Armenian Wine Makes Bloomberg’s Top 10 List

2010 Zorah Karasi Areni Noir

The 2010 Zorah Karasi Areni Noir, made from grapes from the Areni region of Armenia, was ranked in Bloomberg’s top 10 list.

Bloomberg’s Elin McCoy, in the piece entitled “Top 10 Wines of 2012 From Burgundy to Armenia to Sonoma” said that the Top 10 list was compiled after sampling 4,000 wines during 2012.

“I was wowed by my first-ever taste of an Armenian wine, this stylish red made from areni noir grapes and aged in traditional clay amphora,” said McCoy.

“Smoky, silky elegance, soft mulberry-like fruit and wild earth notes are part of the wine’s appeal; I also savored the thrill of drinking history. It’s the first vintage from a new wine making project near the Areni-1 cave, where archeologists discovered the world’s oldest winery, dating back 6,100 years,” added McCoy.

Founded by Zorik Gharibian, an Armenian living in Italy, Zorah was conceived after Gharibian’s several visits to Armenia informed him of Armenia’s deep-rooted wine culture.

Gharibian decided to buy a vineyard in Armenia, instead of investing in one in Tuscany, with a wish to expose Armenia’s potential in creating wines which rival the best in the world.

Gharibian lives in Milan with his wife and two children.


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  1. garbis Bagdasarian said:

    Finally the good news I was waiting for
    I will definitely add to my wine list
    and proudly suggest to my customers

    • Nora Armani said:

      There you go Garbis! We should come up and have a great Med. diner to accompany this delicious wine and drink ‘Genats’ together.

  2. basil said:

    “[In Izmir, Turkey,] I was wowed by my first-ever taste of an Armenian wine, this stylish red made from areni noir grapes and aged in traditional clay amphora.”

    First 3 words omitted by the contributor. Don’t be childish.
    And to the producer: Congrats, but got to think about export politics.

    • Koko said:

      I thought about the export issues as well. The corruption in commodities and import/export is horrendous. I really hope it does not crush them.

  3. proudtobehay said:

    areni is a great wine, probably underrated internationally due to its geographic isolation and unknownness..

  4. Random Armenian said:

    I would love to get my hands on this wine. And without having to travel to Izmir.

  5. Artin said:

    Wonderful. Its only fitting that the birthplace of wine be given the recognition it deserves!

  6. Avedissian said:

    It could be the best wine in the world but Armenia’s geographic position and size may may have made it unrecognizable so far!

    • hayocpashpan said:

      “best wine” may be an exaggeration but high quality it is, that’s for sure.

  7. GB said:

    Diaspora Armenians should start and take over the ownership of businesses in Armenia. Fight indirectly with those corrupts, heartless, oligarchs and push them out of businesses, with the help of ordinary Armenian population. we should start export businesses with proper managements, for Armenia’s future generation!!

  8. Artyom said:

    I won’t advertise anything specific, but if you can’t find it locally there are online shops that sell it. Though it is expensive…

  9. Hrant K. said:

    The “Z ” letter in Armenian as a logo gives it a true authentic Armenian signature , which I
    think should be advertized with this wine gender, along with the Zorah’s Areni recognition!
    I simply salute Mr. Zorik Gharibian’s courage, venture, patriotizm and ingenuity. BRAVO!!!

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  11. Mike said:

    Sadly, I cannot find any Armenian wine in New Jersey! Any advice/suggestion will be deeply appreciated!

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