Crimean Tatars Oppose Ukraine’s Genocide Recognition Bill

Mustafa Dzhemilev

KIEV—A bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide introduced in Ukraine’s Parliament has angered the chairman of so-called Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, reported the Yerkramas Armenian newspaper published in Krasnodar, Russia.

“Even if the bill passes the Parliament, I don’t believe the President will have enough will to sign it,” Mustafa Dzhemilev, the Crimean Tatar leader and member of the Ukranian Parliament said.

He called the legislation an “inconsiderate and unsound step” by the Ukrainian Parliament.

“The number of Turkic people in Ukraine is much greater than that of Armenians. The authors of the bill should be aware of the consequences its adoption could lead to,” Dzhemilev said, adding that Ukraine’s relations with Azerbaijan, Turkey and other Turkic nations could be jeopardized in the event of the bill’s passage.

Dzhemilev was quoted by news agency as saying that he will talk to Arsen Avakov, one of the co-authors of the bill, who is a member of his own Batkivshchyna Party.

“I will tell him that this step is unacceptable. If the faction supports the decision, I will withdraw from it. At the same time, we’ll tell other parliament members that the measure would be a blow to Ukraine’s foreign policy,” he said.

Dzhemilev also warned of wide-spread protests by Turkic people in Ukraine.

The bill on the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1922 perpetrated at the hands of the Ottoman Empire was introduced in the Ukrainian Supreme Rada. The document has been authored by member of the Batkivshchyna Party Arsen Avakov, members of the Party of Regions Vilen Shatvoryan and Never Mkhitaryan.


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  1. Padova said:

    What do you expect from the Turkish cousins living elsewhere, outside of Turkey, There must be a way to send these uncivilized people back to their original homeland which is in Mongolia. Sooner or later these people will create armed strife in their host countries.

  2. lobo said:

    Wow, you forgot to add the “never happened” part, Mustafa!
    Just saying there are more X than Y, while it might be true, is a stance that shows too clearly where you are coming from (literally and figuratively).

  3. Ararat said:

    These filthy, offensive and racist Tatars disgust me. The only reason why I could think Crimean Tatars would be opposed to the Armenian Genocide bill is because, directly or indirectly, either they had a hand in the Armenian massacres or sympathize with their genocidal Turkic illiterate and nomad step-cousins, for no reason other than their hate for our people, therefore being accomplices in their criminal acts.

    If I was the leader of Ukraine and some idiot racist Tatar made threats by emphasizing that Tatars outnumber Armenians and that the adoption of such a resolution will have grave consequences for Ukraine, I would have him in front of a firing squad for making such threats. These Crimean Tatars are the same treasonous criminals who collaborated with Nazi Germans against the Soviet Union during WW II German offensive. The Soviets punished them after the war by deporting them to Central Asia and should have kept them there instead of allowing them to return later on. I guess they did not learn their lessons.

    Someone should tell this vagabond Tatar farmer that the reason why Tatars outnumber other nationalities wherever they happen to be is most likely because they have no concept of family planning and multiply like stray dogs.

    • Andykatib said:

      As a New Zealander, I don’t claim to be any expert on Russian or Caucausus history but two wrongs never make a right. While the Crimean Tatars are victims of a ruthless dictator Stalin and have suffered unjustly, its sad for me to hear a Tatar leader Mustafa trying to deny the suffering of the Armenians at the hands of the Ottomans during World War II. Race and ethnic ties have enslaved humanity and contributed to much of the conflict in history. The truth is that both the Soviet Union and the Ottomons were ruthless totalitarian autocracies that were guilty of human rights abuses, mass murder, and repression. The Soviets were as every bit as repressive as the Nazis were during World War II. The Armenia Genocide was a tragedy and injustice but so was Stalin’s deportation of the Volga Germans, Tatars, and Chechebs. Rather than picking fights with the Armenians, leaders like Mustafa should work with them and build bridges. Let’s not get consumed by past wrongs.

  4. Ara G said:

    Mustafa you are so funny, at least you made me laugh… your primitive behavior. Barbaric denialist mentality packaged in a civilized suit and tie attire. The likes of you belong in a zoo, yet then again we will do the zoo animals wrong by exposing them to the likes of you……I will not waste more effort to vent out on this idiot or his mental and behavioral look alikes………Bahhhhhhhhhhh

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