An Appeal to the Community

Horizon Television

Charter Communications, Inc. recently notified the management of Horizon Armenian Television that this channel that has been serving the Armenian community for more than two decades would be yanked off the Charter lineup effective February 19, 2013.

This shocking and unilateral decision by the corporation that governs the cable system serving Glendale, Burbank, La Crescenta, La Canada, Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley will deprive its customers of access to a reliable source of news related to community developments and events during this critical period preceding the municipal elections in Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, and other adjoining cities.

Horizon Armenian Television finds this action a gross injustice and disservice by the Charter corporate to its customers. At the beginning of December, the Horizon Armenian Television accepted all the new terms stipulated by the Charter corporate for the renewal of their fourteenth annual agreement. Horizon Armenian Television met all the financial obligations imposed by Charter prior to the start of the New Year and long before being notified that it will be removed from the line-up.

Horizon Television debuted in May of 1989 with a mission to inform and serve the Armenian- American community. In a short time, Horizon became a broadcast outlet for news and information and evolved into a true voice for the ever-expanding Armenian community. In 1999, Horizon expanded its programming to become the first 24-hour television channel in the local Armenian community and through partnering with organizations and businesses alike, it has provided groundbreaking coverage of all things Armenian for its viewers. Horizon Armenian TV has played a pivotal role in the launch and expansion of Armenian language television programs and channels in Southern California over the past 14 years.

This action by the Charter corporate is nothing short of bullying a non-profit organization which is dedicated to service and the betterment of the community. This action is an affront to the thousands of loyal Armenian-American customers in Glendale, Burbank, and surrounding areas.

We are confident that Horizon viewers will be joined by community organizations, leaders and businesses to express their anger and disappointment at this flagrant abuse of power whose aim is to silence and stifle the vibrant voices of our energetic and diverse community.

In the coming days, Horizon Armenian Television and a task force of community representatives will unveil the legal and other actions being taken to not only keep Horizon Armenian TV on the Charter line-up, but to expand coverage to adjoining Armenian communities and enhance the diversity of programming provided by local Armenian television content providers.

Horizon Armenian Television
Board of Directors


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  1. Charter_Communication=Criminals said:

    Follow the money. They want to force Armenian commercials onto their channels. I am assuming this is the case?

  2. M.S.K. said:

    Such an action by Charter Communication Inc. against Horizontal TV is injustice. I can only say those Armenians residing in the cities mentioned should boycott Charter.

  3. Sossy, Nercessian said:

    It is shocking to learn about this the Armenian Horizon TV communication to end its programs! It has served the community bringing wonderful programs, rich in culture, social, and diverse communications! I hope the decision is reversed, and bring back the rich culture to be shared again.

  4. Kevork said:

    What happened? The FASCIST Media of usurped America discovered their fake brainwashing “news” is not in agreement with REAL NEWS provided by Horizon so they gave “instructions” to their corporate stooge to ditch our network? If they go through with this, any Armenian who gives a penny more to Charter is a fool. BOYCOTT CHARTER.

  5. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    I am troubled as to why Charter Communications is removing Horizon Armenian TV off the air. This will be a big disapointment to the greater Glendale Armenian Community whom has enjoyed for the past 20 years to get Armenian news, music & entertainment. We hope the Armenian Community will protest this injustice to the Armenian Community.

  6. arto said:

    Screw Charter. Move to internet television or come up with some other form to bypass these cable companies.

  7. George said:

    The Armenia community should investigatewho’s behind it and if this is a politically motivated action

  8. Osik said:

    We should go in front of their office on San Fernando Rd. and let them hear our protest, in these days of elections it is a gross discrimination against Armenian population of our cities.
    We also should try to break their Monopoly in Glendale by group returning boxes and ask for cancellation, we should break all their “Bundles” we have to throw away the Violent (TV programs, Games at home and Arcades, movies, and Toys) for good, these are spreading violence in the world creating a subculture of “kill more to win”, something that is directly related to all these mass killings.
    We should take away all those things from your kids, even a small plastic GUN or other weapons.

    • Hagop hagopian said:

      Take away guns! How did your forebearers survive the genocide by selling off other armenians? Good luck I guess you will be slaughtered like a sacrificial lamb to your”god”.

  9. vazrik said:

    Dear Management of Horizon Broadcasting:

    First let me express, that I do agree with you, that Horizon Television broadcasts high quality of programming.
    However, in regard to Charter Comm decision, there is no need to be angry at all! That is a business decision based on their needs. If you are disappointed, I am sorry to say, that “cord-cutting” has been in the works for a while now. Charter must be more concerned than Horizon. You have the content, therefore you can decide how you would like to broadcast it. You can go directly to air (like a few other Armenian channels), multicast on the Internet, go to the satellite broadcasting, etc. This way, you will extend your reach to Armenians all over the world, not only to Charter customers. I like your programming, I like your content, and very honestly, Charter has done you a disservice for fourteen years.

    I think this is a good thing happening to Horizon. You will be more competitive, and provide even better programming to a wider audience. Charter market has been shrinking, and consequently yours! Please embrace the change, since I think this is to your benefit.



  10. freakshow said:

    Just take the feed to the internet it to the internet. Its cheaper. And, you keep ad dollars in house. Charter does not rule the world. Be entrepeneurial.

  11. Tony said:

    Well, forget about Charter Communications; How about Dish Networks? I guess, Dish Network has more quality High Definition Digital Signals than this so called Charter. It’s time to alleviate to better TV Networks.

  12. Dr. Babajanian said:

    Majority of people all over the world, including Armenians are agree with Osik
    What these people are doing is only for money and greed.

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  14. emptychairs said:

    speaking of channels.. i was watching the 21th anniversary hamerg of armenian army on Hayastan Mek the other day and there were several empty chairs in the opera.. puzzling!

  15. jaklin said:

    Armenians in Glendale and Burbank should call Charter and complain and if they don’t pay attention we should take the bussiness away from them. I personally pay them $200.00 a month. Shame on charter.

  16. jaklin said:

    I’m cutting my bussiness ties with Charter. I’ll get another cable company.
    Bye bye Charter. Btw thier boxes freez all the time constantly needs rebooting.
    Who wants Charter without Horizon.