3 Armenians Arrested for Spying

Armenia's National Security Service

YEREVAN—Armenia’s National Security Service reported Tuesday that three people were arrested for allegedly sharing Armenian military information to the Azeri Special Services.

A female member of the Armenian Armed Forces was arrested along with two men in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, according to the NSS.

Armenia’s NSS said on Tuesday it had undeniable evidence that Mane Movsisyan, a 31-year-old resident of the town of Kapan who was an Army contractor at a military unit, in January 2012, before joining the Armed Forces, became acquainted with a employee of Azerbaijan’s special services based in Turkey. The man allegedly used the screen names “S. Dr,” “Seryan Dervisyan” and “Tigran Dervisyan” accounts in the Odnoklassniki, mail.ru Russian social media site and Facebook.

Movsisyan, according to the NSS Department of Investigations, continued her online correspondence with the mentioned accounts also after joining the Armed Forces, passing information containing military and service-related secrets that became available to her during her military service.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic NSS also arrested two persons on suspicion of committing similar crimes after being recruited by the aforementioned Azeri special service agent. One of the unidentified suspects is a member of the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army. These cases are currently pending in a Karabakh court.

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  1. Barev Hokis says:

    “Torture the Traitors” -B.Hokis

  2. Hasmik Piliposyan says:

    Threatening and disturbing…

  3. Hay says:

    To the gallows…

  4. Hratch says:

    No surprise here….Armenians are known to worship money above all else. This is perhaps just the tip of the iceberg…were there is monetary gain, you can be sure to find a treacherous Armenian on the corner.

    • Hay says:

      Hratch, your comment is completely unfounded. Are you going to label every honest Armenian (of which are the majority) a money worshipping traitor because of 3 people out of who knows how many millions? Every nation on Earth has treasonous members, this is not an exclusive trait or a collective character flaw. For you to generalize in such an offensive way makes me wonder if your name is Haşim rather than Hratch?

      • Scheissbarez says:

        Because talking your own people down is in fact is an Armenian trait. You will find it rarely anywhere else – if anything the extreme opposite. Just look at our hollow neighbors to the north, east, and west. All glorifying … what exactly? Whereas it is absolutely believable that Hratch is in fact Armenian, furthering our own stereotypes.

  5. Krikor says:

    These scums have to be put against the wall ASAP

  6. Tsoghig says:

    Akh, why why why?? Is life so bad in Hayastan that people are tempted to do such things?

    • Hay says:

      Is life so bad in the US, or the UK, or France that people are tempted to do such things? There are people like this in every country. I am not going to downplay socio-economic factors as motivation, but people are tempted to do worse things in better economic climates. Don’t be too disheartened, just be glad they were caught and weeded out of our society. Spring cleaning.

    • Scheissbarez says:

      I would argue that it takes more than a lover-than-average life to do this. You have to be deeply disappointed in your compatriots to a point where you wish them nothing but the worst; something not unlikely to happen in Armenia these days.

  7. Karod1 says:

    Upon conviction they should be executed..

  8. Kevork says:

    These three animals should be tied up and used as shields on the front line in Artsakh! Their families should also be investigated. May they rot in Hell!!

  9. Armenag says:

    I can’t believe that at this day and age,
    there are still “Vasag”s lurking around in our nation and people.
    «Ազատարար Աստուած,
    Ս. Վարդանի և Ղեւոնդ Երէցի բարեխօսութեամբ,
    փրկէ մեր ժողովուրդը՝
    արտաքին եւ ներքին ամէն թշնամիէ:»

  10. GeorgeMardig says:

    They should be hanged

  11. Puzant says:

    Are those three people still alive?

    That is my only question.

  12. Satenik says:

    If indeed they are guilty of such crimes, I can’t imagine what a fit punishment would be for such high treason. Don’t these people know that any sensitive information in the hands of our enemies means the death of our soldiers, even one death is too many. I simply don’t understand it!

  13. hayrenik says:

    no surprising at all! A dirty mentality being fromed in Hayastan thanks to the failed soviet system and finally the way country being governed after the liberation war of Arstakh- not a single politican form the ruling regime nor the catolicos is ready to realize the sad situation….

    Ruling regime likes to reduce the population of Hayastan far less than 1Mi. By doing this the election will cost them far less money ( this mean: no need to pay for votes, and still the one who had left or being forced to leave the country will vote officially for the ruling regime)

    While authorities and there friends are fighting for the countries resources(even for each portion of rivers curing rain water) and people have started even more to lie to each other and stealing from each other.

  14. Eddy says:

    Armenian should introduce the death penalty for spying

  15. Sevan says:

    If they are truly guilty Hang Them.

  16. bigmoustache says:

    Don’t they realize we face another genocide? Are they not familiar with our history. Their families should be extremely ashamed for raising spineless traitors. Were they ignorant or was it intentional? If they are found guilty without any doubt they should face the harshest punishment there is for treason..

  17. Ara says:

    Every armenian who visits Turkey as tourist or makes business with Turkey should loose citizenchip of the Republic Of Armenia. If there is evidence, this woman should be hanged and send live on all armenian tv-channels.

  18. Mt.Ararat says:

    These all happens thanks to the bloody events of March 3th, injustice in the country and criminal actions of a highly corrupt oligarchy regime!

    Almost every young Armenian tanager has a job in Armenian, this is drinking and smoking. The one who are a bit wealthy hold in one hand a pocket of cigars and in the other hand a cell phone this is the reality in Yerevans strret – the poor one has enough mony to buy cigars (Papiros!) . Beside this you see bosses in dark cars a traffic and road policy who has a lot of experience m is well trained to select the cars, which have to stop and pay and GO ! THE WAY NATION BEING THREATEN BY AUTHORITIES IS ITSELF CRIMINAL! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF SUCH SOCIETY ELSE!?

  19. Goris says:

    These three if guilt deserves the dead penalty – good for the ad the country!
    But don’t you guys realize that people have lost the hope to change something via election and civil society?
    Don’t you realize that the people did try to get ride of a blood sucker governor /family clan im syunic for years. He left office after leaving a dead body and hopping to be appointed minster or member of ruling MP!

  20. lobo says:

    Shame for publishing her name. That was uncalled for.

  21. Well, from the little we know from a few published articles these three Armenians were sharing some sensitive info online via a Russian equivalent of classmates.com with an operative who pretended to be an Armenian…

    How many Turks do we have on Asbarez pretending to be Armenians? Good thing we don’t have any sensitive info for them, just our usual nonsense. But these who are ready to lynch the stupid idiots would probably make the same mistake if they knew anything of value and tell all our “Vaghans” and “Aras” about it.

  22. wwjd says:

    To all those that propose “torture, death penalties and stoning” … don’t you know that this type of suggestions are completely unfounded and un-Biblical? For an old Christian nation, as we claim to be, we should always keep in mind that we are Christians first, then Armenians. Of course the people who committed treason should be punished, and regardless if is death penalty or lfie in prison, have compassion for those that did this. Check your Bibles first before putting stuff like this on here …

    • Hay says:

      I don’t want to turn this into a religious debate, but I am Christian and admit that Christianity in instances has held Armenia back greatly. We’ve become pacified. “Turn the other cheek” mentality has resulted in centuries of foreign rule and genocide. Instead of building fortresses we were building churches, look where that got us. To quote Meschian’s song “Where were you God?”

    • bigmoustache says:

      There is no god. If u want to read about REAL heroes and martyrs read some pages of Armenian history which may i remind you, span thousands of years before Jesus, a Hebrew “son of god”.
      Were Armenian only and we don’t turn the other cheek. At least tashnags don’t.
      If these “Armenians” want to help our enemy to cause another 1915, then well treat them like an enemy. Im ashamed these people made us look bad to our enemy, it may happen in a lot of countries but it is UNACCEPTABLE to us. We already sit at the edge of a cliff surrounded by enemies.
      I take no joy in seeing them punished, just shame. And as i said earlier if they are found guilty without any reasonable doubt and it was proven intentional, then they should receive the harshest sentence we have for treason. Their names should be published to shame their familiesfrom society and prevent other spineless, ignorant, losers from doing stupid things.

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