Azeri Embassy Incites Brawl at French Parliament

The capacity crowd, among them members of the French Parliament, turned out to mark the anniversary of Sumgait Porgoms

People affiliated with the Azeri Embassy in Paris begin brawl at an event marking the 25th anniversary of the Sumgait Porgoms

PARIS—An Azeri delegation disrupted a commemoration event marking the 25th anniversary of the Sumgait Massacres taking place inside the French Parliament Tuesday when they refused to stand in observance of a moment of silence for the victims.

According to Mourad Papazian, chairman of the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organization in France (CCAF), one of the Azeris punched an event organizer, Hratch Varjabedian, who had approached them to inquire about their show of disrespect.

Eyewitnesses reported that one of the Azeris shouted that he would only stand to commemorate “the victims of Khojaly.”

After Varjabedian was punched, a group of young Armenians rushed to the scene and a brawl ensued before audience members broke it up and police cordoned off the room.

Surprisingly, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to France, Elchin Amirbeyov immediately arrived at the scene accompanied by other embassy officials and issued a condemnation of the attack.

The APA news agency reported on its Web site that Armenians locked the door of the auditorium and were accompanied by French members of the audience in “brutally” beating them.

The event, entitled, “Sumgait events after 25 years: the present situation and future prospects for the people of Nagorno-Karabakh” was organized by French Parliament member Francois Roshebloun and was attended by several parliament members.

The Nor Serount in France (AYF of France) cancelled a day-long demonstration scheduled to take place Wednesday in front of the Azeri Embassy in France for fear of more Azeri-initiated violence.


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  1. Anon said:

    Utter disrespect and barbaric behaviour. We may disagree, but we don’t show up to their events with the intention of disrupting and provoking. And as far as I know, they don’t even outright deny that massacres took place in Sumgait and other towns, yet they’ll still do anything to incite hateful actions. How can anybody expect the people of Artsakh to ever live under Azeri rule again is beyond me. Actions speak louder then their empty promises or security and prosperity, and with these actions they prove time again that they are unfit to even be in the same room with civilized people.

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  3. Andranik the Turk slayer said:

    Then they feel the pain and cry all the way back to Alta ,Mongolia.

  4. Kevork said:

    Hopefully the damage caused to those TurkoAzeri animals in defending themselves by the Armenians, was extremely extensive. Show no mercy to these animals, they have lower worth than sewer rats. God bless the French AYF.

  5. A visitor said:

    What is the matter with these people? Who do these Azeri people think they are crashing this event and showing disrespect?

    We need to have a talk with the French politicians about this disrespect, this is unacceptable!

  6. Ararat said:

    This is a typical reaction from an Axerbaijani racist psycopath. I wish I was there because I would beat the crap out of the Axerbaijani assailant all the way back to the embassy of the artificial state of Axerbaijan and then shove the Artsakh and the Armenian tri-color flags up his rear.

  7. SAS said:

    you cant win with these azeris in my opinion, the turks do the same thing too. they are fueling fabricated hate in their own people for the riteous turkic self fulfilling prophecy that they are the victims and they must fight to kill the enemy. Guess what, as an armenian, i have a feeling bad things are going to happen to armenians.

    • Raffi Bairamian said:

      It is just your feeling , the evidence is that our brave soldiers are fighting to defend our lands & while the azeri army made of mercenaries and coward soldiers will again lose the war if ever they dare to attack our ancestors land of Artsakh.

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  9. Raffi Bairamian said:

    This is azeri’s culture : killings, riots, & crimes. This criminal act of the azeris must not go unpunished. The French parlement should take appropriate action againt these azeris , and it will be a lesson for the azeris in order to respect the law & order in the civilized countries. .,

  10. Jirair Poladian said:

    If the Azeri’s want us to recognize khojalu they have first to recognize the pogroms of the 1800’s by Sultan Hamid,the Genocide of 1915-1921 by the New Turks(yeni turks)party post Ottoman Empire and continued by Mustafa kemal(Ataturk)after 1918-1921,followed by the massacres of innocent Azeri-Armenian citizens of Ganja, Sumgait and Baku in 1988 not to mention the recent beheading(axing to death) of LT.Gurgen Markaryan committed during a NATO English supplementary course in Hungary while the victim was asleep!! How can these Azeri’s only remember the battle for khojalu and not acknowledge the loss of innocent lives of the aforementioned.I am not surprised by their actions of disrupting this commemoration and then twisting the truth of what ensued by blaming the Armenians as the cause of it all.This further proves how much they hate the Armenian people on the whole and should be reason enough to allow the emergence of the Nagorno-Karabagh(Artsakh)replublic .If for any reason the World believes that the Azeri nation is the innocent victims of Armenian oppression let them look back at the documented history that I have listed above. which out number the event which took place at khojalu,which by the way is also distorted to show that the Armenian people are heartless savages and not the considerate humanitarians which announced on loudspeakers in Azerbaijani and Russian that they have opened a safe corridor for the women and children and elderly(non combatants)to exit the village before the offensive against the combatants remaining!!They used the exiting innocents as human shields and fired upon our positions and when we answered by firing back,they portrayed us as savages which kill indiscriminately!! If ever there is to be peace among our two nations we have to bury the hachet(Axe)between us and respect each others existence equally.I pity the Turk and Azerbaijani people for believing the propaganda that their respective governments are feeding them on a daily basis further fueling the hatred against Armenians.Which is further witnessed by the murder of Hrant Dink and the present day murders of the elderly Turkish-Armenian women in Istanbul Turkey.These attrocities against humanity can only cease when the World finally recognizes and punishes all those people which deny that the Genocide of 1915-1921 was factually committed by the ancestors of the modern Turkey(Turkiye)and make them accountable in a court of law. Otherwise we will be witnessing yet many more incidents of unnecessary loss of life in which we are all responsible .France passed the law which condemns Genocide deniers from causing such disturbances during Mr.Sarkozy’s Presidency. They have to implement it in order to change this cycle in the name of Justice and humanity. Finally the AYF of France should not have cancelled their demonstration in front of the Azeri Embassy out of fear that a similar situation might occur,on the contrary they should have gone through with it further showing the world who is the true aggressor by filming the outcome and submitting it on the social networks!!!

  11. JOHN GONCUIAN said:


  12. Ray07 said:

    I can name animals that I respect more than Azeris. These Azeri people are terrible, terrible people. They are building up arms thinking they will take back the lands they initially stole from Armenians? Russian went into Afghanistan thinking the same thing. Guess what happened to the Russians? They quietly went out of the same road they drove in from.

    It is not your money, nor your military buildup. It is your people’s will to fight. We (Armenians) are fighting for our people, for our country, for our ancestors! Azerbaijan will in NO WAY take back those lands.

  13. Alex Postallian said:

    You just cant turn the azerbaturks,little bastard brother of turkey,or big brother jerky turkey,loose on civilized society,they revert back to their mongol animal behavior,that belongs in a pig sty.

  14. john said:

    Typical turk azeri microbes. I mean no disrespect to the real ones.