Julio Iglesias to Perform in Yerevan

Julio Iglesias

YEREVAN—Julio Iglesias, a well-known Spanish singer and songwriter, plans to give a concert in the Armenian capital of Yerevan next spring as part of a jubilee tour including some other post-Soviet countries.

Iglesias, who is turning 70 this year, has been invited to Yerevan by the Global Arts & Invitro Company. According to the singer’s official website, his concert at Yerevan’s Sport and Concert Complex is scheduled for March 18.

The Spanish artist, who enjoyed immense global popularity in the 1970s and 1980s and was famous for his hits, has sold over 300 million albums worldwide during his singing career.

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  1. SUSIE says:

    GREAT…………………Now he has to learn Armenian.

  2. Hratch says:

    Instead of sending our celebrities to Spain and other western countries, we are happy about receiving celebrities to our country? This is the strangest life I’ve ever known!

    • WhatElseIsNew says:

      what is wrong with receiving foreign artists in our country? in this particular case i happen to not like the artist, but in general? at least this is just a singer and not evil bullfighters who were scandalously welcomed to yerevan in 2001(?).

    • GB says:

      Dear Hratch, I promise the majority of audience will come from Iranian side, specially when the date will hit near Persian New Year, so this is good for Armenian economy, and it is good the image of Yerevan in world stage!!

  3. Cynthia says:

    It’s already advertising in Iranian channels.im exited for this.

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