Sarkisian, Hovannisian Meet

Hovannisian and Sarkisian meet at the Presidential Palace

YEREVAN—Raffi Hovannisian and President Serzh Sarkisian met behind closed doors on Thursday to discuss results of Monday’s presidential elections in Armenia, which are being contested by the President’s main challenger and have been the source of ongoing political rallies in support of Hovannisian.

Sarkisian met with Hovannisian after the Heritage Party leader led hundreds of supporters who have been attending protest rallies down Baghramian Boulevard from Liberty Square to the steps of the Presidential Palace.

The crowd of protesters remained vigil at the entrance of the palace for 90 minutes, after which Hovannisian emerged to tell his supporters that he will publicize the results of the meeting at a rally at Liberty Square on Friday evening.

“The Armenian people will celebrate our victory in Liberty Square tomorrow at 5 pm,” Hovannisian declared.
The Presidential press office released a short video of the Sarkisian and Hovannisian greeting each other. During the exchange Sarkisain told Hovannisian “You look kind of sad,” to which Hovannisian replied: “No. Righteous,” adding “It’s nice to see you, Mr. Sarkisian.”

Sarkisian’s office issued a statement saying the meeting centered on a broad range of issues relating to the presidential elections and the post-election period.

“Serzh Sarkisian and Raffi Hovannisian emphasized the priority of carrying out all processes within the framework of Armenia’s constitution and laws,” said the statement.

U.S. shares EU concerns over Armenian vote
The European Union and members of an international observer mission expressed concern about the conduct of the election.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland issued a statement saying Washington shared concerns over the role of the Sargsyan’s ruling party during the campaign.

“We agree with the findings that while Election Day was calm and orderly, it was marked by undue interference in the process, mainly by proxies representing the incumbent, and some serious violations, including cases of pressure on voters,” she said.


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  1. Jack said:

    Of course the US and EU are considered. They’ve been long dreaming to install a puppet in Armenia.

  2. Zareh said:

    “It’s nice to see you Mr. Sarkissian”
    Shame on you Raffi. He is the PRESIDENT until he is not. And until then you should address him as “It’s nice to see you, Mr. President”.
    You grew up in the United States and there is a minimum of political etiquette that you are well aware of.
    As much as Speaker Mr. Boehner dislikes the President he continues to call him Mr. President.
    Your disrespect of the Presidency and the President does not give you the right to humiliate and belittle the President of the Republic of Armenia.

    • Avery said:

      showing up to the meeting with RoA President in jeans, sweater, and some scarf.
      Mr. Hovannisian imagines that by deliberately and openly disrespecting Pres. Sarkisian he will put him on the defensive. Good luck.

      You got 37% and Pres. Sarkisian got 58%: You Mr. Hovannisian lost by 21%.
      He is the duly elected President of RoA and you are not.

      Graciously accept defeat and go away back to your private life, before you cause permanent damage to RoA.

    • HArutuyn said:

      Zareh you are right my brother if raffi is as real as he says ahy cant he make changes even without being the President of our great land, like he promises more businesses and this and that, he bsing and i dont know why he is so eager to be the president.

  3. Samvel Mkrtchyan said:

    The people have voted for changes – not for Sargisyan who has been winding the clock backwards all these years. Now’s the right time to put an end to fraud and bluff.

    • said:

      Armenia is not the United States – people don’t vote there for “changes.”

      This is a chess player’s victory over a spoiled privileged lawyer, it’s a victory of a warrior over a bluff whose major accomplishment in life was 11 months in LTP’s administration.

  4. Hrant K. said:

    President Serge Sarksian should create a new Ministry in his new cabinet, that of the Ministry
    of Armenian Genocide’s Intern’tl Recognition and Restoration of Unified Armenia / not related
    to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! I think our former first Foreign Minister of Armenia would be
    a perfect candidate for that post, which I think with his Diplomatic Experience and his Strategic
    Center is more important than any other post, in pursuing our Armenian Cause’s Vital Solution!!

  5. Vahram said:

    President Obama was elected in a fair election and should be called Mr. President by all. Even those with a different political view. No opponent of him will call him Mr. President if he was elected thru voter intimidation, cheating, etc. common in all post soviet politics. Mr. Hovannisian called him Mr. Sarkisian because he believes that Mr. Sarkisian did not win in a fail election. I prefer Mr. Sarkisian.