Turkish Shepherd Shot Upon Crossing Armenian Border

The Armenia-Turkey border

YEREVAN (Combined sources)—A Turkish citizen, Mustafa Ulker, from the Arpacay region of Kars, has been shot dead at the Armenian border upon crossing over from Turkey. The Turkish shepherd was searching for his lost cow, who had wandered across the border, when he crossed over into Armenia. The body has been returned to Turkish authorities after protocol was conducted between Russian, Armenian, and Turkish authorities, Turkish news website Haberler reports.

The 35-year-old shepherd Mustafa Ulker crossed the Armenian border on the evening of July 31 to find his lost animal. Upon his crossing, Russian border guards opened fire on him, fatally wounding him. Armenian doctors did not manage to save the wounded shepherd’s life. Kars province authorities and the Turkish border authorities negotiated with the Armenian side to get the dead body of Mustafa Ulker back to Turkey. The body was transported to the Arpacay region of Kars, and will subsequently be sent to Erzurum for an autopsy.

As News.am reported, the Armenia Border Department of the Russian Federal Security Service stated that an incident had occurred at the Armenian-Turkish boundary. The Russian Federal Security Service has launched an investigation into the incident.

A representative of the agency confirmed the report to Tert.am, saying that they do not have more details at the moment.

CNN Turk reported that the Turkish shepherd was gunned down by Armenian guards after illegally crossing the border. The governor of the Turkish province of Kars described the attack in later comments as an excessive use of force against an unarmed person.

Governor Eyup Tepe said there have been similar incidents in the past and chided Yerevan for using “disproportionate force,” in remarks given to Dogan News Agency.


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    This cover-up by Turkey is laughable. Yeah, let’s get this straight, a “shepherd” “lost his cow”, then, under the cover of darkness decided to conduct an illegal border crossing into Armenian sovereign territory. It’s highly doubtful that the Russian patrol immediately opened fire at first sight, warnings were most likely issued for him to stop but he likely attempted to flee the scene and was then fired upon later being mortally wounded.

    It’s amazing that weekly “line of contact” violations from Azeri’s are conducted and Armenians are fired upon and it never sees the light of day in news outlets. Yet this preposterous story about a “shepherd” and his “lost cow” is splashed all over CNN Turk with specific terminology of “disproportionate force” being used and more importantly the assailants being IDed as Armenian patrols rather than the actual Russian ones.

    The most likely truth, Turkish/Azeri agent tried to cross border for possible recon/intelligence operation, got spotted, knew the jig was up, tried to flee, got shot dead. The idiot Turks rather than exercising plausible deniability are instead making up Shepherd and lost cow stories to cover it up. Though considering Turkish/Azeri men’s fascination with romancing goats, I suppose a Turkish Shepherd would risk his life for a cow.

  2. bigmoustache said:

    everyone Armenian knows that the border is guarded by Russians so its safe to say the Turkish governor and cnn turk know that as well. Armenia should bring up the issue of turkey falsely accusing Armenia to stir anti-Armenian sentiments to the public.

  3. David said:

    If it was a Russian border guard that shot the shepherd, then why is the Turkish governor criticizing Armenia?

  4. Avetis said:

    God bless Mother Russia and may God preserve the centuries old alliance between Armenia and Russia against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    • Haik Azad said:

      And God bless all russian-soviet ass-lickers who have turned the country into the present soviet-russian pigsty.The russians are worse than the turks and in Armenia they thrive thanx to their avepiss type stooges!!!

  5. Artin said:

    This is done by Russian soldiers in Armenia who are guarding the Armenian-Turkish boarder according to the military agreements. It may be provocation by Russians in order to guarantee the existence of Armenia in only in their hands.

  6. Artin said:

    As we know “foreign” powers have done everything to destroy the possibility of any form of peace or “god forbid” union in that region.

  7. Gurgen said:

    Remember a few years back when the Turkish soldiers shot and killed a poor Russian soldier who as swimming in the Arax river during his break? Revenge is a bitch ain’t it!

  8. hayberd said:

    Good job, Russian border guards. For all we know the “shepherd” was a spy. I wish Armenian guards on the border with Azerbaijan would be as resolute as you and answer Azeri aggression and provocations in the same way.