Baku Threatens $300 Billion Lawsuit Against Armenia

Ali Hasanov

BAKU—Azerbaijan said it plans to sue Armenia in international court for compensation due to “damage caused by the occupation,” said Azerbaijan’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Refugees and IDPs Ali Hasanov, reported the APA news agency.

Hasanov said the government had engaged international experts to assess and appraise thr so-called damages, which he estimated would be $300 billion.

“The President of Azerbaijan instructed that the appraisals should be carried out at the international level. The document is being developed with the participation of International Society of Appraisers. The document will be prepared by the international appraisers with the participation of Azerbaijani scientists, economists and NGOs representatives. The Azerbaijani government doesn’t interfere in the document and will not interfere. The Azerbaijani side will make a demand for compensation after the document is developed. It is their question whether Armenia will pay this compensation or not. For years, Armenia has not been extracting only minerals, they live at the expense of our other resources,” explained Hasanov.

The deputy minister said the reason that Azerbaijan had not taken this step until now was because it expected a conflict resolution. “But we didn’t see it and decided so.”

Hasanov said that while the recovery of economic loss is possible, but the recovery of moral damage is impossible.


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  1. danoog said:

    Hmmm, sounds like Aliyev is moving on to Plan B. I guess he figured resolving the situation through “military options” wasn’t such a great idea after Russia deployed scud missles to Gyurmi base.

    • ara said:

      yes ,correct, but not only this.
      year by year the natural resource of this country is decreasing and so after some years they’ll need some new sources for economy.
      so why not the “great brains” of azerbaijan are looking for some new solutions.
      by the way next may be Iran.they will claim that Iran will pay them the taxes payed by azeris during 300 years.( to azeris-i’ve gave a new idea ,develop it , it’s good chance to spend some new moneys to research it :) )

  2. Gary_S said:

    Armenia should agree to go to court if Azeribaijan will pay for Nachigvan and Turkey pays us for the genocide.

      • Artur said:

        Exactly. Let’s do calculate the damages, whether of lives lost, or property STOLEN.

    • AnaG. said:

      Exactly! let them (Turkey) pay for 95 or more years of occupation of our land….that will be great,
      we must use the same “laws” that they (Azerbadjan) is using and sue Turkey! :)

  3. RIta said:

    How come azerbebaijan has the authority to sue Armenia and Armenians do not have any kind of power to sue turkey with the Genocide issues or even azerbaijan with Nagornogharapagh?

  4. Armine Zohrabian said:

    lArmenia is not occupying, they just took back land that was theirs. Since Azerbaijan lost the war and can’t start another one to win back the territory, now they are making this ridiculous demand. Let them make a laughing stock of themselves.

  5. Dino said:

    Oh bring it! Artsakh never belong to so called azerbyejan( also Nakichevan does not belong to them) The people of Artsakh voted to leave which was legal under the soviet union, the azeri committed massive human rights violations and aggressive war against a civilian population. What the Azeris did was a violation of the Nuremberg principles. The Azeris got what they deserved in their HUGE emBAR(E)rASSing losses on the battlefield. Easy countersuit: The treaties concerning Nakhichevan and soviet transfers of Artsakh, the land between the Armenian Republic and Artsakh and lands in Qazakh (in the north of the Armenian Republic) are and were null and void from the get go as they are illegal according to international law. This will lead to our lawsuit on Turkey for their crimes, treaty violations and most importantly the issue of the Wilson Arbitral Award. They think a lawsuit is going to be limited? Think again. No, don’t think again. Go Azerbyejan! do it! LMFAO!

    • Gayane said:

      Dino jan Ditto :) love it :)

      Azeris must have the brains of 2 year old to think they are doing themselves a favor. Lol
      Instead of spending the money on research Azeris government why dont you spend that on your people who are being deprived from normalcy due to govt greedy and malicious self.

  6. Osik said:

    They are so stupid that I’m sure some Legal Firm has dragged them into this, where in any case the Firm is the winner, now the question is who’s pocket that money goes?

  7. JOHN said:

    Azerbaijan must know something that we Armenians don’t know. Karabagh must have OIL!

    • Gayane said:

      It must have something that they can’t get over their defeat in the war… I mean who comes back when one loses the war? Only sore losers who can’t face the fact that they have no chance.. so guess Plan B here I come says Aliyev

  8. ARA said:


    • Artur said:

      Dear Ara,

      As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, we must hold ourselves to a greater standard. Let that kind of language be the language of our uneducated enemy. We must, despite the anger, use civil discourse to advance our cause.

  9. Chris E. Issagholian said:

    I would like to sue him personally for emotional distress and the threatening demeanor he is portraying to his spectators in that photograph. My lawsuit would be 400 billion.

  10. GB said:

    Axerbaijan can start another war and claim another $300 billion after 20 years!!

  11. Parsik said:

    you lost in space Armenians always been cherishing western world and their values, but it is ironic that same values always been undermining your national values and intersets, so I will not be surprized to see a decree by European court to obligate us to pay damages to these morons

  12. edward demian said:

    We need to wake up and use our resources. Azerbaijian has Oil, our oil. That oil belongs to all the nationalities living in the Caucasus. So, we have all the water. Turkey diverted all the water through their irrigation dams, and left Syria with nothing. Nothoing happened to them. We can sell all the water to Iran, and not let any to Azerbaijian. Let them drink Oil.

  13. Kevork said:

    LOL – I love seeing baboons in court – it should be some excellent entertainment. Each khatchkar these apes destroyed is worth more than their entire fake country in its entire “history”.

    • Gayane said:

      Asa Kevork jan.. asa.. chist es asum.. zzveli aylandaknera…

  14. Garo Yeghichian said:

    How mutch componsation Azerbaijan has to pay to Armenia for the occupation of Nakhidjevan and Negorno Karabagh for so many years?
    I think will be very wise to Mr. Ali Hasanov to shut up.

  15. nomad said:

    I think they are beginning to realize that their pot of gold (crude oil) is about to run out so the next best thing as a form of a revenue generator is a shakedown by way of a lawsuit. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. What a joke! In any case, the joke is on them because they are claiming something which they never had legal ownership of in the first place.

  16. Khachkarian said:

    THREE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS?!!? I’d like to get in on THAT racket!

  17. vartan said:


  18. George Mardig said:

    What a way to waste their wealth on stupidity instead of taking care of the poor in Azerbaijan, nevertheless educate the population for the future when their national resources will not be able to sustain their economy

  19. Vrej said:

    No they are right we should pay them. I am willing to write a check so they can frame it and try to cash it 300 billion times. My only condition is I am in restroom and dying in need of something to wipe my ass with. Can I borrow the Azerbaijani flag so I can get out and write the check. Esh mayrernet taghem…. Lol lol

  20. Ararat said:

    The Turkish government recently demanded that Israel pay $1 Billion dollars in damages and compensation for the death of 9 Turkish insurgents who illegally tried to break the Gaza blockade in the Mavi Marmara incident. That means, according to the genocidal Turkish government, the life of each dead Turkish terrorist who died on the flotilla is worth about $100 Million dollars.

    The coward Turkish mass murderers killed 1.5 million innocent Armenian men, women and children in 1915 under the cover of WWI. Without comparing the brutal death of each and every innocent Armenian to the death of the Turkish terrorists at the hands of the Israelis, and using the Turkish figures, the Turkish government owes the Armenian nation $150 TRILLION dollars for the death and pre-mediated extermination of 1,500,000 Armenians.

    Let’s suppose, just for the sake of the argument, that the Axerbaijani demand from Armenia of $300 Billion dollar in damages is legitimate. Let’s also assume we are in an extremely generous mood and agree to pay the Axerbaijanis 10 times as much or $3 Trillion dollars instead but under one condition. The condition is that they leave the rest of our ancestral lands and move back to their homeland in Northern Iran because after all Axerbaijanis, just like their artificial state or their gas station to be exact, are a fake and fabricated nation of pseudo-Turks consisting of only linguistically Turkish but ethnically Persian people.

    There are 7 million illegal pseudo-Turkish Axerbaijanis occupying part of the ancient Armenian homeland. We give each Axerbaijani occupier $1 Million dollar for his/her trouble and moving expenses, plus a one-way plane ticket back to Northern Iran free of charge, for a total of $7 Trillion dollars.

    We take the $150 Trillion we collect from Turkey and give the artificial Axerbaijani nation a total of $10 Trillion dollars in return for depopulating and evacuating the occupied Armenians territories. We take what is left over, $140 Trillion dollars, and give half of it, $70 Trillion dollars, to the families and the descendants of the 1.5 million murdered Armenians and we use the rest, another $70 Trillion dollars, to acquire nuclear and atomic weapons and strike Turkey into oblivion and liberate the Armenian homeland from the Caspian to the Black and to the Mediterranean seas.

  21. ara said:

    Ali Hasanov a “great” representative of azer(oghuz). so ugly face!

  22. serouj said:

    If Armenia has to pay $300 billion to Azerbaijan.
    How many trillion or gazillion should Turkey pay to Armenia ?

  23. Dikran Chabdjian said:

    It was already our original fathers lands,Before even azerbeigan existed.They are just the leftovers of tartars.

  24. Vazken said:

    And Armenia should sue azerbaijan for illegally occupying Karabagh for seventy years as well as annexing Nakhichevan. The Sumgait and Baku pogroms are a separate case.

  25. Arziv said:

    Arstahk is an inextricable extension of Armenia. It is not possible to cross anyone’s mind ( except turks of course) that the territory can be uncoupled. Artshakh has to be visited in order to appreciate , experience it and feel the spiritual energy of Armenia. Reading tourist brochures and news about the territory is not the same .The territory is a veritable treasure trove of blessed mother nature, unsurpassed mountain sceneries and colours. , and an astonishing number of monasteries and churches. The country is a pristine garden of Eden. Tourism is beginning to rise, 3000 visitors a month. The airport needs to be opened and become operational. Artsakh is the pride and jewel in the Armenian crown. The Azeries have realized that a return to Soviet era geographic configurations is a dream in the clouds. Their next move is to exthort money through spurious legal suits. These case are extremely lengthy and in the hands of international courts anything can be expected, no matter how ridiculous the claims. The territory can not be militarly overrun by the Azeries . Artshakh itself is a military fortress. One should see the defiance, the glint and confidence in the eyes of the young soldiers serving and defending the land. It needs to be continuously reinforced and militarily updated to maintain the superiority edge against the numbers of the Azerie/turks. Armenia must be fully prepared for any conflict. Defeat , compromises, or retreats are not options. The main problem is the emptying of the country through the malfeasance of emigration.

  26. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    What on earth is Baku talking about. Baku az it’s government must handover the armenian lands to the Mother Land. They are the ones who by force and unhuman means humiliate the armenians.

  27. Ohannes said:

    you know Turkey occupying half the Cypress from 1972 until to day over 42 years how but Turkey pays Cypress $8 billion and we pay $300 million buck to dog Alive

  28. Tarpininan said:

    Hum 25 years of Independance of Artzakh has been calculated by 300 billion so 70 years of Azerbaijani occupation of Karabagh at the USSR era must ber calculate to almost 900 billion so Azerbaijan has to pay Artzakh 900 billion!

  29. Bedig Tersakian said:

    OK guys!!! I guess we should welcome Mr Hasanov’s suggestion…..we can’t get a better chance to publicise our case and legally proove to the world the historical roots of Artzakh….a free advertisement…we are a group of Armenians here in Beirut, we will support you Mr Hasanov!

  30. nomad said:

    Take a close look at the picture. There are no less than 6 telephones and 2 keyboards in Hasanov’s office. What on earth does this guy do with all those phones and keyboards? I guess make and receive phony calls just as fast as Azerbaijan can come up with phony theories to sue a nation for money it does not owe.