New DNA Test Confirms Prince William’s Armenian Ancestry

Prince William

LONDON—New genetic tests have revealed that Prince William’s ancestors were part-Armenian, part-Indian, reported The Times of London.

DNA analysis has helped researchers prove the Duke of Cambridge’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother Eliza Kerwark was half-Indian.

Eliza – who is an ancestor of William’s and Harry’s mother Princess Diana – was always believed to have come from Armenia.

Researchers have previously traced Diana’s family line back six generations to Eliza Kework, who was born in western India in around 1790 and is believed to have married Scottish merchant Theodore Forbes in 1812.

Eliza’s father was an Armenian trader, but there is no record of her mother. Now the genetic analysis shows she must have been Indian.

Edinburgh University genetics expert Jim Wilson, who carried out the tests on Wills’s relatives, said among Eliza’s DNA was a very rare type of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) which is only inherited from mothers.

He said that particular genetic code has been found in only 14 other people before — 13 Indian and one Nepalese.

Inter-racial affairs were common at the time — but researchers say snobbery could explain why Theodore abandoned Eliza and sent their young daughter Katherine back to Britain.

Katherine, known as Kitty, went on to marry in Scotland and her great-great-granddaughter was Frances Burke Roche, who married the 8th Earl Spencer and had five children including Diana Spencer.

Diana’s aunt Mary Roach, one of those who provided DNA, said: “I always assumed that I was part-Armenian so I am delighted that I also have an Indian background.”

Dr Wilson said Princes William and Harry would both have inherited Eliza’s distinctive mtDNA code but would not pass it to their children.


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  1. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Princes Diana’s Passion-ness…Frankness
    Sound she carried Armenian genes…
    And her kindness to sick and poor…
    Never afraid to touch HIV patients …
    She was extremely brave.
    How can they say the son will not inherit some…!
    Sons always take from mothers…
    Through chromosome X, which is the only one…
    Look at prince William’s face…
    He looks like his mother
    Who will say ‘No’…
    Thee is a blind


  2. Satenik said:

    There was a mention of this when Lady Diana got married to prince Charles .

  3. Hratch said:

    What about Prince Harry? Why is William only being mention?…..Oh by the way, WHO CARES !!!

  4. Random Armenian said:

    No, the DNA test confirmed the Indian connection, not the Armenian. The title does not match the content of the article. The DNA testing was on mtDNA, which is passed on from the mother’s side only, and thus has nothing to do Eliza Kework’s Armenian father.

    Also, I think as most Armenians will notice, Kewark is most likely Kevork.

  5. Keyser Soze said:

    The Turks are fuming. He is part Greek and part Armenian and Indian.

    • edward demian said:

      His Father has an estate in Transylvania (Romania) and he fancies himself as related to Count Dracula (Prince Vlad Tepes; the impaler)

  6. German_in_Yerevan said:

    It is literally impossible to trace ‘Armenian DNA’.

    Armenians typically haven’t got a particular and dominant genetic makeup as do other peoples in the region. Armenian DNA is typically a cocktail of 8-15 dominant gene pools shared with the neighbor racial groups.

    The only sub group of Armenians who display a semblance of a dominant, common ancestry are those who hail from Artsakh and modern day central and eastern Azerbaijan but even they only share typically around 35% in common carrier lineage.

    Georgians have four dominant DNA pools that correspond to their four dominant tribal entities though two are often mixed (i.e: Mingrelians and Svans) and can be easily confused. So too, Kurds, Gilakis, Dagestanis, Chechens and Mazandaranis have an easily traceable genetic pool due to the dominant genes they share. The naked eye can detect the racial similarities with some peoples of the region but it is near impossible to do with Armenians who come in all colors, shape and sizes.

    Despite this I don’t doubt that Prince Charles has an Armenian ancestor and I congratulate him at this joyful discovery!

    • German wet-dream said:

      Really? 8 to 10? You are a ridiculous poser. Why does Asbarez post this kind of irrelevant dribble? Armenian genes are unique in the region. It is well documented. Most likely one of the many butt-hurt neighbors.

  7. Shant Melkonian said:

    I take everything bad I said about the ‘Leechlike Bloodsucking Freeloading Parasitical’ British Monarch, back!

  8. Boghos Jermag said:

    This story is completely stupid. Are Armenians so insecure that they need some sort of validation that some figurehead is part Armenian? Armenians are already gloating that interracial pornographic star, Kim Kardashian is Armenian… Armenians should be proud that Sultan Abdul Hamid II of Armenian ancestry, as is pretty much every single Turk in Turkey.

    • Lus said:

      Oh,dont be jealous!We do not need anybodys validation!It is just a fact!And what about Kim,you and many others like you love her,dont you?

      • edward demian said:

        Actually I’m embarrassed by that whole Carnaval frieck show. No Armenian parent would bless a union with any of those women. Kardashian the father is spinning in his grave. What self respecting woman would choose to put herself out like that. The Armenians are a very conservative people, with family values and and ancient traditions. People make money, Money does not create people. Moneyed scum is still scum.

    • edward demian said:

      In case you didn’t notice, there is a conspiracy to diminish Armenian mention in all media. At leased Jewish influenced media. And that is pretty much all US media. The Zionists, marching in lock step with the Turkish Genocide perpetrators, are doing this. The JDL for decades has denied the Armenian Genocide, hoping to profit from Turkish goodwill. The Israeli Knesset just can’t bear to recognize the Armenian Genocide despite the urging of overwhelming number of righteous Jews. My father saved His girlfriend, her family and Many more Jews from Romanian concentration camp during the war. The Armenian SS unit stationed in Zeeland instead or rounding up Jews, provided them with German uniforms, put them in boats and sent them on their way to England. When five of them were caught, they were executed. Their graves are still in Zeealand. Not a single Jew ever placed a flower on their graves, no’r thanked them. We had survived the Genocide just 20 years earlier and we understood what was happening to them. Armenia, a country of 2.5million people sacrificed 450,000 ( 200k from Armenia and 200k from the rest of USSR) dead in the war against Natzysm. The French Machineux (?spelling) was an Armenian unit that had many Jewish members. We had and have empathy, which the Zionists surely lack.

    • Donna Mas said:

      You Boghos Jermag are deliberately distorting of the truth. The Muslim tyrant Sultan Abdul Hamid II, hatched a plan to wipe out all Armenians in latter part of the 19th Century. You are a Armenian Holocaust denier. Do you realise, he and his band of muslim terrorists killed over 1.5 million innocent Armenians? They were The Daesh/ISIS of their day and no surprises that it was launched from Turkey – who have been behind a lot of the destabilisation of the middle eat for centuries. Turkey is so embarrassed a bout it all, they made it illegal in Turkey to talk about it. Welcome to the world of Islam in its true colours people. On the one hand its full of terror and on the other we have stoogies like Boghos Jermag here who buy right into the muslim Islamic propaganda and think its the truth. Very Sad. Justice for Armenia.

  9. Grish Davtian said:

    Հնդիկ Eliza Kewark էլիզա Կեվարկը սպասավոր է լինում Հնդկաստանի Բոմբեյ քաղաքում հաստատված նորջուղայեցի մի հայ վաճառականի տանը, որի երիտասարդ տղայից հղանում է։ Հայ ընտանիքը առանձնացնում է Էլիզային, միչև երեխան ծնվում է։ Ապա երեխային վերցնելով, Էլիզային հեռացնում են։ Հետագայում այդ աղջիկ երեխային տանում են Անգլիա…:

    • Grish Davtian said:

      Բրիտանիայի Իշխանուհի Դիանայի, որդի Վիլիամի տոհմածառի մասին.
      Հնդիկ Eliza Kewark էլիզա ԿեվարկԻ մայրը սպասավոր է լինում Հնդկաստանի Բոմբեյ քաղաքում հաստատված նորջուղայեցի հատնի հայ վաճառական Աբգարյան ընտանիքի տանը, որի երիտասարդ տղայից հղանում է։ Հայ ընտանիքը առանձնացնում է Էլիզային, միչև երեխան ծնվում է։ Ապա երեխային վերցնելով, Էլիզային հեռացնում են։ Հետագայում նույն հայ ընտանիքը հաստատվում է Անգլիայում, հետը տանելով այդ աղջիկ երեխային… 20130614 Facebook

  10. Katia said:

    Read the British reports carefully. The DNA test proved Prince William’s INDIAN ancestry ONLY.

    NO DNA test was done to prove his ARMENIAN ancestry. His greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandmother’s being an Armenian comes from the family tree, NOT from a DNA test. Armenians thought Diana was 1/64th Armenian… Turns out she was 1/128th Armenian since this Armenian greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandmother was actually half-Armenian.

    Please correct your headline!

  11. pathetic situationian said:

    WHO CARES! How does his great great great great great great great grandma being half Armenian help Armenians and Armenia NOW? Is the Prince going to do or say anything pro-Armenian?

    • Lus said:

      Why do you take it in a such bad way?Is there anything wrong about discussing and telling who is who,where are you from?Այ քեզ բան!!!!

  12. Lyudmila said:

    Eliza`s second name was Kewark- it`s similar with armenian Kevorkyan.

  13. Artin said:

    This may be the result of late migration to Europe (probably sometime during the Bagratouni and Byzantine). There were many early migration waves from the Armenian plateau to uninhabited Europe which completely created the European population. Unfortunately we don’t learn about these subjects, rather we hear mythical and antiarmenian propaganda in our history classes.

  14. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    The correct name is Kevork and not Kework or Kewark…which is a Saint’s name means Saint George…Some Armenians have indian blood through centuries…And we can’t say that Kevork’s wife was purely Indian…People are mixed through centuries…There is no one person who is pure …can Dr. Wilson give one example about a person who is pure? …is he pure Scottish or English or Irish…I doubt… !!!

  15. Seroun said:

    I had my DNA tested as well as my father’s who is Chinese. For females the price was 1/2 because they can only trace through your mother. My DNA on my Armenian mother’s line came up beginning in Ethiopia and ending in “Mesopatamia” Our people were from Western Armenia: Kharpert and island near Bolis.
    My father also started in Ethiopia and ended up in Jiangsu province China which was correct. His swab of DNA was for a male …. tested on both parents.

  16. Hayorty said:

    It is in the British Manuscripts that the Brits themselves came from a land called Armenia. Much before even the Seljuk Turks setting foot in Western and Eastern Armenian, Armenians migrated to Europe, mainly to Tuscany, Italy, South West of France and Iberia. Probably during the Seljuk Turks’ arrival to Western Armenia about 300,000 Armenians migrated to Poland or the yesteryears of Prussia. From Nakhichevan, Armenians migrated to Smyrna and Eastern Europe to get away from the Mongolian Turks. Some kept on travelling down, all the way to Dickranagerd.

    • edward demian said:

      The Armenian from Kesarya trace their origin to the Ani capital.

  17. AYO said:

    Spiritually speaking, Armenians, Jews and Persians are the lastly better developed people. That is why it is their destiny to share their characteristics with others. The result is that as these people have a capacity of a better adaptation are badly treated by others though they bring new things and help the others in their development.

    Concerning Prince William, m. Kevork was an Armenian merchant who traded in Surat close to Mumbai and married an Indian woman. Many Armenians from New Julfa were asked by Persians to help them in their trade with India. The Emperor Akbar also invited Armenians to come to India to trade. Akbar also married an Armenina woman later known as Maryam Zamani, who became the mother of the next emperor Jahandir. Maryam Zamani was the most prominent trade-woman in India. Once when her ship was captured by the Portuguses her son severely reacted towards the Portugeus.

    For me it is a pleasure to know that Prince William has Armenian blood ! The fact revealed by his rare DNA which came from Kevork’s daughter. One more thing Kate and her mother were not abandoned. The Scots died, he left a heritage to his wife and their three children. After his death, 2 childre went to GB, Kate and her younger brother. The brother preferred to return back to India but Kate stayed there !

    I find it wonderful that Lady Di gives such a nice present to her son and her granson ! I got the impression that she is still overlooking over her children !

  18. Katie said:

    Hmm, this might make things awkward for the British royal family, seeing as they’re in bed with Aliyev.

    “…Princes William and Harry at a charity match at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucester, when they reportedly discussed hosting a polo event in Azerbaijan to raise money for the Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles’s charity.”

    Read more:–beneath-lurks-murky-secrets.html#ixzz2lOWWWj5C
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  19. Ash Krikorian said:

    Who cares? Do they do anything for Hayastan or acknowledge it? No! So stop clinging onto trivial bs

  20. edward demian said:

    If you read Romanian papers, he claims to be related to Vlad the Impaler.

  21. Family History supporter said:

    Thank you Contributor and AYO for this wonderful story of diversity and genetic history. This story is similar to the genetic history of many if not most people in Europe. DNA tests can now answer questions that research is unable to provide. It appears that research and records indicated the Armenian connection but they did not know the female line. DNA on a relative pointed to India or Nepal as there was a rare mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) . MtDNA is passed from mother to mother to mother…and so on and this was apparently a very old mtDNA line from India/Nepal. The Armenian man was a trader in the 1700s and fell in love with a beautiful Indian woman who’s daughter later married a Scottish gentleman who died yet provided for his children and they relocated to Scotland. Descendants later married into the Spencer line, and thus became part of the ancestry of Prince William. People have always moved to other places and this family history is only unique in that it resulted in becoming part of the history and ancestry of the English Royal Family. For those who only see it as an opportunity to spread hate and bigotry, I am sorry for your pain and suffering but this is not the forum to express hate.

  22. Amber kohlberg said:

    My moms DNA kit shows us being related to princess diana’s family on the mothers side!! How crazy!!!!

  23. tatiana akopova said:

    Dear Ayo,

    It has been a great pleasure to read your comments.
    If possible I would like to get in contact with you.