Istanbul Armenian School Teacher Murdered

Body of slain Armenian school teacher being placed in ambulance (left); School Teacher İlker Şahin

ISTANBUL (Today’s Zaman)—A computer science teacher working for an Armenian school in İstanbul’s Kadıköy district was killed on Friday.

İlker Şahin, 40, a computer science teacher at Aramyan Uncuyan Primary School, was found dead in his home.

Şahin was living alone in the district’s Caferağa neighborhood, and had not shown up at school since the Orthodox Christmas, which is celebrated on Jan. 7. Worried about him, his friends broke down his door and found him dead. His throat had been slit by a knife.

The İstanbul Police Department’s homicide bureau determined during their inspection at the scene of the incident that there were signs of struggle.

Şahin’s body was taken to the morgue of Göztepe Education and Research Hospital after an examination by experts and a public prosecutor.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Şahin’s neighbors told the police that they do not think Şahin had such serious problems with anybody that would lead to his murder. He was a happy and easygoing man, they said.

Şahin divorced three years ago and has one daughter.

Initial reports also said that the police found bullets in Şahin’s body.

In the most recent two attacks against Armenians, an 87-year-old Armenian woman in the Samatya neighborhood of İstanbul’s Fatih district was wounded by a burglar who broke into her apartment and stole her jewelry along with some other valuable possessions in December. Again in late December, an 84-year-old Armenian woman was murdered in her apartment in Samatya. The act is believed to have been a hate crime because a cross was carved into her chest with a sharp object.


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  1. Ray said:

    I as a Armenian American want thank country’s like Russia and France for standing on the side of Christian Armenia without them these barbarians would kill us all no question about it!
    So why us Americans need to even think about supporting country’s like Turkey and Azerbaijan?
    We stand for freedom for all people not supporting nations that commit Genocide and realseing Axe murders thats just wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Levon said:

    Another gutless, shameless, cowardly murder of an Armenian civilian living in Turkey.

    Why are Armenians still being killed in Turkey?

    Editors at Zaman need to update their facts. Armenian Christmas is celebrated on January 6th.

  3. Christina said:

    This sickens me, knowing that such inhumane crimes are /still/ being committed against Armenians. smh

  4. Kilikia said:

    OK, I may be jumping to conclusions if this is a hate crime or otherwise, but most likely it is. Enough already. When will the Armenians of Istanbul bravely march in the streets like when Hrant Dink was murdered and demand that such ethnic and religious hate crimes cease and be prosecuted? When will the Armenians of the world loudly condemn the continuation of the Armenian Genocide? When will Armenia itself make a statement? These victims are Armenians after all.
    I am getting fed up of hearing such news…and it won’t stop unless a stand is taken.

  5. Vazken said:

    Shouldn’t we diasporans… starting from Turkish Politiciens’ for not doing anithing to stop Killings of Armenians?

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    Who in their right mind would want to live in that animal sewer,jerky turkey.The people are animals,the police dont police,the army,a blowhard,and only attacks opponents,twenty times smaller,UNARMED.No wonder I see more turkies coming to U.S,to live.The U.S. is putting a friendly label,on the jerks.With friends like that,you dont need ENEMIES.We need a clean -up in our diplomatic corps.

  7. George said:

    Turkey’s Armenian Genocide continues 100 years of Genocide, while the world is staying silent, SHAME ON THE INTRN’L COMMUNITY

  8. WhatElseIsNew said:

    turks never change. it is interesting to note that attacks on religious minorities is much more common in so-called secularized turkey than in islamic iran. it’s like taner akcam said, turks have been particularly “damaged” by islam. murder of members of minority groups in turkey occurs on a regular basis, and turks seem to be proud of it rather than ashamed (just look at the disgusting “we are all ogun samast” demonstrations). it’s part of their culture and historic heritage, their “ulusal kimligi”.anyway, ilker doesn’t sound like a name that would be used by armenians. was this guy actually turkish and just working in the school? ain’t clear from the article

    • Satenik said:

      And yet USA supports Turkey and it’s Iran that is supposed to be the very very bad guy. At least in Iran, Armenians are free to go to their schools and churches and when was the last time that Iran massacred almost 2 million Armenians and other christians?

  9. john said:

    Turks are natural born killers and we see that they are behind all this bloodshed in Syria. The dirty Turkish genes have contaminated the blood of many of the native peoples of the Near East. The Armenian people would be much better people if we did not have dirty Turkish genes in our bloodline. This occurred due to rape or marriage.

  10. Arziv said:

    The EU leadership is at the opposite pole from its subjects. The Europeans dont want anyhting to do with turks. The EU elite are the ones courting Turkey. The Armenians living in Turkey are a happy lot ( inspite of the murders) and they consider themselves ” turks”, christian turks. This is a broad generalization, and it does not relate to everyone. Matters are made easy for the turk state when the Armenian Govt. is less militant and assertive about the genocide. They are more concerned with the ” opening of the border” and economic considerations than with the ethnicide and its redress. The govt. needs to take an uncompromising attitude and make any dialogue conditional on acknowldgement of the ethnicide. All what we hear is the offensive of turks diplomatic charges ,with Davotoglou delivering inflamatory speeches of negationism

  11. helen takessian said:

    as long as the Obama administration works in collusion with Turkey not to recognize and use the word Genocide we are all vulnerable to murder without justice