have to be a Mathematics Professor to calculate for how long Azerbaijan can “guaranty for Europe’s energy security”. Now Hungary has a reputation for selling their women in Europe, both in terms of prostitution and porn, and while this is a cheap shot, I would now like to say that I just realized that prostitution is a national trait. On the other hand – with politicians making decisions, this is true everywhere. So in a sense the Hungarian people are exculpated.

  2. Artin said:

    The Nabucco pipeline will NEVER , EVER go forward so long as Russia has anything to say about it thank God. The less money for Azerbaijan the better, but it doesnt matter, they hit peak oil 2 years ago, their oil exports are 10% down and projected to fall every year until completely falling below breakeven and their natural gas reserves are only 10 years away from peak. With NO new major discovery of potential reserves and an economy based entirely (95%) on oil exports, they are in a heap of trouble when their oil runs out. THEN we will see how many nations will support them. Armenians will have the last laugh, we always do, why?? Because we like the Jews are EXCELLENT at playing the waiting game, maybe thats why we are so good at chess.

  3. GB said:

    Very shortly the Sultan will erect his wife statue in “Hungry’s” chamber of commerce, for those admiring visitors, with an axe in her hand!!

  4. AraK said:

    Money talks and we should not be shocked. Do you think they would have stopped billions of $$$ worth businesse for one murdered Armenian soldier??? “The White House, Brussels and other international entities condemned the extradition and the subsequent pardon of the axe-murderer.” WOW that was a scary condemnation!!! In the past Europe closed its eyes when 1.5m Armenians were slaughtered. Great Britain that despicable nation gave to the Armenian fighters in Kars 2500 Canadian Ross rifles rejected by the British army because they used to get jammed quickly and become unusable. And so on…
    Our fate is decided by the big powers already and the incompetent clowns governing our nation have already assured a nice cosy retirement for themselves in tax haven countries.
    I hope one day we won’t become like the Assyrians…

  5. George said:

    This should be a wake up call to Armenians, there are NO values or Intrn’l laws that can stand in front of OIL and $$$$$, ill faited help that the West is giving to Armenia is again a trap to open a breach between Russia and Armenia, the West is bankrupt financialy and morally, they would not hesitate to sacrifice Armenia and Armenians for Oil and $$$$$$$$, Mr.Nalbandian, the President Sarkissian, all other negotiaters and Politicians should be aware of this fact. Learn From ISRAEL, TRUST NO ONE.

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    Are my eyes decieving me at 86.Every time I see a azerbaturk,they remind me of monkeys,being the little bastard brother of turkey jerkey,I can see why.

  7. hayastannn said:

    This again shows that the world is a jungle where only the strong survive. There is no “right”, only might.

  8. Sevag said:

    Well…birds of the same feather usually flock together, both countries are good at presenting false information!

  9. John Ahmaranian said:

    Trade? Of course!
    Hungary will provide iron to the Azeri and Baku will transform it into axes!
    Have you seen such a trade before?

  10. Mihran said:

    Without the nod and green light from USA the Azeris and Hungarians would not dare do such a move the Safarov transfer,you are barking the wrong tree.

  11. hayhayhayha said:

    i believe that at the latest in 2015 azerbaijan will launch the new war to make a new genocide so all young armenians from diaspora must be prepared to go there and fight i am preparing psychologically right now in a few years i will be ready to go there and die for my country. fuck this life

    • Alex Postallian said:

      Hey Ish,I am an American first,I served.Your job is to correct the problems here,that the stupid politicians create,by vote.You are wrong about azerbaturk,(little bastard brother of jerky turkey)They both wont fight until they have someone to back them.All talk,no action.Jerky turkey,the biggest coward,only attacks an adversary,twenty times smaller,unarmed,women,children,old people.If they do attack,it will be well behind,a more aggressive force,carrying the toilet supplies.Be careful with your language.

  12. Vazken said:

    “Szijjarto told the press that Hungary considers Azerbaijan as a guarantor of Europe’s energy security”.
    How can Azerbaijan guaranty Uurope’s energy security, when the War is inevitable while Aleyev is president?
    Now, that, Armenia continue modernizing its forces with precision weaponry…, a war with azerbaijans’ use of petrodollars on antique weaponery (for every dolar he says spent on weapon, only 25 Cents worth of weapon he get, for a corrupt boy like him, 75 cents goes in his pocket.) will be short and sweet- NO MORE ENERGY FOR EUROPE. Unless, europe put’s a check on “Big Boy” Alyev