ARF: ‘The Will of the People Must Not be Trampled Upon’

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YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary FederationSupreme Council of Armenia issued a statement today (Feb. 20) arguing that “the will of the people expressed on Feb. 18 must not be trampled upon.” The ARF noted that “the best possible election was promised, the worst was delivered.” We ought to realize the seriousness of the situation and look for solutions accordingly, stated the party in its first official post-election statement, the translation of which is presented below:

ARF: The best possible election was promised, the worst was delivered.

The citizens of Armenia demonstrated on Feb. 18 that their patience has limits, that they deserve a much better life and leadership, and that it’s impossible to kill the people’s aspirations for justice and freedom.

The people’s outrage came in response to the political, social, economic and moral environment in the country. It came in response to the authorities and the rank and file of their representative, who were behaving as if they enjoy the trust and support of the absolute majority. It became evident that that the majority of the people does not accept the current regime.

On top of their limitless administrative and financial resources, the authorities employed a coordinated effort to rig the vote counting process. The best possible election was promised, the worst was delivered. The results reasserted our conviction that the election was fixed, and the assessment of international observers was too predictable.

The post-election environment and the developments ahead impose an immense responsibility and difficult decisions upon the authorities, the leading presidential candidate, the opposition forces, and the active segment of the public. The will of the people expressed on Feb. 18 must not be trampled upon. The ARF stands together with the people, and subscribes to the view of finding solutions together. We ought to realize the seriousness of the situation and look for a way out accordingly. This is a difficult yet inevitable task that needs to be undertaken collectively. We have a duty to be worthy of our people[‘s trust].  Only in this way, only with a clearly defined political agenda can we move the country from the current standstill and deterioration to the steady path of development, and guarantee a secure and dignified future for the citizens of Armenia.

ARF Supreme Council of Armenia
Feb. 20, 2013


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  1. Tlkatintsi said:

    Mere words of indignation won’t cut it! The ARF should get off its high-horse and put the “Revolutionary” in the ARF into practice! None of the opposition forces could rally around a unified election ballot before the actual vote. The least they could do now is to rally their forces and defend the voice of the people and to stop the current regime from stealing yet another election.

  2. Mihran said:

    ARF with all its chapters must back Raffi 100%,its the peoples choice.

    We had enough of fraudulent elections,3 presidents to date all crooks,the last one being very slippery,a liar,corrupt,and a friend of his crooked Oligarchs.

    The reason why the West and the Russians back corrupt Serzh is because they can each push their agenda on Armenia through corrupt Serzh,if Serzh does not toe the line stipulated by his foreign masters a lot of leaks will start to appear into the public domain all to do with his illegal activities,fraudulent elections, to his casino habits and loss,and the rest, as foreign governments namely US has a large dirty dossier on him just for this purpose.

    It suits the west not to have democratically elected presidents as they can push their dirty agenda much easier,this is the name of the game.

  3. RK said:

    Under Serzh there wont be anyone left in Armenia in 5 years or so, as people are voting with their feet against the rampant corruption by all officials,fraudulent deals,injustices at all levels,chronic poverty,treacherous protocols,and the rest.

    If this is what you want than keep him there and good luck Armenia, and by the way if anyone thinks that corrupt serzh got so many votes needs to have his or her brains tested.

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