Artsakh Heroes’ Monument in Proshian Vandalized

The desecrated bell tower wall

KOTAYK, Armenia—The eastern wall of a bell tower of a monument dedicated to Artsakh freedom fighters in Proshian village was desecrated Wednesday, reported Yerkir Media.

As relatives and friends of former Proshian mayor Hrach Mouradian, who was murdered last month, approached the monument on his 40th day memorial, they notices the words “The Party is Over” smeared on the wall of the bell tower.

Authorities are investigating the incident to determine who tainted the monument with graffiti. Proshyan’s deputy mayor Vova Sahakian said that the graffiti was done with candle or paraffin and efforts to remove it were unsuccessful since the wax had seeped into the stone.

“We are very angry because many people are wondering at whom was the writing directed. Was it directed to Hrach Mouradian?,” said Sahakian. “This has been written on the military pantheon—a sacred place. I cannot express in words what it means to have the final resting place of our freedom fighters be desecrated.”

The murdered Mayor of Proshian Hrach Mouradian

Artsakh Hero and Armenian Revolutionary Federation member Hratch Mouradian, the mayor of the village of Proshian was gunned down in front of his office on April 2.

Two days later Armenian police announced that two people were arrested in connection with murder. Brothers Artak Petrosian and Arayik Petrosian, both residents of Proshian, were arrested with one of them subsequently being released.

Mouradian, a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and an Artsakh War hero was reportedly gunned down as he was headed to his office on April 2 and suffered injuries to his right temple.

Mouradian had an exemplary career from the onset of the Karabakh liberation movement until its end. He was awarded the Military Cross and several medals for his service to his country and heroism on the battlefield in Artsakh.

The ARF Supreme Council of Armenia on Wednesday issued an announcement condemning the vandalism and demanded that law enforcement agencies immediately identify the culprits, as well as those responsible for Mouradian’s murder.

Second Act of Vandalism
The people of Proshian had barely coped with the desecration of the memorial monument when a store owner in the village center reported graffiti spray painted on one of its walls with a “sexual slur” directed at Mouradian.

“The investigative bodies are saying that it’s not clear what has happened, but I have read it personally. The ‘sexual slur’ was directed at a specific person,” said Sahakian.

Law enforcement bodies have launched an investigation and have questioned several residents. The graffiti on the store wall has been removed and tagged by police. The law enforcement officials pledged that all measures were being taken to get to the bottom of the incidents.

“The situation [in Proshian] is very tense. It’s very explosive,” said Sahakian.


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  1. bayrakiniyakan said:

    this is exactly what can happen when the 123 years old the guardian angel of the Armenian nation is dead or just become a coward.

    • bigmoustache said:

      say that to a tashnag and see what will happen to you, i doubt youd survive it.

      • bigmoustache said:

        excuse me I didn’t mean to get emotional. I believe in constructive criticism and would do that for something I loved. but don’t ever use words like coward, or dead for that matter, regarding the ARF. I wish they could do what they did in Beirut but in Armenia its a different story and they just don’t have the numbers they do in the diaspora. I blame the people for that. 70 years of soviet influence and Russian culture has taught them corruption and how to live under oligarchs. if they would open an Armenian history book they would see who the tashnags are

  2. Al said:

    fuck whoever dares to write graffiti on the graves/monuments to our Artsakh heroes… you were probably too much of a coward to fight in that war… then again you were probably too young or werent born you punks… I dare you to try that in the open to write graffiti like that.. i will personally kick your ass

    • john goncuian said:

      These SNAKES must be dealt immediately and they should be made example for the other criminals who do not believe Armenian police and justice can do their job or they can be bought off.

  3. bigmoustache said:

    this just confirms what we all know. those 2 brother caught were probably responsible but the real people behind this is the republican party of armenia. when we finally take back our country we must make sure these fat oligarchs and their corrupt parties NEVER come to power again. im talking about the pigs with the nicknames who own half the companies in armenia.

  4. Mihran said:

    The organisers of this treacherous murder is the criminal RPA party and its consequences.